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If you’re expecting, then you have first hand experience of all the aches and pains pregnancy can bring, and if these aches and pains are keeping you up at night there are ways to help alleviate them. Let me share with you how you can catch a good night’s sleep in this week’s video review on Baby Works Pregnancy Pillows.

I can remember waking up numerous times a night because I just couldn’t seem to get comfortable, and this became a more recurring issue the further into my pregnancies I got. I was always a stomach sleeper until my first pregnancy so I had a really hard time adjusting to new sleep positions, and while I never seemed to have an issue with the pillows I used under my head, they didn’t seem to really help when I tried to use them for other purposes such as between my knees or under my lower back. Not only is it an adjustment on the body with the baby weight gain, but pregnancy makes you front heavy which I found made my lower back ache with both my sons. Having a pregnancy pillow made all the difference for me when it came to sleeping and even just relaxing on the sofa. I especially loved the memory because it really moulds to your body.

Why you need pregnancy pillows

IMG_2626-Optimized.JPG Conventional pillows have their purpose of course, but when it comes to a pregnancy pillow you really want something that’s flexible and can be shaped to accommodate your many sleeping positions. There seems to be 4 main pillow types on the market today, the U shape, the J shape, the C shape and the wedge. You can also find a unique giraffe shaped pillow from Baby Works that has a lot to offer.

The U shaped pillow makes me think of sleeping in your own little cocoon. You can think of using this pillow with the U shape facing upside down, that way you have a pillow for your head, support running along your back and behind your legs, and also support for your front side and the ability to have a pillow between your knees. What I think is the best feature of this pillow is that you can change which side you’re sleeping on without having to move or flip over the pillow.

The J shaped pillow seems to be the least common and works by providing a pillow for your head and then support for only one side of your body. You can have the long arm running along your back and behind your legs, or down the front which will allow you to tuck it between your knees as well.

Next up we have the C shaped pillow. The C shape provides support for your head and neck and runs along your back and tucks between the knees for support. What I love about this shape of pillow is that once you have your baby, the opening in the C provides the perfect nook to snuggle your baby in.

Last of all we have the wedge shaped pillow. The wedge pillow is more of an “additional pillow” meaning that it’s best used as an extra pillow. Wedge to me means that it’s perfect to be wedged wherever you need it. It can easily be tucked between the knees, under your elbows or lower back, you name it you can wedge it. This pillow is very versatile because of its size. You can easily take it along with you anywhere to make sure you’re comfortable wherever you go. Once your baby is born too, it will come in handy during feeding time to help support your arms and your baby.

Testing Baby Works pillows

3in1-1-Optimized-Optimized.JPG I was given three pregnancy pillows to test out, the 3-in-1, the wedge and the flexi pillow. I have to say I was most excited to test out this Baby Works Maternity & Beyond 3-in-1 Pillow with Bamboo Pillow Case. This pillow is the perfect body pillow during pregnancy, nursing pillow for when you have your baby and will be a great positioner pillow for your little one.

The shape of this pillow is called giraffe which suits it perfectly. Even before I knew what the shape was called I told my son, this reminds me of a giraffe. This unique shaped pillow will support legs, thighs, hips, lumbar and helps with spinal alignment.

What I noticed first about the pillow was the removable bamboo cover. It is so soft to the touch and is gentle for both moms and babies. Once I tried it out I was impressed with the density of the pillow and its ability to keep its shape. It has a hypoallergenic poly fibre fill which means it’s lightweight and breathable.

The first night I had this pillow my husband, youngest son and I were fighting over who got to try it out first. When I first tucked myself in with it I immediately could not believe how comfortable I was and thought why doesn’t everyone use one of these? I also thought it would be perfect for my husband who often wakes up with his arms asleep and his carpal tunnel acting up. Maternity pillows don’t seem to be just maternity pillows they can work for many people.

IMG_2627-Optimized.JPG The Flexi pillow is really versatile because of its ability to bend and mould into the perfect shape to fit where you need it to. Like the 3-in-1 pillow, this pillow also has the soft hypoallergenic bamboo cover that is machine washable and dryer safe. It’s made from open-cell memory foam, and what’s really cool about this little pillow is the “magic spine” to bend and adjust.

This pillow was great to bend so it wrapped around the back of my neck when I was sitting up. This would have come in handy when feeding my two boys in the middle of the night. As I was sitting up blurry eyed trying to keep my eyes open.

The Wedge pillow is an angle shaped pillow made from orthopaedic foam so it will give you maximum comfort and support during and after your pregnancy. Like the other two pillows I tested out it too comes with the removable hypoallergenic bamboo cover.

The angle on the wedge is perfect to slide under your growing belly if you’re a side sleeper or tuck it between your knees to help keep your spine and hips aligned. You can also use this wedge to elevate your feet as you near the end of your pregnancy when those swollen feet start ailing you. After pregnancy the angled wedge would also be perfect to slide under your elbow as you cradle your new baby while feeding. You can also bend the flexi pillow to support your neck so you and your baby are relaxing nicely during feeds. I have always fully supported the belief that moms need to rest while the baby rests, that way you can be fully present and a little bit less exhausted when your baby is wide eyed and bushy tailed.

Final Thoughts

All three of these pillows have so many uses that they’ll not only get you through your pregnancy in comfort, but also keep you and your baby comfortable at bedtime, during feedings or just when you’re enjoying some snuggle time. There is definitely a reason that maternity pillows are available in different shapes and sizes and that’s because your standard pillow is rather large and rectangular and doesn’t mould to your body or easily fit where you need it to.

These Baby Works pillows are easy to shop for at, and the best part is you can shop from home online with your feet up and your latest food craving right beside you to snack on. The quick and free shipping on anything over 35$ and easy returns are also a bonus.


Lindsey Reed
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  1. I’ve just received mine from The Bay and the pillowis so flat compared to yours. It’s the exact same pillow model 29325. How did you get you pillow so fluffy and firm?

  2. Many pregnancy pillows are made of memory foam and this combined with the different shapes makes them easy to shape to fit where you would like them for your personal comfort. By far the 3-in 1 Pillow with Bamboo Cover is an amazing buy. It is so comfortable to sleep with and I love that it runs the whole length of your body so you can rest your head, place it between your knees, and once your bump starts to grow it will prop it up if you’re a side sleeper. It’s so comfortable you’ll probably want to continue using it after you have your little one too. Congrats and enjoy your pregnancy.

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    I was going through the reviews above and checked the prices on Amazon. I can’t help but ask, what’s so special about these pillows? How different are they from the “normal” pillows. I am three weeks pregnant, and I am yet to be convinced why I should get a pregnancy pillow.

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