Philips 9900 Sonicare toothbrush contest feature imagePhilips Sonicare Prestige Electric Toothbrush can do wonders for your teeth. I’ve learned that happier, cleaner teeth lead to a healthier life, from making sure that you chew your food properly to helping you win hearts with your big smile. If left without the proper care, they will come back to you with a myriad of dental problems you’ll surely regret. That’s why it’s important to use a great toothbrush to give your teeth the right clean. Read about my experience switching to an electric toothbrush then enter for a chance to win the amazing new 9900 Prestige from Philips.

Why an electric toothbrush?

Has your dentist ever asked you what type of toothbrush you’re using at home? (I know mine has.) And, I don’t think it’s because dentists have no idea what toothbrush you’re using—believe me they can tell! As soon as you sit on the dental chair and open your mouth, they can see how well you take care of your teeth. So, if your dentist has asked you that question, perhaps you’re not giving your teeth the right clean. Your teeth might be begging your dentist for help.

When I made the switch from using a manual to an electric toothbrush, I saw a big difference in the way I do my regular brushing. Using an electric toothbrush makes regular brushing fun and easy. With its vibrating bristle, the brush head easily slides through hard-to-reach areas, providing you an exceptionally thorough clean without the strain in your hand. I also noticed that each time I visit my dentist for my regular cleaning, the procedure isn’t as lengthy and excruciating as before when I was still using a manual toothbrush. Plus, he stopped asking me what toothbrush I’m using. That’s when I truly realized I’m giving my teeth the proper clean. You’ll notice it too!

Why Sonicare 9900 Prestige?

Sonicare 9900 Prestige is not just your ordinary electric toothbrush. It is the Philips’ most advanced and sophisticated toothbrush. Its SenseIQ technology personalizes your brushing experience to ensure a complete and healthier clean. Using the Philips Sonicare app, you can keep track of your brushing data and learn more features, so you can stay on top of your dental care. That’s definitely dental care to the next level!

We sent one of our bloggers a sample of the Sonicare 9900 to test and share her honest feedback. Read Rae’s review to learn more about this amazing toothbrush and enter the contest for a chance to win one.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below this article, tell us which of the three colours available is your favourite and which of this toothbrush’s features you find most useful and tell us why. You can find the available colours and features in Sonicare 9900 Prestige Electric Toothbrush product page, under the More Information tab.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select two winners from all eligible entries to win a Philips Sonicare Prestige Electric Toothbrush.

This contest runs from July 12th to July 26th.

Remember, you can only enter once below this article. However, if you have a friend or family member who wants happier dental visits (and likely less costly ones too!) then share this contest with them so they too can have a chance to win.

Win a Philips Sonicare 9900 Toothbrush Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck!


  1. I like champagne colour. I like the SenseIQ technology, it learns your brushing style and adapts to it to deliver an incredibly thorough clean.

  2. All the colours look great. If I had to choose one though, I’d want the Champagne color. It’s just a clean, yet pretty look. I recently went to my dentist and she recommended an electric brush for my sensitive teeth. What I like about the Phillips Sonicare 9900 Prestige is that it has the highest level of tech for your teeth. The Sense IQ is unique and innovative, and is a great way to maintain healthy teeth and gums

  3. My favorite is blue and the feature I like most is “Rechargeable lithium-ion battery”. Thanks

  4. I love the champagne colour and I also like that it has 4 brushing modes. I also think its cool that it can sense when you are brushing too hard and adjust the intensity.

  5. I’d go for pink just to have it stand out! the SenseIQ technology sounds great for deep-down cleaning of my teeth.

  6. I love the Midnight Blue and the feature I like best is the SenseIQ technology because it ensures that my teeth get a thorough clean.

  7. The midnight blue. The SenseelQ Technology to track a clean well done job on my brushing.

  8. I would go with the midnight blue color and I’m particularly interested by the four brushing modes, as mine has a single brushing mode, and the mode is a little bit too rough for my taste.

  9. The Midnight Black one is the best and I’m most interested in using the SenseIQ to learn and help my brushing patterns

  10. Deifntely love the midnight blue and the SenseIQ technology that adapts and creates the best user experience is incredible!

  11. I would choose the Midnight Blue as it goes great with the colour of our bathroom, I like all the features but most useful for me is the SenseIQ technology as it gives a thorough clean.

  12. I love the champagne color and I’d be excited to try this brush because it looks and sounds very fancy. I like that it has 4 different modes, wireless charging and it can learn your brushing style. That’s one very smart toothbrush!

  13. Champagne is the best colour! It would make me feel elegant and elite brushing my teeth!
    There is nothing better than a rechargeable and cordless toothbrush for busy mom’s (and dad’s) who are constantly on the go and may not have the luxury of standing 2 minutes by the sink.

  14. The Champagne color looks divine – also I love that it can massage the gums, as one brushes – as I sure need help in that area. Very great and useful prize to win. Thanks.

  15. Love the champagne colour and the SenseIQ technology, which will adapt to how you brush!!

  16. Champagne is my fave!! The sense IQ is my fave feature!! How crazy that it can adapt to your brushing style.

  17. I like the Champagne colour. I like the Sense IQ technology as it will adapt the pressure with my bad habit of aggressive brushing.

  18. Love the champagne colour!! The SenseIQ technology, which learns and adapts to the way one brushes, to ensure a complete clean, sounds like an amazing feature!

  19. My favourite colour is the champagne and I like the guided brushing feature because I have sensitive teeth.

  20. That would be perfect for me, because I just had an appointment with my dentist and she recommended for me an electric brush to use for my sensitive gum, and this brush do clean deep for gums that are up to 15x healthier in just two weeks, and a lot of benefits that it help my teeth, I would love to get it for the colour I like champagne if it’s possible thank you Best Buy

  21. I’m all in for the color Pink! Getting a deep clean is so important and the Sonicare 9900 can show you how to do that and more

  22. I like the champagne colour. It’s a different colour than most toothbrushes. The SenselQ technology sounds interesting. I like the idea of it being personalized, and any technology that helps get a good cleaning and keeps teeth and gums healthy is worth a try.

  23. Personally I like the pink, it’s sensitive to my personal brushing habits and isn’t too abrasive.

  24. The Midnight Blue, Champagne and Pink are all sleek and beautiful. I would choose the Midnight Blue and SenseIQ technology feature that customize to your brushing style would help to maintain my dental health.

  25. I love the champagne colour and how the SenseIQ technology learns and adapts to the way you brush to ensure a complete clean

  26. Oh my, I just love the champagne colour, I just recently had my teeth fixed and cleaned and my dentist told me an electric tooth brush would be best for me, so I was in the process of searching for one

  27. I like the pink. The SenseIQ technology, which learns and adapts to the way one brushes, to ensure a complete clean, sounds great!

  28. The Midnight Blue is my favorite. I really like the Sensel IQ because it learns and adapts to the way I brush, which will my teeth even cleaner. Thank you!

  29. Champagne colour is absolutely gorgeous and my choice and the SenselQ Tech personalized brushing would be the best!

  30. I would choose the Midnight Blue as it goes better with my décor, I like all the features but most useful for me is the SenseIQ technology as it gives a thorough clean.

  31. The Midnight Blue, Pink, and Champagne are all gorgeous! Since we have a black one and my husband would love to try this toothbrush out as well, I have to go with Champagne! Although the wireless charging is unique, my favorite feature is the SenseIQ technology! I love that it can track and adapt to your brushing style and also tell you if you missed a spot!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity and good luck everyone!!!

  32. So hard to choose. The pink colour is beautiful. It fits into any bathroom decor. Very Feminine looking. After brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush you will never go back to a manual toothbrush. You end up with a clean fresh feeling like you just left the dental office.

  33. I like the Midnight Blue colour and my favourite feature is the SenseIQ technologybecause it personalizes my brushing experience to ensure a complete and healthier clean

  34. The Champagne color is beautiful! I find the ability to track how often you brush and where you need to brush extremely useful because it’s helpful to track your teeth so, you maintain good hygiene, healthy teeth and gums!

  35. This toothbrush looks great -colour I would choose is Midnight Blue and the Sensel IQ technology would help my in between the teeth issue-Thanks for the chance

  36. The Midnight Black, Pink, and Champagne all look gorgeous, but since we have a black one already and my husband would want to try it out as well, I have to go with the Champagne! While the wireless charging is something unique but the SenseIQ technology feature where it can customize and adapt to your brushing style and show you where you’re missing or need more work wins it for me!

    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck everyone!!!

  37. The Champagne colour is beautiful! I also love that it adapts when you brush too hard and that it learns your brushing style. Smart toothbrushes for the win!

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