cuisinart elite pro knife set - side viewA professional set of knives is essential for any serious home cook or baker. But realistically, every home should invest in a good set that can help with everything from dinner prep, to chopping fruits and vegetables, and everyday cutting needs.

A knife block-set is convenient as you can place it on the counter for easy access when needed, and also provide neat storage.

I have one in my own home, but I was excited to replace it for a few weeks and give the Cuisinart Elite Pro set a test run.

What is the Cuisinart Elite Pro Knife Set

The set includes 11 knives, along with a pair of 8” shears, an 8” sharpening steel, and a black painted knife block to store them in dedicated slots. All of these knives are made from high-carbon Japanese steel with a high-polished titanium coating that protects them from rust and stains.

cuisinart elite pro knife set all pieces

Cuisinart Elite Pro Knife Set

  • 1 x 8” chef’s knife
  • 1 x 5.5” serrated utility knife
  • 1 x 5” utility knife
  • 1 x 5” Santoku knife
  • 1 x 3.5” paring knife
  • 6 x 4.5” steak knives


They have “wickedly sharp” cutting edges that remain so, long after you’ve sharpened them with the steel. Each has a precision tapered blade that gradually narrows into an extremely sharp edge. Bottom line: these aren’t the set of knives you should allow the kids to use. Further showcasing their strength, Cuisinart offers a 25-year parts and labour warranty.


cuisinart elite pro knife set - straight on

What Makes the Cuisinart Elite Pro Knife Set Cool?

The Japanese steel is what really sets these knives apart. They are ultra-strong, and the blades are sharp enough to cut through your toughest kitchen challenges: from large spaghetti squashes to slicing up a cooked deli ham.

They are made to last. While you might replace things like baking trays and other kitchen gear every decade or so, these knives are meant to last, and hand down to your kids.

Another neat benefit is the non-stick properties which promises they can glide through a variety of textures and foods with ease. The tapered blades help them cut, chop, and slice seamlessly, whether you’re cutting up an over-ripe tomato or a pot roast.

Who is the Cuisinart Elite Pro Knife Set Good For?

Those who are serious about cooking and baking in the kitchen will appreciate this set, which exudes class and sophistication, and includes every type of knife you’d need to accomplish different cutting tasks.

cuisinart elite pro knife - cutting muffin
cuisinar elite pro knife set - mid cut

If you love to fire up the grill and make and eat red meats, the set of six steak knives will come in handy, either for large families or those who entertain a lot. I own a knife set and block with six steak knives, and find they are my go-to for everyday cutting tasks as well.

What Can You Use Each Knife For?

The chef’s knife is your go-to for slicing and cutting meats and poultry, as well as large vegetables and fruits, like squash, watermelon, grapefruit, and more. Use the Santoku knife, a Japanese version of a chef’s knife, for similar tasks. It’s slightly smaller and differently shaped, so you might prefer it over a chef’s knife, depending on your needs and comfort.

cuisinart elite pro knife set - with block

The serrated utility knife has edges that make it great for slicing soft fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes or oranges; and the utility knife, as the name implies, is meant for general cutting needs, which includes doing things like cleaning fish or cutting fruits, vegetables, and meat. It’s smaller than a chef’s knife, but larger than a paring knife, so use your judgement as to when it would make the most sense. You’ll find you use a paring knife far more often than you realize, as it comes in handy for peeling or cutting small fruits and vegetables, slicing an avocado, and more. As the name implies, the steak knives are sharp table knives used for cutting steaks, as well as other proteins that need serrated blades, like chicken breasts, pork, and turkey.

Naturally, the 8″ shears can help with doing things like cutting open food packaging, as well as other tasks both inside the kitchen and out. The sharpening steel is used to sharpen the knives as needed, to ensure the blades are perfectly sharp over time.

Evaluation of the Cuisinart Elite Pro Knife Set

Taking them out of the box, each knife is smartly protected by a fitted paper holder. Pull them out, and you’ll immediately be impressed by the shining silver finish of each knife, and comfortable, rugged handles. Wash them, and water droplets hover on the surface, showcasing the non-stick properties.

They are both easy to clean and use. The knife block in which they sit is finished in matte black with a prominent Cuisinart logo on the front in a silver plate. It seems less sophisticated in design than the knives—I’d almost prefer that it be a glossier finish. It also seems like the block might be prone to scratches over time, but I did not have the set in my possession long enough to determine this.

The six steak knives are positioned at the front to easily grab them as needed. Each other knife has a dedicated slot in which it slides, along with a larger one for the shears and a rounded one for the sharpening steel. Everything is angled perfectly for easy access and storage.

cuisinart elite pro knife set stock shot

I went first to the chef’s knife to slice open a spaghetti squash for making homemade mini muffins, then opted for the paring knife to cut some fruit for my son’s school lunch. The bread knife came in handy for cutting up the aforementioned muffins in the morning for breakfast although a steak knife would work fine for such a task as well.

Each knife accomplished its desired task swimmingly—made me feel as though I was working in a professional kitchen. They are gorgeous in design.

I did notice prominent water spots on them after letting them dry in a dish drainer. To prevent these spots from forming, I  recommend washing and drying them immediately to put away after use. Much like any other set of professional knives, I’d steer clear of placing these in the dishwasher.

Bottom Line about the Cuisinart Elite Pro Knife Set

You’ll need to be pretty active in the kitchen to warrant buying this set of knives, which will make you feel as though you’re working on a professional kitchen every time you whip one out. They are beautiful looking, and each knife works flawlessly for its intended use.

I wish the knife block matched the look of the knives in terms of sophistication and class, but the all-black design does mean it will work for any kitchen, regardless of your colour scheme. And if you have kids, the look screams “don’t touch me!”

For homes with larger kitchens that have enough counter space to accommodate them, this set will be a perfect go-to as you cook up: a Thanksgiving turkey or ham, make and pack kids’ lunches, chop fruits and veggies for salads and stews, and serve up a delicious BBQ steak dinner.

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