Bulova watch contest graduationWhether it’s from high school, college, or university, graduating is a big deal. As the next major step into adulthood for young adults, it opens an exciting world full of possibilities. This makes graduation an important time to commemorate, and what better way than with a special gift? Best Buy has a large selection of watches, including ones from the iconic brand Bulova. And if you enter this contest, you have chance to win a Bulova watch that will be the perfect gift for a graduating student.

A watch will be a treasured graduation gift

Bulova women's watch
Bulova Classic Women’s Watch

Watches have long been a traditional graduation gift, and even with the pervasiveness of the cellphone, watches have remained a popular accessory. A watch is a finishing touch that exudes both professionalism and a personal style. People also tend to wear their watches every day, so they become sentimental and meaningful to the wearer.

Personally, two of my favourite jewelry pieces are watches. When I graduated from university my parents had my grandfather’s watch fixed up for me. I cried happy tears when I received, not only because it showed how proud my parents were, but also because wearing the watch made me feel connected to my grandfather. A few years later, one of my sisters gave me a designer watch for Christmas, and it made me feel mature to wear an elegant watch. Both watches are precious to me because they represent my personal development and my family’s love. I am always proud when I wear one of them.                

A Bulova watch is a graduation gift they won’t forget

A grad gift should be something that the recipient will be as happy with at 18 as they will be at 35.  It’s no mistake, then, that the watches featured in this contest are from the Bulova Classic Collection. With ageless, sophisticated designs, these Bulova watches are ideal for gift-giving.

Bulova Men's Watch
Bulova Classic Men’s Watch

The watches featured in this contest use Quartz movements, which are known for their accurate timekeeping and simple, minimal maintenance, making them perfect for the busy professional or student. Likewise, both watches are water-resistant to 30m and crafted from stainless steel, so they can stand up to daily wear and will continue looking good through the years. I also particularly love the understated but eye-catching monochromatic colour scheme of each watch.

But beyond their physical features, watches, especially those given to grads, are more than just jewelry. They are symbols of growth and maturity, and they are a sign that you, the gift-giver, acknowledge the accomplishments of the recipient. That’s why a watch becomes so special to the wearer. So, when you’re gift shopping for the soon-to-be grad in your life, consider a Bulova watch.


Entering this contest will only a minute of your time, but you can only enter once. To enter, take a look online at the Bulova Classic 43mm Men’s Analog Sport Watch and the Bulova Classic 37mm Women’s Analog Dress Watch and tell us in a comment below why one of these watches would be a great gift for the grad in your life.


At the end of this contest we will randomly choose 2 winners from all eligible entries. One person will win the Bulova Classic 43mm Men’s Analog Sport Watch and one person will win the Bulova Classic 37mm Women’s Analog Dress Watch.

This contest runs from May 30th until June 11th. 

Remember you can only enter this contest once. However, I bet you have family members, friends, and coworkers, that know a student about to graduate and would love a chance to give them a Bulova watch. So share this contest!

Enter for a chance to win a watch for the special grad in your life rules and regulations

We frequently have many contests running at Best Buy so check out the “contests in progress” page for more great contests to enter.
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  1. I am very happy to announce the winners of this Bulova watch contest:

    Anna N. – Vancouver, BC
    Sharon D. – Regina, SK

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  2. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

  3. The Bulova Classic 37mm Women’s Analog Dress Watch wpuld a very nice watch for my daughter who is graduating college this year why is because it’s a classy but elegant watch and would be long lasting.

  4. My daughter, Goldie is graduating. I’d love to give her the Bulova Classic 37mm Women’s Analog Dress Watch.

  5. The women’s watch would be amazing for my daughter, so she knows what time she has to be home at! Thanks for the chance!

  6. A watch is such a classic gift. I still have the one my parents gave me for a special birthday. I’d love the Women’s Dress watch – would be perfect for a friend graduating this year.

  7. The mens watch would be perfect for my nephew because he loves shiny things and it would last him

  8. The Ladies Bulova Classic 37mm Analog watch would be wear for the grad in our life. She would really be thrilled to wear this & it would help her stay on track, time wise as she starts off on her career.

  9. My son is Graduating this month, this would be an amazing gift because of how stylish they are and the quality is excellent.

  10. I have a step daughter with JRA and is always in pain. This would make her day after going to college. Even through all the pain and still got up to follow her dreams shes an inspiration to me. I would love her to win this watch for her accomplishments.

  11. The Bulova Classic 37mm Women’s Analog Dress Watch would be great for my best friend. We’re all recent university graduates.

  12. the bulova classic women’s watch would make such a nice (and well deserved) gift for my classy mom!

  13. Bulova Classic 37mm Women’s Analog Dress Watch would be a perfect gift for my sister’s grad

  14. Bulova Classic Mens watch would be perfect for my husband. it is our 38 year wedding anniversary on june 18. he deserves it. he is kind and always puts his family first

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