Fancy a swim? If the early Summer heat has you down and discouraged, why not take advantage of it instead by hitting the beach or poolside and enjoying the wonderfully cooling effects of a good dose of water? And I don’t mean drinking it either! Today we’re looking at some excellent items from the world of Water Sports and Boating that are sure to have you enjoying the great outdoors and the wonderful weather this Summer! Join me for a look at items for the beach, items for the pool, and items that are sure to put a smile on your face whenever you get the chance to use them. Let’s get started!


Summer Fun On the Water

First up is the Costway 6′ Surfboard, which is a slick looking surfboard that has everything you’ll need to ride the waves this Summer. Although it does have a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds (sorry me, you don’t make the cut!), what it does have going for it is an EPE deck, an EPS core, and a slick HDPE high speed bottom with removable shark fins. It also features a leash and traction pad to help you to stay on board and prevent you from losing track of the board when you don’t.

This board weighs only 10 pounds and has dimensions of 72 inches long by 20.5 wide and just 2 thick, meaning it’s the perfect size for teens and adults that don’t go over the weight limit. It’s also easy to carry around and transport to and from the beach, making it an attractive option whether you live right on the beach or several miles away. If the design and colour scheme of this particular board don’t quite speak to you, there are plenty of other Surfboards available at Best Buy that you may choose from instead.


Or, perhaps fishing is more your speed? If so, another cool item is the Aqua Marina Classic 9.8 ft. Inflatable Fishing Boat.

This lightweight boat (it weighs just 37.5 pounds) is the ideal vehicle for passing a hot summer day. As a 2 person craft, it will comfortably and efficiently accommodate you and a friend as you attempt to reel in the catch of the day. Measuring just under 10 feet in length and 4 and a half feet in width, it’s also roomy enough for its included bench seat, oars, and the fish you’re sure to catch.

On the convenience side of the ledger, this boat comes with an 11 inch foot pump and has built-in oar and fishing rod holders, as well as a number of other impressive features (like being designed to be used with a small gas or electric motor, although you will have to supply that yourself if you prefer not to row).

It’s also made to last from sturdy materials like reinforced PVC fabric, so whether you’re an enthusiastic fisherman or merely a novice looking to have a fun day on the water, this may well be the inflatable boat for you, though several additional Inflatable Boats are available at the preceding link.


Then again, if you’re not really into fishing, you can still have fun on the water in an inflatable kayak like the one shown below. It’s the 1-Person Inflatable Canoe Boat Kayak Set W/Aluminum Alloy Oar & Hand Pump, and it’s another great way to hit the water this Summer.

Featuring an inflatable (and adjustable) seat and backrest, this easy to use kayak weighs just 18 pounds and can handle a maximum weight load of 176 pounds (sadly making it perfect for those that are much lighter than me). Oh well!

In any case, its streamlined design and V-shaped bow make it easy to gather impressive speeds as you paddle your way to fun and freedom on the open water. What’s more, built-in safety features (like its 3 independent blowholes) provide peace of mind as they reduce the risk of incidents and accidents. It also features a double-ended paddle and one hand pump for added convenience. Additional Kayaks (including those designed for use by 2 people) are also available at Best Buy.


When going on or around the water in a boat, it’s very important to always use a lifejacket, so we couldn’t possibly discuss all of these boats and kayaks without at least mentioning something like the Mustang Survival Nylon Water Sport Vest.

This vest is sure to keep you safe as you enjoy life on the water this Summer. It is lightweight, comfortable, and comes in a variety of sizes (as can be found by visiting the Life Jackets & PFDs page at Best Buy Canada). This life vest is made from high quality nylon, and it features soft PVC foam for added comfort. It also looks cool, meaning there’s no reason to ever feel conspicuous when wearing it. In fact, wearers should feel extra smart since they’re wise enough to be taking the proper precautions for having water-based Summer fun!


Of course, maybe you prefer to relax rather than row on the water this Summer? If that is the case, then you might want to consider something like this Swimline Sunchaser Sling Inflatable Pool Float instead of a boat.

Great for the pool or the beach, this sturdy and comfortable float will have you soaking up the sun for hours on end as you sip on delicious umbrella drinks that are held into place by the built-in cupholders in its molded pontoon armrests.

Made from comfortable woven textilene fabric and perfect for users ages 12 and up, this float is great for tanning, reading, or just plain relaxing. It also just happens to be arriving at Best Buy just in time for the height of Summer. Order yours now or check out these other Water Floats, Water Tubes, & Towables that are also available—there’s pretty much something for water lovers of every age.

And that’s where I think we’ll leave off. Hopefully by now you’re well equipped with great ideas for how to enjoy the water this Summer. One final thought, though, is to check out Best Buy’s selection of Swimming Goggles & Diving Masks if you’re still looking for a few more ideas. There’s some pretty cool stuff there as well to help you with your Summer water fun. Just remember to always protect yourself with sunblock and Sunglasses, and you’re sure to have a great time. Have fun!


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