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At any stage of life—be it as a new parent, retiree, student, or full-time employee—a lot of demands can come your way. From running errands and completing chores to scheduling appointments or meetings, and attending to the needs of family and friends, your plate is often full. Amidst these responsibilities, it’s not always easy to find time for self-care. This is why Best Buy Health Canada has created Best Buy Healthy Homes; to give you time back to take care of your own health and wellness needs. Learn how technology life solutions can support you and those you care about in this article.

What is Best Buy Health?

Best Buy Health is a team within Best Buy Canada that creates programs designed to support the health and wellness of all Canadians. Driven by the belief that technology can help anyone, at any age, and with any need, the Best Buy Health team finds technology solutions Canadians need to take care of themselves and others, while making sure they have the support to learn how to use the technology.

The two programs that Best Buy Health Canada has created are: Best Buy Digital Citizen, that helps you build your digital skills, and Best Buy Healthy Homes, which offers tech for you and those you care for.

Best Buy Healthy Homes: Life solutions that support your health and well-being

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Best Buy Healthy Homes offers solutions in the form of technology to support you and your loved ones. Technology can be overwhelming. With the myriad of devices available, understanding which ones are compatible and how they can be beneficial can be challenging. Yet, technology also has the potential to improve your life. Best Buy Healthy Homes aims to make it easier for you to find the tech you need by curating solutions that can support your health and well-being.

These solutions were not chosen at random. Over the years, the Best Buy Health team has worked with healthcare professionals, community leaders, and home care partners to learn about people’s needs. This research has led to the careful selection of specific solutions, designed to meet various needs at every stage of life. The selection includes high-tech solutions, low-tech devices and even no-tech tools, so anyone who needs support can find what works for them.

How can these solutions help?

The Best Buy Healthy Homes solutions serve different purposes, for different needs. Here are some of the categories that you can currently find online:

  • Recover at home: If you’ve recently had surgery or suffered an injury, figuring out how to aid your recovery can be stressful. Best Buy Healthy Homes provides solutions so you have what you need to support your healing after surgery or an injury, making it one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Observe and record your health: Health monitoring technology can help anyone at any age to keep track of important health measurements such as heart rate and blood pressure. Best Buy Homes offers a curated selection of tools like health trackers and monitors that can help you manage your health and fitness.
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Increase mobility: If you are looking for support getting around your home and community, Best Buy Homes also offers different mobility solutions to ensure you find something that meets your needs.

Make your home work for you: We spend a lot of time taking care of our homes, and we all could use a bit of assistance. Best Buy Homes curated a selection of devices to help with this, from home safety solutions to meal preparation tools. For example, small appliances like smart ovens can help you save time in the kitchen, without sacrificing a delicious meal, while robot vacuums and mops can do the cleaning for you to give you a break and allow more time for self-care.

Connect with others: Technology has made staying connected with friends and family easier than ever. Discover devices like tablets and smart displays that enable you to video call anyone, from anywhere. These smart devices also allow for virtual appointments with your doctor, work meetings, and social gatherings.

Stay active: Exercise is essential for both physical and mental health. Regular activity boosts cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, enhances flexibility, and elevates mood. To ensure everyone can stay active, there are solutions tailored for Pilates, Yoga, strength training, and cardio workouts.

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Add fun to your day: What is life without fun? If you’re seeking a break from daily demands, you can discover a variety of entertainment solutions. Fun means something different to everyone, which is why there’s a broad selection available, including video game consoles, smart home devices, and mindfulness technology.

Support new parents: Whether you’re preparing for your first child or know someone who is, there’s a myriad of essentials new parents need. The solutions for new parents were selected to ensure they have everything they need for themselves and their baby.

We all have different needs. Check out Best Buy Healthy Homes to learn more about life solutions available to support you and those around you.

Rachel Sturm
I am a Learning Specialist for Best Buy Health, living in Toronto. I ensure my writing is inclusive of everyone from all walks of life. In my spare time, I’ll often be reading a book, cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs, or golfing.


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