Small kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in the home that everyone tends to gravitate to, even if it’s a small kitchen. So, it’s no surprise that the kitchen is one of the most common rooms of the home that people love to renovate.

Even if you have a smaller-sized kitchen, there are ways to maximize the space you have. This includes both cupboard and counter space, choice of appliances, as well as design choices that can make the kitchen look more spacious and inviting. Here are some tips if you’re looking to get the most out of your small kitchen.

Get multifunctional small appliances

Breville toaster oven

There are some great multifunction small appliances that can help you conserve precious counter space. For example, instead of a microwave and toaster, opt for a toaster oven that has a convection setting and built-in air fryer. This small appliance accomplishes multiple tasks in one without monopolizing your countertops.

Get an over-the-range microwave

Over the range microwave

If you still want a microwave, consider an over-the-range model. It uses real estate in the kitchen that wouldn’t be used anyway. It frees up counter space for other items, whether it’s another small appliance or extra space for food prep.

Smaller footprint large appliances

LG Studio appliances

Some of the latest large kitchen appliances, like refrigerators from LG, are designed to take up less room without sacrificing interior space. Appliances like these can help you save valuable floor space without having to worry that you won’t have enough room for all your groceries.

Reorganize cupboards

Kitchen pantry storage containersA simple cupboard reorganization can make all the difference. Try using bins, storage containers, and shelving to maximize cupboard space. Leave some space for storing small and lightweight appliances you might usually have on the counter but only use occasionally This might include a blender, food processor, stand mixer, sandwich maker, or waffle maker. You can pull them out when needed and have a place to store them when you’re done so the counter doesn’t have as much clutter.

Get a rolling trolley/kitchen cart

Kitchen cart trolley

Some people tout the benefits of having a kitchen island or cart for certain kitchen items, like an Instant Pot (often cited by those who have several Instant Pots in different sizes). These storage cabinets can be wheeled out of the way when you don’t need them, and wheeled into the kitchen when you do. You can use the top surface for food prep and the cabinet storage for things like wine, infrequently used bakeware, small appliances, or even overstock items from the pantry. You will still, of course, need somewhere to store the trolley. But being able to wheel it into another room temporarily gives you extra space to work with in the kitchen. Even place it in the living room with decorative items on top and it will look like it belongs as part of the décor.

Soft tones with paint

Something as simple as re-painting the kitchen using soft tones like off-white, blue, or green can actually make a smaller kitchen look bigger. Some designers suggest that painting the wall trim and moldings a lighter colour than the walls can also help open a space. You won’t technically get more space by doing this, but the room will feel warmer, more inviting, and more spacious.

Revamp the lighting

LED strip lighting

The right lighting can also make a huge difference. Add a lovely overhead light and a smart LED bulb to brighten up the room when you have guests over and want it to look bigger. Having a smart light there allows you to control the brightness from your phone and the bright light will be appreciated when you are preparing a meal in the kitchen. The right lighting can open up the space, making it seem bigger than it is. Further eliminate dark corners by adding strip lighting under the cabinets, which will illuminate all that extra space, making the kitchen look even bigger (and brighter!)

Kitchen bar stools with shelvesMake use of shelves

There’s valuable real estate between cabinets and counters where you might have a lovely backsplash. There might even be space above the cupboards between the wall and the ceiling. Wherever you can find space, a simple shelf can help you maximize it. Try to add shelving where it won’t look cluttered and only use these shelves to display items that will look good in full view. This might include a gorgeous set of decorative bowls, wine glasses, and other items that can come out of cupboards to leave more room. You can get creative and build shelving into places like within a kitchen island, too.

Add hanging hooks

Hanging hooks, when placed correctly, can be a simple way to display premium kitchen utensils or a gorgeous pot and pan set. Placing these on the wall frees up space in the cupboards and on the countertops. Plus, you have the benefit of quick and easy access when you’re cooking up a storm.

Kitchen bar stools with lightingUse bar stools instead of a table

A small kitchen table is great, but if you already have a dining room with a larger table, it’s probably not needed. If you really want to have a seating area in a small kitchen, get a set of bar stools and position those by a kitchen island (if you have one). It’s the perfect spot for a quick morning breakfast before heading to the office, or even weekend pancakes. Whenever you want a formal sit-down meal, go ahead and use the dining room. Don’t feel compelled to have a table in the kitchen if it isn’t necessary. Not having one will open more floor space that will make it easier to move around, especially when there’s more than one cook in the kitchen.

Bottom line

Don’t let a small kitchen make you think you can’t entertain others or need to only spend minimal time in that room. Even a small kitchen can seem spacious, and even be more spacious, with the right set-up. It all starts with maximizing both cupboard and counter space. once you have done that, you can work on other aspects, like looking into smaller footprint large appliances, multifunction small appliances, brighter lighting, and softer paint colours.

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