Fisher-Price baby essentials

Fisher-Price is an iconic name in the world of children’s toys. With an almost 90 year history and classic toys like Little People, Fisher-Price has become one of the most well-known toy companies in the world.

Nowadays, though, toys are only a small part of what Fisher-Price offers. Since 1984, the company has also been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of baby gear like cribs, high chairs, potties, and bouncers.

Whether you’re an expecting parent or you’re shopping for one, you’ll find that Fisher-Price baby essentials are a blend of innovation, practicality, and style.

Fisher-Price baby essentials for the nursery

Fisher-Price baby essentialsGone are the days when you had to buy a separate bed for each stage of your child’s life. The Fisher-Price Aubree 4-in-1 Convertible Crib transforms from a crib to a toddler bed, day bed, and a full-size headboard. It also features a three-position adjustable platform to allow you to lower down the mattress for safety as your baby learns how to pull himself up to standing. Not to mention this crib is totally gorgeous! The white is fresh and modern; the design is simple yet beautiful. The Aubree Crib is the perfect blend of stylishness and practicality.

Fisher-Price baby essentialsA lot of parents love to use white noise in the nursery to help their baby sleep (I’m one of those parents!). It blocks out background noise, and sleep experts believe white noise is helpful because baby would have been accustomed to a certain amount of gentle noise in utero.

The Fisher-Price Smart Connect Deluxe Soother uses gentle sounds or songs to help lull baby to sleep. It also has the option to use soft light projections on the wall as an alternative to a nightlight. It plugs directly into the wall, so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries. And, using the Smart Connect app, parents can adjust the light or sound settings without risking waking baby up by going into her room.

I just love the soft glow of this light. It would look gorgeous in any nursery!

Fisher-Price travel-friendly baby essentials

Fisher-Price baby essentialsIf you’re anything like me and you love to travel, you won’t want to put your globetrotting on hold when you have a baby. But you obviously can’t take a bassinet or crib with you everywhere you go—so where does baby sleep when you’re not at home?

A travel bed is a great solution to this problem. The Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Travel Bed sets up anywhere in seconds and folds away flat for portability. It’s a much sleeker and lighter option than a play pen, but it’s still roomy enough to be used as a play space too.

Another thing that’s awesome about this travel bed is it triples as an outdoor tent. It has a covered canopy that shelters baby from the sun and keeps bugs out. When my little guy was younger, I found it tough sometimes to be outdoors with him—especially at the beach—because I couldn’t always find shelter and I didn’t want him to get a sunburn. We used an umbrella, which meant that I was constantly batting his hand away from his mouth to stop him from eating sand! This travel bed would have been the perfect solution.

Fisher-Price baby essentials for meal time

Fisher-Price baby essentialsWhen I was looking for a high chair, I knew what I didn’t want was something that would take up a lot of space in my small kitchen. I also knew I did want something that was portable enough that I could throw it in the trunk of my car for trips to visit my sister or parents. The Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair checks both of these boxes.

This seat takes up half the space of a traditional high chair. It easily attaches to a dining chair and is compact enough to pack in the car. It’s adjustable to two different heights and has three recline positions. It features a deep tray to help minimize food spills, and a removable tray insert for easy clean-up. The seat pad is machine washable and the seat, tray, and tray insert are all dishwasher-safe. They’ve thought of everything with this high chair!

Fisher-Price baby essentials for play time

Fisher-Price baby essentialsPlay gyms are ideal for providing visual and tactile stimulation for babies, but I found that my son grew out of the play gym he used very quickly.

Unlike most play gyms, the Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym is designed to grow with your baby. Babies can use this play gym from when they’re newborn right up to toddlerhood. When baby is younger, you can set the piano in a vertical position so he can kick his legs at it to make music. The toy bar can be moved back as well to give baby something to reach for with his hands. The bright colours and captivating images are perfect for stimulating a young baby’s visual sense. It comes with five toys: a mirror (great for tummy time!), a teething-friendly elephant, a panda that crinkles, a lion rattle, and monkey cymbal clackers. The mat is machine-washable, so you don’t have to worry about spit-up, drool, or the dreaded poop explosion.

As baby grows, Mom and Dad can adjust the mat to a larger size and reposition the piano as shown in the photo for tummy time, practice sitting up, and eventually a toy that your toddler can explore more intentionally. The piano is detachable, so you can take it with you on play dates, trips to Grandma’s house, even in the car. There are four different musical settings on the piano for variety.

Fisher-Price baby essentials for hands-free time

Fisher-Price baby essentialsWhen my son was a newborn and I needed to go to the bathroom or grab something to eat, having a safe space nearby to put him down was a lifesaver.

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock ‘n Play Soothing Seat with Smart Connect is more than just a bouncy chair. This thing does it all! It rocks, it vibrates, and the settings are controlled with the Smart Connect app on your phone. It’s much more convenient than a swing, because you can move it around easily by folding it up. To top it off, the seat material is machine washable for easy cleaning. The Rock ‘n Play Soothing Seat is a great way to keep your baby calm when you need to have your hands free.

Safety, innovation, joy

With safe, well-designed baby gear, and nearly a century of manufacturing toys that promote joy and learning, Fisher-Price is an amazing choice for all your baby needs.

What are your favourite Fisher-Price products? Share in the comments!

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  1. Great overview. As a mother of three kids, I’d say Fisher-Price is the best baby gear brand (for me at least). I would add Fisher Price Jumperoo to this list. It’s a must-have for 6 to 12 months kid. Saved me a lot of time. Your hands will be free for hours during the day.

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