Baby Brezza bottleThe first few months with your new baby can be stressful, especially when it comes to feeding your little one. Whether you are strictly breastfeeding, strictly bottle feeding, or if you’re little one allows it, a combination of the two there are some great tools and accessories to help you enjoy this time feeding your little one.

My firstborn son was born very premature and breastfeeding didn’t work for us, but I did get the experience of breastfeeding with my second son. I have tried many products to help make both situations easier, enjoyable, and more relaxing for us both. Here are a few great options to check out when it comes to feeding your baby.

Nursing must haves

Medela electric pumpFeeding my boys was one of my favourite times. While nursing my second son there were a few items that were a must have for me and were helpful in making nursing easier and more relaxing.

Even though you may have decided that you are going to breastfeed, having an electric or manual pump on hand is a must. A pump will allow you to have a stash of milk available if needed. You may have to return to work, run some errands, or just take some time to yourself. It’s also nice to pump some milk for your spouse or other family members to spend some one-on-one time feeding your new little one.

Medela silicone milk catcherIt’s been many years since I nursed, and I don’t remember silicone milk collectors being a thing then, but I know I would have used one regularly. Not only will you be saving any otherwise wasted milk for later use, but you can also save on laundry and nursing pads too.

Here are some other items I’d add to my list:

  • A pumping bra
  • Nursing covers
  • Receiving blankets or burp cloths
  • Nursing pads
  • Nipple cream
  • A water bottle and snacks for yourself

Bottle feeding must haves

tommee tippee bottle systemMy first experience with feeding was pumping and bottle feeding. While my first son was in hospital, I was able to take advantage of the amazing pumps they have and provide some breastmilk. But seeing as I couldn’t live at the hospital, he was also formula fed.

After choosing the best formula to fit your little one’s needs, you’re going to need bottles. If you’ve ever bottle fed, you know there are many varieties to choose from and your baby will surely let you know when you find the right one. Some varieties include plastic or glass, angled or wide necked, or ones with liners. You may also have to try a variety of nipples until you find the one that your baby latches to best. Note that nipples are also numbered based on how wide the opening is so you’ll want to start with the smallest and work your way up.

Baby Brezza bottle sterilizerOn top of formula and bottles, here’s a few must haves for formula or bottle feeding:

  • Spare nipples
  • Liner bags if needed
  • Bottle brush
  • Drying rack or dishwasher rack
  • Insulated bottle bag
  • Bottle warmer
  • Blender bottle
  • Burp cloths

Nursing and bottle feeding 

There are so many new baby gadgets and accessories on the market but some tried and true favourites stand the test of time. One of my all-time favourites is a feeding pillow. These pillows are durable and useful as your baby grows. They’re not only great to keep your baby comfortable but they’ll help stop your arm from falling asleep during feeds. Once your little one can hold their own bottle, feeding pillows are great to prop them on for more independence. Most, if not all have a removable cover that’s machine washable and made of plush fabric that will be gentle on your baby’s skin. I always took feeding my boys those early months as a way to put my feet up, relax and enjoy a good snuggle, and the right nursing pillow will make those moments more enjoyable.

feeding chairIf you’re a breastfeeding mama then you know you can end up feeding your little one in all kinds of places and at all times of the day. For some women, breastfeeding in public can be intimate and you may choose to use a cover-up of sorts for privacy. My main reason for using one with my second son was that it helped stop surrounding distractions. There are some pretty, multi-functional and stylish cover-ups and scarves on the market these days to fit your feeding needs.

Last of all, you’ll be spending many hours feeding your baby so make your home space comfortable and welcoming with a relaxing and inviting chair, water and snacks for yourself, a burping cloth or receiving blanket, a feeding pillow and some good entertainment via tech or a good book. With two fast growing sons, I say enjoy this time with your new addition.

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