No one, save for a very enthusiastic school spirit team, does back-to-school season like Herschel. This iconic backpack company creates reliable laptop sleeves, backpacks, and messenger bags. I always tell people to opt for Herschel for basics done well: really sleek silhouettes, unbelievably cushy linings, and a stellar choice of prints and textiles that never go out of style. Picking up a Herschel bag is a great way to start or finish the school year, and these bags will carry you through the summer months and post-grad season just as well.

Must-have laptop sleeves from Herschel


If you’re putting together a back-to-school kit, laptop bags are a great starting point. Once you or your kid ages up into paper-writing years, chances are they’ll need a laptop—either in the classroom or for homework. Many bags and backpacks have dedicated laptop pockets, but laptop sleeves offer an additional layer of coverage. They can slide into a laptop pocket but they’re also great for carrying a laptop solo or (gently) tossing it into a different bag. (The last thing you want to do is replace a pricey laptop because your kid decided to carry a different bag on their summer holiday!)

Herschel offers three different styles of laptop sleeves, each available in different colours and prints. The classic Herschel Heritage is my favourite. Heritage sleeves come in canvas with an easily-recognizable diamond-shaped lash tab on the outside. They’re fully lined in gorgeously soft, velvety padding and zip shut with contrasting detailing on the inside.

Herschel Anchor sleeve is very similar to the Heritage. Anchor sleeves are functionally the same shape as Heritage sleeves, but instead of being made in canvas they’re made in polyester. (The Anchors are where you’ll find Herschel’s fun prints alongside their many lovely solids.) Best Buy carries the most varied size range in the Anchor sleeve, so start there if you have a smaller-than-average device.

Herschel Heritage sleeve

Finally, Herschel Spokane laptop sleeves have a fold-over top with a magnetic closure. I really love that these are a part of the Herschel line—I personally prefer the security of a zippered closure, but it’s great that Herschel offers something without one. They provide a different aesthetic, but they’re also great for people with physical conditions that might make using zippers more difficult than using magnetic snaps.

Herschel Gibson messenger bag

Messenger bags for back to school

If you’re the type to carry the same bag every day, Hershel’s Gibson laptop messenger bag is an awesome go-to. Available in two finishes (solid black and a grey crosshatch), the Gibson messenger bag is a Herschel staple. Forget everything you expect from a messenger bag if you’re buying the Gibson: it’s the perfect everyday bag.

There are two things that make the Gibson a very unique messenger bag. The first is its size. It’s a really roomy satchel, with space for a laptop up to 15.6″ and plenty of accessories, too. You can easily fit your lunch, files, or even a couple of books into this bag along with your laptop. There’s a large, zippered front pocket on the front of the bag with a built-in organizer and ample padding to keep your tech safe.

The second feature of the Gibson is its handles. There are a lot of them, and they’re what make this bag such a great buy. You can carry the Gibson in your hand, on one shoulder, across your torso, on a piece of luggage (it has a built-in trolley sleeve), or as a backpack.

Now, I love a multi-use convertible piece. Hand me a dress that can also be a top and a skirt and I’m there. But you don’t see this true multi-way design very often in bags, which I think is what helped to make the Herschel Gibson such a popular product. Sure, you’re carrying the same bag every day: But are you really?

The best back to school backpacks

If you want a true backpack, Herschel also has something (non-convertible) for that. While convertible bags and laptop sleeves are great, sometimes you just want something that’s going to hold a lot of stuff. Like, a lot a lot of stuff. And as we all know, nothing does that better than a backpack.

Herschel Classic XL Backpack

The Herschel Classic XL and Pop Quiz Backpacks are two great choices for commuters and students. These roomy backpacks are generously sized and carefully lined. Best Buy will carry four colours in each style: try the Classic XL for a super roomy (30 L) bag with side pockets or opt for the Pop Quiz (22 L) as your “upgrade pick.” The Pop Quiz is smaller, but it adds a handy top zippered pocket for items like sunglasses as well as fleece lining to the laptop pocket so you don’t have to use a separate padded sleeve—perfect as a back to school backpack…

But equally great for summertime shenanigans.

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