Magnasonic Alarm Clock RadioNot all alarm clock radios are one-size-fits-all. I’ve learned over the years that having a tiny snooze button is counter-productive to actually getting to hit snooze, and that a small LCD display is pointless if you have really bad eye sight and can’t see past the foot of your bed. That’s why it had been quite a few years since I bought a new bedside alarm clock, and when I was asked to review the Magnasonic USB Charging Projection Alarm Clock Radio I wondered whether or not it would be a good alarm clock for me.

I’m happy to say they have, and if you’re someone who likes to be woken up gradually and not jarred out of sleep or you like to be able to see the time projected right up on your ceiling, this is definitely the alarm clock radio for you. Here’s a look at the features of the Magnasonic USB Charging Projection Alarm Clock Radio and how it works.

Appearance and features of the Magnasonic Alarm Clock

The Magnasonic USB Charging Projection Alarm Clock Radio is a sleek, slim clock radio with a side projector arm. You can adjust the arm up or down so it will project the time on the wall or ceiling above you.

It’s made of plastic, feels very durable, and doesn’t take up a lot of space on your night stand. It has a very large screen display so it’s easy to see during the day or at night.

  • Set your time zone and it will automatically set the correct time
  • Adjusts for daylight savings time on its own
  • USB charging port on back of clock
  • Projects time on the wall or ceiling above you
  • Display adjust for day or night brightness
  • Dual radio/buzzer alarms to wake you up
  • Back up battery in case of power loss

Simple to use and set up

After I unpacked the Magnasonic USB Charging Projection Alarm Clock Radio I plugged it in and was ready to set it up. According to the instruction booklet, you don’t have to set the time yourself. Just tap the button on the back to select your time zone and the clock will automatically set the time for you. Even better, when daylight savings time kicks in you don’t have to reset your clock; it will adjust to the right time automatically.

Large display is easy to view

Magnasonic USB clock radio

I have very poor vision, so seeing what time it is on a small alarm clock is always a challenge for me if I’m not wearing glasses or contacts. I found the screen on the Magnasonic USB Charging Projection Alarm Clock Radio to be large, clear, and very easy to see. It also has automatic brightening and dimming so it’s not too bright at night or too dark during the day.

If you want an even easier way of seeing the time, this clock has a built in projector. Because the projector arm is moveable and has 180-degree swivel, you can adjust it to project on your ceiling or your wall.

I used the projector on my ceiling for a few nights and I really liked it. It was the first time I ever opened my eyes at night and could easily see the time.

Two alarms to make sure you wake up

magnasonic clock alarmWhen my husband was in high school he had three alarm clocks: one beside his bed and two in different spots across the room. It was the only way he’d wake up. With the Magnasonic Alarm Clock you don’t have to have multiple clocks the way he did; with two alarms built in, you just need to set them both and you’ll be sure to get up in the morning.

Both of the alarms on the Magnasonic USB Charging Projection Alarm Clock Radio are easy to set, and you can choose between beeping or the radio to wake you up. When the alarm turns on it starts at a certain volume level and it slowly works its up the volume scale until its loud enough that there’s no way you can sleep through it. If you want to hit the snooze button it’s right on top of the clock, and there’s a count down that runs to tell you how much time you have left to snooze.

Even if the power goes out, the alarms will wake you up. That’s because the back up battery kicks in and saves all of your settings, even if the clock isn’t plugged in.

Magnasonic Alarm Clock will charge your devices too

USB charging alarm clockI love a dual-purpose device, and the Magnasonic Alarm Clock is also a USB charger. You can add your Apple or Android charging cord to the back and charge your devices while you sleep. I find having a charger built into my alarm clock is a really great way to always keep my phone and tablet at 100%.

Audio quality on the Magnasonic Alarm Clock

Magnasonic projection alarm clockI like to go to sleep to white noise but I don’t like to wake up to it, so the quality of audio from an alarm clock is important. After scrolling through different stations I thought the sound on the Magnasonic Alarm Clock was pretty good, and given how treed in my house is and how hard it is to get radio reception here, I was really impressed with how clear the stations came through.

You can also plug in your tablet or phone to the auxiliary input on the back and play your own music.

Overall thoughts on the Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio

I’ve used my phone as an alarm in the past, but I would never go without a clock radio when I’m at home. If choosing again right now, I’d definitely bring home the Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio.

I found the Magnasonic Alarm Clock Radio to be really easy to use and, more importantly, it’s easy to see. When you have vision as bad as mine that large display will be something you really appreciate. I liked the projector too, but I wake up quite a bit and I don’t check the time, so knowing exactly how many hours I had left to sleep was a bit of a shock whenever I opened my eyes.

The graduated volume increase on the Magnasonic Alarm Clock is a great feature, and I also like the auto setting for the time. That makes it easy if the power goes out.

If you’re looking for a new clock radio for your bedroom, the Magnasonic USB Charging Projection Alarm Clock Radio is a great choice. You can find it right now on



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