Herschel hard side luggage rollers

The holidays are a great time to treat your loved one to sleek new travel and personal grooming gifts for him and her. From stylish luggage pieces to easy-to-use hair dryers and clippers, these gifts are a great way to elevate intimate, routine experiences.

The best personal grooming gifts for him and her

Personal grooming gifts can be hard to buy for someone else. When you get it right, however, you can get it really right. After all, what’s a better way to upgrade someone’s lifestyle than to give them a more luxurious version of something that they use all the time?

Philips Sonicare Prestige Toothbrush comparison

One of my favourite Christmas presents from my parents was my very first electric toothbrush. To this day, there have been few gifts that have changed my daily routine more! I have sensitive teeth and gums, so I’m pretty enthusiastic about my Philips Sonicare allegiance. The line offers everything from the compact, budget-friendly Sonicare One that I’ve reviewed on the Best Buy Blog to luxury models with smartphone compatibility like the one in this review, so there’s sure to be something eye-catching for everyone.

Another great option in the personal grooming gifts for him and her category is a new electric shaver or hair tool. These simple items are hard to go wrong with, but upgrading to a slightly fancier model can totally change the user’s at-home experience. My fellow Best Buy writer Leo has reviewed this five-blade Panasonic cordless wet/dry shaver in the past and loved its close, nick-free results. For a live-in partner, a personal grooming gift can also be a great way to upgrade your bathroom experience—you get the chance to upgrade an old-looking countertop appliance with something new and shiny!

For those with longer or fuller hair, the Dyson line is always a popular gift during the holidays. It’s easy to see why: each of their hair tools is gorgeous and delivers amazing results, as I found out while writing this Dyson Airwrap Complete review.

Dyson Corrale

Health and wellness gifts for rest and relaxation

Theragun Elite Bluetooth Handheld Percussive Massage DeviceThe holidays are a busy time of year for everyone—so why not give the gift of relaxation? Massagers like the classic Theragun are a standard item on every “best of” gift list. It’s easy to see why, with their multiple functions and effective design.

Gifts that are made to help your recipient relax, wind down, or feel better are great because they’re typically ready to go right out of the box. So, after a long night of hosting, dining, or calling mom and dad back at home, your gift recipient can pop open their new gift and use it to wind down that very night.

Vibrational, heated, and percussive massager also make an excellently-timed gift during the holiday season. With New Year’s resolution time just around the corner, they’re the perfect tool to help massage your muscles as you get back to work or the gym.

The best travel gifts for him and her

Do you know someone who’s always jetting off to the newest hot destination? Or—more practically—someone who’s always flying for work? Travel gifts are a great way to add a touch of simplicity and luxury to your loved one’s travels. Whether the gift you pick out is large or small, it’s always comforting to take something from a loved one with you when you’re on the go.

Herschel Supply Co. Tech Novel 16 Duffle Bag - Raven CrosshatchLook at small items like travel adapters and TSA-friendly locks for someone who’s already all kitted out to travel, or opt for something larger like a stylish new piece of luggage to take on the plane.

I love recommending Herschel bags for him and her as travel gifts—they’re well-made, well-priced, and super stylish. The brand’s hard-shell bags are incredibly sleek and maneuverable. They offer a split-design interior, four 360-degree wheels, and an inset TSA-friendly locking system built in. For something smaller, Herschel tech bags and sleeves have a soft, plush interior that’ll keep your more fragile items super safe in transit, and their duffel bags and travel backpacks offer custom-feel features such as key clips and shoe compartments. I’ve reviewed Herschel laptop sleeves on the Best Buy Blog before, and loved their extra-thick lining.

To make their trip even more enjoyable, consider upgrading your gift recipient’s headphones this holiday season. This is a great option if you have family or friends flying in for the holidays: in-ear headphones are very small, making it them easy to bring back home.

Opt for something with sound isolation for those noisy plane rides. For those coming from further away, in-ear headphones with a battery case are another great choice. Many cases pack an extra two charges, making them ideal for international flights and layovers!

His & hers matching gift sets

TUMI Province SLG Leather Luggage Tag - BlueNot everyone loves a matching gift, but I do. For partners in love, what could be cuter than matching holiday presents to sit side-by-side in your home?

When it comes to matching travel and personal grooming gifts for him and her, I love the aesthetic of coordinated gifts with slightly different features or colours. Picture this: two his & his electric shavers by the sink, one corded (for the partner who always forgets to charge their devices) and one cordless (for the partner who always half-shaves at the sink and half-shaves in the shower). Or, for the travellers whose kids just left the nest, his & hers matching luggage tags to join them on all of the adventures that they’re about to have.

My own parents travel with a matching luggage set, which I’ve always thought was super cute. They bought it as a little upgrade for themselves, and it’s a lovely, sleek, silver set of hard-shell luggage with 360 degree wheels. My dad travels a lot for work, and when my mom joins him, it’s usually only for a leg of his trip. So, when they travel together, he has a large or medium-sized piece of checked luggage, and she has the matching carry-on.

When they’re both home, their luggage pieces store together in the basement like little nesting dolls. It’s beyond cute—and just the perfect gift idea for a couple who loves to travel together. Not only are items like travel accessories and personal grooming products a great gift for him or a great gift for her, but they’re a great gift for them as a pair.

Shop travel and personal grooming gifts for him and her online at Best Buy today.


  1. Yes, a new Sonicare would be highly appreciated since my current one is coming up to its 20th birthday. The electric razor would also be an asset to properly trim my ever growing beard, The rest of the items, my lady companion would surely find useful. Thank you for considering me entry.


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