Brighten your holidays with unique themed home decor

One of the best ways to kick off the holiday season is to set the mood with welcoming holiday decorations. Festive, unique themed home decor helps create the cozy feeling we all seek during the winter months, making our homes feel warm and joyful even when the days are short and cold.

Start your themed home decor outside with holiday lights

Outdoor holiday lights are the perfect place to start your holiday decorating because they’re just so easy to change. Don’t get me wrong: Hanging them is no joke. But with smart outdoor lighting strips, you can hang them once and use them all year ’round. Maybe that means customizing them to a warm glow during summer evenings, spooky yellow and purple for Halloween, and twinkling white and yellow during the winter.

LED projectors are another easy way to create holiday lighting, with coming with seasonal motifs like Santa, snowflakes, and dreidels for every family.

Samsung The Frame tv family

The perfect themed home decor for the living room

Another great way to set the mood for the holidays that’s easy and requires very little setup? Turn your Samsung The Frame TV or other smart TV on to the fireplace channel for some ambiance, or use it in Art Mode to display your favourite family photos in impressive scale.

ft Costway 24Snowy Artificial Christmas PE Wreath w: Pine Cones & White Berries

Add greenery with wreaths and trees

Greenery and other natural textures are what make rooms feel lively and homey. Create a welcome, memorable holiday season with themed home decor that breathes life into your space, like a holiday wreath, garland, or tree.

Despite the fact that you can re-use plastic greenery year after year, real trees and fresh decorations are the more eco-friendly choice. They break down easily, and in some areas can even be re-planted or (and I love this one) fed to goats and chickens, who go absolutely crazy for Christmas trees.

However, there are also benefits to synthetic options that you just can’t get from a real tree. It’s easy to find holiday themed home decor items that are pre-decorated, like pre-lit and flocked trees, which will save you time every year from searching to setup. You can also find funky, unique designs like upside-down trees and partial trees, which are great for small spaces as you can pop them in the corner of a room that’s too small for a real tree. Space doesn’t have to limit your holiday decorating: There’s room for everyone to be festive.

Holiday table settings

Set the perfect home holiday table

It can be hard to keep a full set of holiday dinnerware and other kitchen items, especially if you don’t live in a large home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t set an awesome holiday table regardless!

Give your tablescape a festive twist with unique centrepieces, a few key dishes in holiday colours, and special holiday textiles. I love adding candles and a seasonal table runner, for starters, then adding small details like special serving platters, table garland, or holiday-shaped desserts for after dinner. Another great way to make holiday gatherings feel special is to use special glassware, napkin rings, or charger plates, so try pulling those out as well if you have them at home or you’re ready to add them to your dining set.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to be with those you love, so start decorating with unique themed home decor now to get the most out of every (holi)day.

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