Withings products have become more and more feature-rich and creative over the years. At CES 2023, the company introduced its U-Scan device for doing your own urinalysis from home. Earlier this year, Withings introduced new version of its stylish ScanWatch smartwatches. At CES 2024, Withings is kicking things up a notch with the innovative BeamO multiscope. This innovative device could make at-home check-ups a real possibility.

What is the Withings BeamO?

Designed to complement telehealth visits, the BeamO multiscope functions and looks like a standard thermometer. Indeed, it can be used to take your temperature. But it can do much more as well. It combines traditional thermometer capabilities with an electrocardiogram, oximeter, and stethoscope. The idea is to allow people to measure these vitals at home while having a virtual check-up with the doctor. It wouldn’t replace an actual visit to a health care professional. But you can use BeamO to compile more data than you would normally and check in with a doctor at times when multiple in-person visits might not be feasible.

It works using sensors and light waves that interpret blood flow patterns and temperature along with acoustic information. On the sides are PPG and electrodes for taking a blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) measurement as well as heart rate readings through medical-grade ECG. All data is displayed on the colour LED display. The Withings Thermo smart thermometer has become a popular method for taking contactless temporal readings from babies and adults, alike. BeamO extends on the same sensor technology found in this model with the addition of a second-generation hotspot sensor. The new sensor offers a narrowed focal area for the infrared beam, which in turn increases the sensitivity of the scan. Thus, you’ll get more accurate readings even with variations in distance from the skin or movement.

As noted, BeamO even works as a stethoscope as well so patients can take a heart and lung reading with guidance from a doctor. They can use audio streaming to help ensure you position it correctly. It has a USB-C adapter so you can listen to the results through a pair of headphones as well as transfer and store this data in the app.

Along with simple check-ins, BeamO can help alert you of things like a fever or infection, can detect Afib (once FDA clearance is achieved), and other abnormal heart rate details.

Using the Withings App with BeamO

Use the Withings app, meanwhile, to keep track of health records over time for your own information as well as to show a doctor. If you have other Withings products, like a smart scale, the information is all stored in one place with advice and interpretations of what it all means. Share what medications you are taking as well and use the app to set alerts and reminders at when you need to take them. Additionally, you can log side effects, manage dosage, and more. You can even upload your family medical history, with the option to set up multiple family member profiles in the same app.

Check out the Withings products currently available at Best Buy. Keep in mind that the BeamO has not received Health Canada clearance, but it will be made available in the U.S., planned for summer 2024, following FDA clearance. Stay tuned for more details once we have had the chance to see a demo of the device in person at CES 2024.

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