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When choosing baby gear, a video baby monitor is one decision that needs the most thought. The latest video baby monitors can do so much more than give you a view of your baby in his or her crib. A few models, like the Nanit Pro video baby monitor, have 1080p video streams, night vision, real-time sound and motion notifications, and can even monitor your baby’s breathing. The Nanit Pro also offers parents a community and a way to decipher how their baby is sleeping and give suggestions to improve their sleep quality.

While I don’t have a baby at the moment, I set up and tested out the Nanit Pro video baby monitor. It was a very easy setup for a video baby monitor with so many features, and the video quality is pretty amazing. Here’s what I thought of the Nanit Pro video baby monitor.

Features on Nanit Pro complete monitoring system

The Nanit Pro is a sleek, white video baby monitor that mounts to the wall beside your crib or can be placed on a stand. The Nanit Pro complete baby monitor system includes the wall-mount with cable covers, screws, smart bed sheet to monitor your baby’s growth, and breathing band to monitor your baby’s breathing. As it was the Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System, I also received the Nanit Multi Stand. You can also buy the Nanit Floor Stand.

Unboxing Nanit Pro Complete

Here are some important features of Nanit Pro complete monitoring system:

  • 1080p HD video stream with bird’s-eye overhead view of your baby’s crib or bassinet
  • See, hear, and speak to your baby using the Nanit app
  • Temperature and humidity sensors let you know how warm or cool the room is
  • Real-time sound and motion notifications alert you if your baby wakes or moves around
  • 24/7 background audio is clear and picks up your baby as well as ambient noise
  • Smart sheet is cozy, comfortable, and lets you use your Nanit Pro to monitor your baby’s growth
  • 256-bit encryption and two-factor verification will keep your video stream secure
  • Breathing band is placed on the baby while sleeping and he or she will be monitored for respiration in real-time
  • Includes one year of Nanit Insight cloud storage and you can upgrade to another package for more storage

Setting up Nanit Pro video baby monitor

Nanit Pro multi stand

The setup process for Nanit Pro was very easy. There are a lot of small boxes to unpack when first installing the camera, and I decided to use the Nanit Multi Stand first. The stand turns the camera into something you can place on a bookshelf, and because of the sleek, white design it blends in so easily you probably won’t even notice it.

To use the camera you’ll plug it into the stand and download the app. The camera will need to connect to your Wi-Fi network, and I connected it to my 2.4GHz band. You can then walk through the steps of setting up your crib for use with Nanit Pro, and one of those options is using the included Smart bed sheet to monitor your baby’s growth.

The Nanit app is very thorough, so if you have any questions during the process of setting up, the app has all the answers.

Nanit has multiple stand options

Nanit Pro complete monitoring system review

There are three options for mounting your Nanit Pro: using the Nanit Multi Stand, Nanit Wall Mount, and Nanit Floor Stand. I set up the Multi Stand and Wall Mount, and I really liked the plastic cord covers that were built into the wall mount. Because they are connected you can just mount the camera and clip them all together.

If you do use the Nanit Multi Stand you won’t be able to access the Day dashboard and monitor naps and other activity. You will need to use the Floor Stand or Wall Mount for all activity monitoring.

Testing out Nanit Pro video baby monitor

I’m a mom of four so I’m definitely not a stranger to video baby monitors. I really relied on my video monitor when my babies were young. Although I don’t have a baby right now, there are a few features on the Nanit Pro video baby monitor that stood out for me.

Nanit Pro 1080p video stream is crystal clear

Nanit Pro dashboard

Out of all the features on a video baby monitor, the quality of the video stream is one of the most important. You want to be able to really see what’s going on in your baby’s crib without having to strain to find tiny details. With a 1080p HD video stream, the Nanit Pro delivers amazing picture quality. The stream was consistently crisp and clear, even when you pinched and zoomed in on details.

The switch to infrared night vision happens automatically, and the stream maintains clarity even in the dark. You can also turn on a night light from the app, and the top of the camera will light up while still picking up whatever is happening in the crib.

Sounds on the Nanit Pro

The Nanit Pro has fantastic audio pickup. My cat crawled into the bassinet at one point and whenever he would breathe I could hear the bell on his collar jingle slightly. That’s pretty impressive. It picks up all audio in the room, so I could hear the fan running quietly and a bit of the ambient noise from outside as well.

The Nanit Pro will continue monitoring background audio when you close the app. It will turn off if you’re taking a call or watching a video, but if you just leave your phone beside you, you’ll still hear the audio from the baby monitor.

Play sleep sounds to lull your baby to sleep

Nanit Pro sleep soundsThere are a few different sleep sounds you can stream for your baby via the Nanit Pro. It doesn’t have lullabies but it does have wind, white noise, and waves. You can set your monitor to play sounds for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, and you can set it to repeat so it continues playing on a loop.

Nanit Smart Sheets

The Nanit Pro Complete includes one smart sheet you can place on your crib. You can use your Nanit Pro and the sheet to measure your baby when he or she is in the crib, and you can keep track of measurements right in the app.

I didn’t test out the measurement option but I did take a look at the sheet. It’s made from cotton and quite soft, with cute animals in every corner.

Monitor breathing with Nanit Pro

I wasn’t able to test out the breathing monitor on the Nanit Pro as I don’t have a baby to use the sleep band on. I did take a look at the demo and it looks very simple and safe to use. The sleep band itself is very soft and would be comfortable for a baby, and there are a few other smart sleepers you can buy separately that will work with this monitor. When the breathing monitor is on you’ll see your baby’s respirations right on the app screen.

If you have the breathing monitor on and your Nanit Pro doesn’t detect breathing, a very loud alarm will sound on your phone. The alarm is bright red so you have a visual indicator as well.

Nanit Insights and Nanit community

Nanit Pro sleeping advice Nanit Pro subscription Nanit Pro Moment

One of the most intriguing things about the Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System is how the company offers insights and advice on sleep patterns. They also have a built-in Nanit community that parents can join, and I think this is such a great idea.

Any parent will tell you that it can feel extremely isolating when you have a new baby. You are sleep-deprived and there are so many questions you want to ask, but you might not have someone to ask advice from. I like how you have the option to join the Nanit community, connect with other parents via the app, and hopefully get the support you may need.

Nanit Insights offers sleep advice

Nanit Pro sleep band

Nanit Insights gives you a look at how your baby is sleeping, and that would be extremely helpful to parents as well. To give you accurate advice on sleep patterns your Nanit Pro will monitor the duration of naps, when your baby goes to bed at night, and how well they sleep during the night. It then offers you advice within the app.

A Nanit Insights plan is included with your Nanit Pro. You get your plan for one year, and you can also choose to upgrade to Nanit Insights Premium or Nanit Insights Unlimited. Nanit Insights gives you two days of video storage and sleep history, while Nanit Insights Premium will give you 30 days of video history, sleep tracking and analysis, and lets you give 10 people access to your cameras. Nanit Insights Unlimited gives you unlimited video storage and you can invite up to 50 people to use your camera.

Should you choose Nanit Pro video baby monitor?

Nanit Pro night light

The Nanit Pro video baby monitor has a high-quality video stream, amazing audio pickup, and the motion/audio notifications are instant. I never had difficulty connecting to the Nanit Pro whenever I wanted to log in, and it monitors the temperature and humidity in the room too.

What impresses me the most about the Nanit Pro is the community and insights into sleep patterns. Anyone with a young baby who wakes frequently will really appreciate that helping hand.

You can find the Nanit Pro complete monitoring system on Best Buy right now.

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