The X-Rocker Pro Series H3 gaming chair tackles some of the most important aspects of a full gaming and multimedia experience; comfort and audio. From the couch like comfort that this rocker chair provides and vibration motors to the built in 4.1 surround system, it aims to take a user’s experience to the next level instantly.

How Comfortable is the X-Rocker Pro Series H3 Chair?

As soon as I took the chair out of the box, I noticed that it was incredibly comfortable and already a significant improvement from a large floor cushion I was using before. The rocker has an adequate level of padding that gives it couch like characteristics, notably at the headrest and base. I had the chair placed on the floor of my office and in front of my TV gaming setup, and through my uses, I noticed little fatigue even after some hours. The chair does get warm after a couple of hours due to the materials, but a short break cools the surface off after just a few minutes. I felt that the chair was ergonomically sound for the most part, but the lumbar support could definitely be improved especially due to the curved nature of the chair which can lead to soreness in the back.

The chair also exemplifies an aggressive design that is complimented by detailed stitching through the dividing areas on the chair. An all black design uniform throughout the accent panels and speakers is also a nice touch. For the most part, I can see it fitting in nicely with most gaming setups. Constructed out of a vinyl material, the chair has a high-quality look while also being easy to clean at any time. Additionally, the armrests are a great touch not only for resting the arm during gaming but in general use situations as well such as using a laptop computer. They are sturdy, well attached, and I am confident they will stand the test of time.

Although the rocker is large and heavy, it’s once piece no assembly needed design has you ready to go right out of the box while also having the option to stow it away by folding it in half. The folding option is especially useful in condensed spaces for easy storage while maintaining a minimal and clutter free space when not in use.


Audio Controls and Inputs

The side-panel found on the right of the chair consists of ports for media connectivity and controls for volume, bass, and vibration. Beginning with the ports, you will find a standard 3.5mm input for universal devices such as smartphones, along with an RCA input/output for game consoles. All necessary cables are included. As for controls, the main volume dial is found in the middle, while the bass and motor vibration controls for added effect are found on the other side.


Multimedia Audio Experience

By far the most unique feature of the X-Rocker Pro H3 chair is the enhanced audio experience it brings to any gamer or multimedia enthusiast. The built-in 4.1 surround sound setup is put together through four singular side-facing speakers paired with a single subwoofer located at the back. The subwoofers paired with the synced vibration motors utilize the open space within the chair to maximize the presence of the low end from an audible and physical response standpoint.

From my listening experience, I found the sound quality to be quite decent but by no means the best especially when compared to mid-range dedicated speakers. The trebles and mids were moderately clear but not sharp while the bass was muddy but powerful. My consensus of the sound coming from the X-Rocker Pro is that the tones collide within one another especially when the bass is set any more than half power. Beyond sound quality, the placement of the speakers makes for an incredibly immersive experience. Integration within the chair is well put together and is still a considerable improvement over most standard built-in TV speakers. The Pro Series H3 is X-Rocker’s most complete audio setup across their whole range of multimedia chairs, and I have included a short sound test within my video review.


Best uses I found for the X-Rocker Pro Series Chair

With the TV in my office only being less than 2-feet from the floor resting on a floor stand, I previously used a bean bag from Fatboy as a form a seating. Due to the lack of space for even a small couch within the office, the X-Rocker served as a great solution for a comfortable seating option. Whether it was watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs on TV, playing on my PS4 for many hours at a time, or using my laptop to write a blog post, the rocker was an instant improvement.

Final Thoughts

This was my first time using a rocker chair, and to be honest, out of the box the design didn’t have much of an appeal to me from a comfort perspective. However, I can now describe the X-Rocker Pro H3 as the perfect complement to my office TV multimedia and gaming setup as a couch alternative. It has even become my relaxed workstation in some situations. As for the sound characteristics, I am sure gamers of different genres including sports and first person shooters will enjoy the up-close experience that a TV speaker won’t deliver. Although sound quality lacked a wow factor, it was still effective in its purpose of immersion. The X-Rocker Pro Series H3 is a rocker that I can recommend to those who spend extended periods in front of the TV and are looking for a space saving seating option.


Justin Tse
Justin Tse is an online content creator and young entrepreneur from Victoria BC. Justin specializes in consumer technology and smartphones on his YouTube channel which holds over 300,000 subscribers and has garnered an audience of over 40 million worldwide through more than 800 videos.