What’s it like to combine a Fitbit smartwatch or tracker with a desire for a healthy lifestyle? Perhaps you have a Fitbit and know the answer from personal experience. Perhaps you have always wanted a Fitbit so you could find out for yourself how much a difference a Fitbit will make for you. Perhaps you just read our new article about Fitbit and now you want to give one to your loved ones. This contest is for everyone who want to become more aware of their bodies and their fitness; enter this contest and you might win a new Fitbit Charge 4 fitness tracker with GPS, heart rate monitor, and many other amazing features!

Where should you start if you want to become more healthy

Many people want to live healthier but don’t know how to start. Perhaps you did start but couldn’t stay motivated day in and day out. I’m not going to tell you to get out there and train for a marathon. I will suggest before making a change to your lifestyle, get a proper assessment from your doctor. This is Canada after all and part of the benefits of our healthcare system is we can be proactive without spending a fortune.

And on the topic of being proactive, purchasing a Fitbit is a low-cost proactive way to advance your healthy lifestyle goals. Have you seen gym membership costs lately? Imagine having the benefits of a personalized fitness program right on your wrist. Now also imagine that included with that is a minute by minute record of every activity you do from taking a walk to mowing the lawn. It also records your heart rate! Perhaps the order of operations should be: get a Fitbit, have it record your heart rate for a few days, then visit the doctor and show him that data to help him understand how fit you are before you start exercising!

Stay motivate and stay on track with new features in the Fitbit app

What happens when you wear a Fitbit? Well, at first you might start to take a few extra steps in a day. Then you might set meaningful goals. Incrementally you see progress. It’s not magic; you still must do the work. But you’ll be aware of how much that work is paying off!

New features keep getting added to the Fitbit app too. For example, recently they added Active Zone Minutes which is designed to help you get the 150 minutes of exercise (or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise) each week recommended by the World Health Organization. To get Active Zone Minutes your heart rate needs to go up. How much? Leave that to the Fitbit on your wrist to calculate. It monitors every movement you make, whether it’s a quick vacuuming around the home or a jog around the block. It all adds up and you know how much it’s adding up right in the Fitbit app.

Learn more about Fitbit and the Fitbit app from this recent feature article. You’ll also learn about Fitbit Premium which gives you access to hundreds of workout videos designed to help you get the most from your Fitbit. You can begin your journey to a healthier you by purchasing one for yourself and by entering this contest for a change to win one.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can only enter once here below this article and once in a comment on the detailed feature Fitbit article I mentioned earlier. In a comment beneath this post or on the feature article, tell us which Fitbit is your favourite and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will select one eligible entry to win the new Fitbit Charge 4 shown at the top of this article.

This contest runs from July 17th until July 31st.

Remember you can enter once here in a comment and once in a comment on the feature article. And share this contest with family and friends that you think might want to become healthier.

Win a Fitbit Charge 4 Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.


  1. Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition 40mm Smartwatch – Amazon Alexa & Heart Rate Tracking – Navy. I like the way how it looks. Also, I need to loose some weight very soon so this would definitely motivate me to do so. I need major motivation to keep my weight under control.

  2. The Fitbit Charge 4; I would love to have a personalized health information tracker!! Friends have told me that the Fitbit really has helped them become more active, and to understand what activities are best for their bodies. I would also like to see my sleep data and hopefully it would help me to improve the quality of my sleep. Great contest, thanks!!

  3. I’d have to choose the Fitbit Charge 4. I love its GPS capabilities, sleep tracking and of course the up to 7 day charge

  4. Would love to win the Fitbit charge4 to help me stay fit and motivated especially like the long battery life.

  5. I loved the Fitbit blaze but it’s no longer being made! I hope to try out the new charge 4

  6. I love the Fitbit Charge 4 fitness tracker for it’s heart rate monitor, sleep tracking and GPS function!

  7. I love the Fitbit Charge 4 the most because of its Sleek, customizable design, Good battery life and Built-in GPS

  8. I really wanna get a Fitbit versa 2! I’ve been having sleep problems and health problems for years and need something to keep me on track!

  9. I would really enjoy the new Charge 4 Fitbit! I’ve had a Fitbit for many years but I usually go with the one that’s more affordable. It would be great to have one with all the bells and whistle’s! Great contest thank you

  10. I like the Fit Bit Charge 4 and would love to use it for it’s sleep & health data collecting capabilities. I know that this would motivate me not only to work out harder, walk more, be more active, it would also encourage me to get to bed earlier and keep my heart healthy.

  11. Charge 4 is my favourite for the Active Zone Minutes feature as it track the intensity of my activity based on heart rate and age.

  12. Charge 4 is my new favourite. I like the Active Zone Minutes, which uses your heart rate to measure the intensity of your activity. That way, I know whether I meeting my moderate to vigorous activity levels every week.

  13. I’d loooove the Fitbit charge 4 because it has all the latest features like gps and heart rate, plus it looks great!

  14. i really like fitbit charge. its battery life has 7 days lasting period. its a perfect for a little trip adventure. this quarantine has made me real lazy. i would really like to try this on and keep my fitness on track. this would be real surprize for me if i won. lol:)

  15. Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition is my favourite. Has a good time face, long lasting battery life of 7 days before recharging. Love the Granite/Black which appears to be more comfortable in material.

  16. My favourite Fitbit might be the Fitbit Versa 2 40mm. It has a beautiful design with a colour display and comes in different colours, so you can wear it with any outfit and still look stylish.

  17. I like the The Fitbit Charge I prefer the style of it with the rectangular face, the battery lasts up to 7 days as I also use it as my watch, that it is Water resistance up to 50M as I swim daily in the summer. That it has everything and more and will help me keep to my goals,

  18. I have a fitbit, and love it. Would love a newer model with the gps and being waterproof would be great too!

  19. My favourite is the Inspire HR because it’s a great value for the price and comes in purple 🙂

  20. I like the Fitbit Versa 2 40mm Smartwatch because of its tracking features such as calories burned, distance,sleep and also for the connectivity to my phone.

  21. Love the gps feature on this model. My old Fitbit has a crack across the screen. Would love to be able to replace it!

  22. I like the Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Tracks calories, steps, distance, running, and elevation and helps understand your activities and boost performance.

  23. Well of course I would have to say the fit bit charge 4! As a psychology grad student, a full time cat mom, and a devoted older sister, I have limited time to get my activity in. Using the fit bit charge 4 I can track which movements are good for MY body so I can adequately optimize my exercise. Also, I can use the fit bit charge as a motivator to stay healthy, with accurate insight into how I’m actually treating my body. That means, I am more self aware and therefore more likely to maintain healthier sleep patterns, healthier eating patterns, and ultimately improve my quality of life. The fit bit charge 4 is a necessary addition to my busy, time limited lifestyle.

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