swimming pool this summerSummer is just around the corner and temperatures are finally reaching the 20’s. That’s a big deal after a winter where some parts of Canada still had snow in April.

People are finally able to head outside to assess what needs to be fixed up after winter and start to think about what they’d like to have around to beat the heat this summer. It might be hard to imagine with a chill still in the air, but this is the perfect time to start thinking about whether or not you’re going to buy a swimming pool or hot tub.

Did you know you can buy a swimming pool online and have it delivered right to your door? That’s a huge convenience when you know you’ll struggle to put a massive swimming pool box in the back of your minivan (I can attest that this is a serious challenge). Even better? You can do the exact same thing with a hot tub.

If you’re going to buy a swimming pool or hot tub this year, here’s a look at a few options you can find right now online at Bestbuy.ca.

Buy a swimming pool fit for a crowd

buy a swimming pool this summer If you have kids you know how much they love to swim when the weather gets hot. I’ve brought home a few above ground pools for my kids over the years, and I’ve come to the conclusion that a 15 foot pool is the perfect size for my kids, the neighbors, and anyone else who drops over.

Take the Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Pool for example:  at 48 inches deep it’s not overwhelming for little swimmers, and the 15-foot round circumference is wide enough to hold everyone. Made with PVC walls and a rust-resistant steel frame, it’s built to stand up to your summer and fold up easily for the winter.

If you’d like something a bit bigger, you can find models up to 33 feet wide. That’s large enough to swim laps in.

Enjoy hot summer nights in the hot tub

Mspa inflatable hot tubImagine a cool summer evening. The patio lights are on and the tiki torches are lit. You’ve been mowing grass all day and you want to relax that kink in your back. How do you do it? You take a long, relaxing dip in your hot tub.

Whether you want to ease sore muscles because you’ve been working out all summer or you love having a cocktail or two with friends while having a long, hot soak, a hot tub is never a bad idea. If you want a hot tub without committing to a large model, check out the Mspa.

It’s an inflatable hot tub available in a variety of sizes, has a digital control panel and water jets, and it installs in minutes. The water gets to a toasty 40°C, and there’s room for friends too.

Add a few pool accessories

pool & spa accessories If you already have a pool or you want to make sure you’re stocked up on everything you’d want to use in your pool, take a look at pool & spa accessories. From inflatable flamingos to pool noodles and steps for above ground pools, you’ll find it online and can have it delivered right to your door.


Those are just a few options you can choose if you’re going to get into the swim this summer. Check out all of the swimming pools, inflatable hot tubs, or pool accessories on Best Buy and prepare for your best summer yet.

Shelly Wutke
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