Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle strollerWhen I found out I was going to be doing a review of the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller, I was excited, but nervous. I love my current stroller, but I was afraid I would love this one more.

It turns out I was right to be scared. This stroller outshone mine in almost every single area: look, feel, performance, features, and design.

Setting up the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller

I was expecting an all-terrain stroller to come in a million different pieces and be complicated to set up, but it wasn’t. The instructions were easy to follow, with simple, clear visuals.

The first step was attaching the wheels. The front wheel needed to be fastened into place, while the side wheels just slid in and easily locked into place. There was an audible click so I knew they were securely attached.

The next step was to push a small button on a bar near the bottom of the stroller, then twist the bar and pull to expand it. It definitely required more force to expand the stroller than the one I own, but it was still pretty straightforward.

The final step was to attach the canopy, which was also a cinch. This just involves clicking it into place.Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller

There’s also an optional bar that can be attached to the front of the stroller for a food tray, which is not included with the stroller.

Features of the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller

This stroller is compatible with many different car seat makes and models, including Graco, Maxi-Cosi, and Peg Perego. This is really convenient for transporting newborns because it allows you to move them between the stroller and the car without waking them. It’s also compatible with the Mountain Buggy Carrycot, which is a portable bassinet that can be attached in lieu of the regular seat. If you want to use the Carrycot or your car seat with the stroller, you need to pop out the regular seat. This was easy to do by unclipping two side straps, a bottom strap, and unhooking the top from two little pegs.

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller has a lot of nice little extras. The handle is adjustable 180 degrees, so you can find the most comfortable position for you. There’s also a water bottle holder near the handles, so you can stay hydrated while you’re on the go. You could also put a travel mug in there for your coffee or tea. For extra control, the stroller has a hand brake and a safety strap, as well as a 5-point safety harness to keep baby secure.

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller

There are lots of other extras that make this stroller stand out. It has a large, deep storage tray underneath the stroller with two sealable pockets for smaller items, an adjustable leg rest for baby, reversible liner, and silent magnetic closures (instead of Velcro). They’ve pretty much thought of everything!

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller

I have to say, I was amazed by the softness of the material in this stroller. It definitely doesn’t look or feel cheap like some strollers. However, this does mean extra care has to be taken with the fabric—you can’t just throw it in the washer; it needs to be spot treated gently with a natural soap.

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller

The Urban Jungle stroller can be used from newborn to 6 years of age, or a maximum of 55 pounds.

Using the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller

The things I like best about my own stroller are how easy it collapses, how light it is, and how little space it takes up in the trunk of my car. For these reasons, I was skeptical of the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller. I assumed an all-terrain stroller would be heavier, bulkier, and difficult to fold up. This is definitely not the case for the Urban Jungle stroller. It collapses easily by pushing a button, giving the bar a little twist, and then pushing the ends together. The stroller even stands up on its own for easy indoor storage—no need to lean it up against a wall.

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller is a super smooth ride. It absorbs little bumps in the road and goes up and down over curbs easily. I took this stroller over grass and on a hike through the trails, and it performed really well. It was still a little bumpy, but as long as you were using the car seat converter with a newborn to absorb more of the impact, it would be fine. I imagine the Urban Jungle would be great in the snow too. It’s a comfortable ride for baby due to its soft, padded seat and extendable canopy for shade. The seat can be used in an upright position or reclined back for a sleepy baby.

Final thoughts on the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle strollerI was really surprised by how much I liked this stroller. I never considered purchasing an all-terrain stroller until I used this one.

The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller is really well-made and has an excellent, user-friendly design. Although it’s heavier than a travel stroller, it’s still relatively compact and can be transported inside a small trunk with room to spare.

This stroller can be used in any season and on many different types of terrain. It’s a great stroller for hikes, hills, running, or a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood. It’s not bulky, so it would even be fine for crowded city sidewalks. I think a stroller like this really gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

I’ve really tried hard to think of some cons for this stroller, but it’s hard to come up with any, aside from the fabric being difficult to clean. I really love the look, performance, and functionality of the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller. I definitely want one!

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