Bestway above ground pool Staying cool during those long hot days of summer is so important for all ages. One way to ensure you and those you love don’t end up overheating is to have a backyard pool. There are many options when it comes to choosing an above ground pool for your backyard, and today I’m looking at some popular ones as well as all the things to consider when installing one in your backyard.

Choosing the right size above ground pool

inflatable above ground poolIf you’re wanting the convenience of taking a cool dip whenever you please, then an above ground pool in your backyard is the answer. All backyards aren’t created equal, and I love that there’s a variety of sizes to choose from so you can easily find one to fit your space. You’ll want to take a good look at your yard space and think about how much real estate you want to give up for a pool. If you have grass, also take into consideration that the grass where you install your pool will die. If this pool will be a more permanent structure, then you may want to put down a sand base or decking for the pool. Not only will the right base for your pool make it more durable long term, but a nice deck around your pool is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Once you’ve figured how much space you have available to give up for the pool, you’ll want to think about how many people will be using the pool on a regular basis as this will play a key role in the size you need as well. Once you’ve chosen the perfect size pool, you’ll then need to choose between an inflatable soft sided pool or a hard sided pool. Inflatable pools are great for temporary use such as the summer season or even just part of the summer and then you can store it for winter. They are quick to install and take-down and won’t take up too much storage space for the remainder of the year if packed up properly. The con with a soft sided pool is that they may leak or get holes easier and need some patching.

above ground poolHard sided pools take considerably more effort to install but with the right care and maintenance they can last for many years. They are typically made of steel or aluminum with a vinyl liner and pump system. You can use a ladder for entering and exiting or if you’re going to make it a more permanent structure, you can build a beautiful deck to surround it. You’ll also want to make sure you have the right base for it as any uneven ground or improper base may cause damage or unnecessary wear and tear over time.

Both the inflatable soft sided and hard sided above ground pools come in a variety of sizes and it will be easy enough to find the right one for your family. With any above ground pool using a pump and filter system, you’ll need to install it near an outlet that can support the pump requirements.

Safety first

above ground pool with coverAs with any source of water in your backyard, your pool should have a childproof water safety feature such as a gate with lock and/or a safety pool cover. Not only will a safety cover keep out unwanted dirt and debris but most importantly, it will keep kids, pets, and wildlife safe. Keep in mind that any fencing you install around your pool should have vertical slats, not horizontal as they can easily be shimmied up by little mountaineers.

Another safety precaution is to make sure the pool’s ladder, or any climbing structure for that matter, is not in the pool or near the pool where a child can access it. For hard sided pools, you can purchase and install safety fencing that attaches to the pool’s support posts.

With all the technology available these days, you may also choose to purchase alarms for your doors or gates leading to the pool area. The above safety features are great ways to protect from any accidents, but I also think it’s important that anyone using a pool knows how to swim and should be educated on pool safety as well.

Lastly, one tip I learned through reading about above ground pools that is worth mentioning is to not place your pool under overhead power lines. I would never have even thought of this safety issue myself, but of course it makes absolute sense.

Care and maintenance of your above ground pool

above ground pool pump and filterWith proper care and maintenance and the right pool accessories, above ground pools can last many years. Years ago, when my boys were younger, we had an above ground pool that has since been passed onto my nephew. Minus a few small patch jobs over the years, he’s still enjoying it every summer. For us, the ways we kept it in good condition was to always set it up on a flat surface to avoid any unnecessary strains on the pool structure. It’s also important that you pack and store it correctly over the winter and fall months when not in use. The key rule here is to make sure it’s completely dry before folding and storing it.

Any above ground pool you set up for the summer is also going to need a filter and pump as well as chlorine. The filter and pump are important to keep out bugs, dirt, and debris but they also help evenly distribute any pool chemicals you use. Without the above maintenance tools, you’ll notice your clean and clear pool water will turn green and slimy very quickly.

Last of all, you may also want to consider having a safety escape for any critters or wildlife that happen to find their way into your pool. If they can’t get themselves out of the water, it will at least give them a safe place to rest until a human comes to their rescue.

With the summer heat, now is a great time to look at Best Buy online for a selection of above ground pools and accessories.

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