prepping for fall babyWhen I look back at baby photos from when I was born, I see a tiny infant packed in a one-piece snow suit under three blankets. It might have only been May, but it was Saskatchewan and back then it could still get to -20 during the spring months.

Times have definitely changed as far as the weather and how we layer our babies is concerned. These days we know that overheating a baby can be dangerous, and we focus on light layers instead of constricting suits or heavy blankets.

Although we do things differently than my parents did back in the day, there’s still a difference in how we prepare for a fall and winter newborn as opposed to how we prep for a spring and summer baby. I’ve had two babies in the summer and two babies in the fall, so I know there are subtle differences you might want to keep in mind when you are getting ready to bring your own fall baby home.

Here are a few tips if you’re prepping for a fall baby.


Warmer clothes

When I had my son in June, he came home from the hospital in the middle of a heat wave. I had bought him a cute coming home outfit but it was so hot all he wore was a short-sleeved onsie and a diaper.

My fall babies lived in onsies too, but I focused on long sleeves and full legs like the Juddlies Cottage Collection Herringbone jumpsuit. Paired with an undershirt, my babies lived in this type of outfit during the winter months. If you’re bringing home a fall newborn, you’ll want to stock up on these.


Socks to spare

I had socks for my summer babies too, but if they kicked them off I wasn’t too concerned they’d get cold toes. In the winter a baby’s toes can turn icy without a pair of warm, fuzzy socks to keep him or her warm. I had quite a few pairs on hand and I stashed a pair in my pocket too, just in case I lost one during the course of the day.




Stock up on blankets

Using the right type of blanket for the right situation means your baby won’t overheat or get too chilly. I always turned the heat down at night but I wanted to make sure that my baby was still warm. When they were newborn I would swaddle them, and as they got older I had a sleep sack or two.



When baby is older, toys are the answer

With a spring and summer baby you can head outside for a walk or sit on the grass and watch your baby take it all in. When you have an older fall and winter baby, you need to get a bit more creative with how you entertain them.

I ran through a list of things to do every day, from giving them a pair of spoons to bang around to a cute toy or two. For exercise in the cold months I also made good use of a jolly jumper and bouncy chair.

I found that knowing how to prepare for a fall baby helped me get ready for a lot of time spent inside. If you’re just getting ready to set up a nursery for your fall baby, take a look at Christine’s post on “how to set up your nursery”. It’s full of great info for new fall parents.

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