Obusforme backrest massage cushion reviewThe Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion with heat is a desk chair and car seat pillow that massages your entire back. It’s designed to be portable so you can put it in your office chair, in your car, or on your couch at home, and it gives you almost exactly the same experience as a massage chair.

I have spent a few weeks taking the Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion with me in and out of the car, and I can honestly say that the entire family is at the point where we’re fighting over it. It just works so well that it’s almost addicting to sit there and have a massage when you’re watching TV, reading, working, or driving.

Why you need an Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion

Whether you sit at a desk all day or you’re someone who uses every inch of your body for work, you’re going to end up with a sore back at some point. After being in a serious car crash a long time ago, back pain is one of the things I’ve just had to live with. It doesn’t just ache in my upper back when I’m working outside all day; it aches all over, and there hasn’t been much I’ve been able to do about it.

With the Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion, I can sit down and get a massage wherever I am. It has different programs to massage your upper back, middle, lower, and thighs, and because it plugs into any standard outlet or your car, you can take it everywhere.

portable massage cushion with heat

The best part? The Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion really works. The massage is strong enough to hit those target areas and loosen them up. After 30 minutes of sitting on it, you stand up and you’re literally tingling.

How the Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion works

obusforme remote control massage

The Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion has an integrated backrest frame. It curves so that it mimics the natural shape of your back, and it fits neatly on any standard chair, your seat in the car, or even on your couch.

The LED touch pad controller lets you choose which massage options you’d like. You can target your upper back or just your thighs. There are several programs you can choose including ‘All,’ ‘Mix,’ and ‘Up and Down,’ and ‘Side to Side.’ My favourite is Mix, because it unexpectedly gives you a bit of everything.

You can also choose the intensity and the speed of your massage. I generally keep the intensity at medium because it’s strong enough to really get into your sore muscles but not so strong that you’re vibrating when you’re finished your program.

The Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion will automatically shut off after about 30 minutes.

Removable lumbar support

optional lumbar support

I love having lumbar support because that’s where my back tends to really hurt. My husband doesn’t find it as necessary. That’s why it’s a nice option that the Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion has removable lumbar support. It’s a cushion that just pops on and off via magnets, so while I’ll make heavy use of it, anyone else can just take it off.

Portable back massage with two different ways to plug in

massage cushion for car

The Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion has two options for plugging in: one for a standard indoor outlet and one for your car lighter. This is a great option because you can take it everywhere with you.

We take long road trips down the coast to California every year, and when I get out of the car after a long day driving, my entire body feels stiff. With the Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion along for the ride and constantly plugged in, my back would feel amazing instead of achy.

Seat heater for those chilly days

This is my first year in a vehicle that has leather seats. I have been dreading extreme temperatures because in the summer you stick to your seats and in the winter you freeze.

With the Obusforme backrest massage seat cushion, your car seat will be comfortable no matter what the season. It has breathable mesh fabric so you’re cool and comfortable when it’s hot outside, and there is a built-in seat heater for when it’s cold.

Obusforme massage pillow car

You could easily put this seat cushion in your car when you warm it up, turn it on, and have a toasty warm seat when you get in to drive. Heat also increases the impact of your massage by relaxing sore muscles, so it’s such a nice option to have on a backrest massage cushion.

Overall thoughts on the Obusforme backrest massage seat

Having a sore back or shoulders isn’t fun. I find I can get just as achy after lifting stuff all day as I do sitting in front of my computer, and while I don’t have room in my house for a full size massage chair, I do have more than enough space for a portable massage seat like the Obusforme backrest massage seat.

I’ve sat in a lot of these chairs and I feel as though the Obusforme backrest massage seat offers a very powerful massage. It’s definitely a quick and easy comparable to actual massage chairs you’d find on Best Buy or in the mall.

I feel as though the only thing that the actual massage chairs have over this portable massage seat are larger massage components. On a chair you’d feel the internal massage components working their way up and down your spine, while in this seat you feel a very strong vibration. That vibration is more than enough to ease the pain in my back.

While my favourite program was Mix, I think targeting specific areas is also a good option on the Obusforme backrest massage seat. You know the massage seat has done the job when you get up and you feel the tingle for quite awhile after.

If you have a sore back from work, working outside, or play, you can’t go wrong with the Obusforme backrest massage seat with heat. You’ll find it right now on Best Buy.

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