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Summertime is beach time for Canadians who, in many provinces, only have a few short months to soak up the sun before the cooler temperatures and snow return. There are plenty of beaches throughout Canada that are worth visiting during the warmer months. Whether you’re enjoying a beach day at home or visiting beaches in another country anytime of the year, there are plenty of tech items worth packing for outdoor living and sports and recreation fun along with the sunscreen, towels, bathing suits, and sun hats.

While theoretically, a beach day should also be a day to disconnect from technology, some tech gear is worth bringing with you for a variety of reasons.

Tech for entertainment on the beach

JBL Xtreme portable Bluetooth speaker with people in pool.

Some people love the beach for the quiet sounds of the waves splashing against the shore, birds chirping, and kids’ laughter. But sometimes, you might want a bit of background music, particularly if you have set up an area for a large group. A portable Bluetooth speaker is the obvious choice here, but make sure that you get a rugged, waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker that offers long battery life and seamless controls. Pair it to your phone and enjoy a beach-themed playlist or let others pair, too and take turns at being DJ for the day.

Man sitting on his phone at the beach with a solar powered battery.

Don’t forget to bring along a portable battery bank for your phone since streaming tunes for hours on end will drain the battery more quickly than usual. If you plan to spend an entire day at the beach, well into the night (maybe to watch fireworks?) consider opting for a solar portable power bank that will gain a charge from the sun and keep all your devices powered even longer.

If you simply want to enjoy a siesta while listening to calming music or a podcast without disturbing others, bring along a pair of sport-friendly true wireless earbuds. Get a pair with a good waterproof rating so you don’t have to worry if they get splashed or if you touch them after coming back from the water.

Scuba diver with underwater scooter.

It’s not all about R&R, though. You also want to have tons of fun! Bring along items like an underwater scooter so you can zoom in the water and enjoy water games while also capturing memories with a mounted waterproof action camera.

Kids in a floatie in the water.

For something simpler, don’t forget an inflatable floatie, with plenty of options from which to choose that are ideal for both kids and adults. These are especially useful for babies so they can safely enjoy the water without parents or caregivers having to hold them up the entire time. They can scale waves and have a blast while safely in their own comfortable seat they can splash from.

There are plenty of other pool toys worth considering that are perfect for the beach as well, including an inflatable beach ball, sand pail with accessories, and water discs.

Tech for beach relaxation and comfort

Koba Libre ereader in waterI love immersing myself in a good book while relaxing on a lounge chair or towel on the beach. But if you plan to flip from wading and swimming in the water to playing with the kids in the sand and taking some time to yourself, a paperback book can easily get ruined by moisture and sand within its crevices. This is why an eReader is the perfect item to pack in your beach bag. Get one that is fully waterproof and has adjustable light and font so it’s easy to read in direct sunlight. Load it up with a selection of eBooks and read to your heart’s content with the ability to rinse or wipe it clean when you’re done.

I recently invested in a small pop-up portable beach tent/sun shelter, and it’s a wonderful addition to the items we bring along to the beach. It collapses and folds neatly into a zippered carry case with a handle. Unzip and it creates a shelter for shading you from the sun, sitting, or even storing personal belongings. There are also canopies if you want something simple for overhead shade, including family-sized ones to accommodate more than two people.

Outsunny beach tent with couple on the beach.

While you might be most interested in laying on a towel and working on your tan or being up and about playing beach volleyball, making sandcastles, and enjoying the water, having a beach chair when you need to take a load off is useful. Folding chairs that collapse and come with carry bags are ideal, and some even recline so you can truly relax.

woman lounging on a reclining beach chair.

Tech for eating and drinking

If the beach will allow it, bring along your own portable grill and propane tank to cook up burgers and hot dogs stored in a cooler. There are small grilles you can easily place atop a picnic table and have it heated up in no time. Make delicious lunch for everyone so you don’t need to buy something at a snack stand or leave your spot to grab food.

Char-Broil portable grille.

Speaking of which, don’t forget a cooler for both meats and vegetables you might want to cook on a grill as well as to keep snacks fresh, like fruit and cold sandwiches, as well as drinks chilled. You can go high-tech with an electric one that can stay plugged into the car to keep its thermoelectric fridge interior cold. Some can even heat up to keep cooked foods Ivation electric coolerhot if desired as well. This is a great option if the beach is a long drive away and you plan to unpack and eat right when you arrive.

It’s important to stay hydrated as well, so bring along a good water bottle that can keep water icy cold to quench your thirst. Some of the latest high-tech water bottles include features like self-cleaning through the inclusion of UV-C LED light to help eliminate bacteria and provide fully purified water. Recharging via microUSB, you can even use the portable power bank you brought along to keep it recharged as needed.

Bottom line

A visit to the beach is about connecting with family and shutting down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But there are tech items worth bringing along to help you enjoy the experience even more, whether it’s through music, entertainment, or food. After all, these are three things known to bring people together, too.

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