Wi-Fi 6 router gift

It can be tough to find a gift that the whole family will enjoy. A new 4K big screen TV? A new next-generation game console? A multi-room Wi-Fi connected smart audio system? Maybe a 4K internet connected, streaming security camera? Here’s an idea for a gift that will make all of these devices and experiences (and more) better: a Wi-Fi 6 router.

Look around your home and it’s tough to find devices that don’t rely on Wi-Fi and/or an internet connection. Smart TVs, video streamers, game consoles, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, smart thermostats, smart speakers, smart door locks, smart lights … You get the picture. Each of these devices is fighting for a slice of you home’s Wi-Fi bandwidth. However, most people tend to overlook their Wi-Fi network until it’s so terrible they can’t ignore it. That means millions of people are still connecting to home Wi-Fi networks that are outdated and unable to keep up with the demands of a modern, connected home.

Give your family the gift of a Wi-Fi 6 router and they are going to be very happy. Not only will their Wi-Fi be faster, all their connected devices will perform the way they should.

The many advantages of Wi-Fi 6 routers   

Wi-Fi 6 router gift

Previous generation 802.11ac (now also known as Wi-Fi 5) routers were a big improvement over what came before. However, our lives have changed from the time 802.11ac Wi-Fi first hit the scene in 2011. That was three years before streaming services like Netflix launched 4K support. It was several years before the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Smart speakers didn’t start to hit shelves until 2015. Zoom had just been founded, but mainstream video conferencing was nearly a decade away.

At this point, 802.11ac is seriously showing its age. An 802.11ac router can’t always handle the number of devices that need a connection simultaneously. Many Wi-Fi routers lack the bandwidth to deliver 4K video streams to multiple devices at the same time. Game downloads take far too long. We expect to be connected all the time, but the Wi-Fi signal isn’t always reaching devices in our yards. The result is lag, slow internet performance, dropped connections, and “smart” devices that don’t live up to expectations.

Wi-Fi 6 (sometimes referred to as 802.11 ax) solves these issues. D-Link (a company that definitely knows Wi-Fi) has some infographics that show some of the key benefits of Wi-Fi 6.

Big wins include support for four times the simultaneously-connected devices as 802.11ac, along with a significant speed bump.

Wi-Fi 6 router gift

You can also expect increased data throughput and increased range.

Wi-Fi 6 router gift

With all the benefits of Wi-Fi 6, you can see why a Wi-Fi 6 router makes a great gift for the whole family. Want to learn more about Wi-Fi 6 and its many advantages? Check out this post about how Wi-Fi 6 delivers better, smarter internet for your smart home.

Wi-Fi 6 router giftMaybe it’s time for mesh?

One thing to consider. If you’re upgrading to a  Wi-Fi 6 router, now might be the time to consider another upgrade: to mesh, whole-home Wi-Fi. Add mesh technology to Wi-Fi 6 and you have superior Wi-Fi performance that seamlessly covers every inch of your home. No dead zones, no weak zones, no hiccups as you move from room to room, and mesh systems are designed to blend into your home’s decor.

Where do I find Wi-Fi 6 routers?

You’ll find all the top-selling, high performance Wi-Fi 6 routers, whole home mesh Wi-Fi 6 systems, and even Wi-Fi 6 range extenders at Best Buy. You don’t even need to flip through the full selection of routers to find them. Wi-Fi 6 is a big enough deal that Wi-Fi 6 routers get their own dedicated section.

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