When you think about the techie dad in your life it helps to think about their personality: let’s start with dads who like to explore, who like to make a record of cool things, who like to be creative, or who like to take control.

10408800.jpgYuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Quadrocopter Drone with Camera & Controller

The Yuneec Typhoon Q500 is a four-bladed Quadrocopter that’s ready-to-fly out of the box. It has a battery that will last for up to 25 minutes of use while flying and features a 3-axis gimbal to stabilize the 4K camera; that means that the shots and video that it takes are beautifully smooth and precise. It can shoot 4K at 30 frames per second, but can also shoot 1080p at 120 frames per second allowing for some great slo-motion editing in post. Add in the smart Follow-Me mode and you’ve got a great gift for action-loving dads.

Drones are gadgety, and that’s got a huge appeal for some dads out there. The Q500 comes with an intelligent 5.5” touchscreen ground station, letting you see a real-time feed from the on-board camera, and includes 16GB of memory to shoot to…that may sound like a lot, but it goes fast if you’re shooting 4K, so you might want to pick up a larger microSD card as an extra little gift.

10276367.jpgChamberlain MyQ Garage Door Controller

For dads that like convenience and being in the know, the MyQ Garage from Chamberlain is a smart garage door controller that works with your garage door opener to give you those exact things. The MyQ Garage installs quickly and connects up your your WiFi network; it can tell (in real time) whether your garage door is up or down. It can also issue alerts when your door opens or closes. It’s compatible with most brands of garage door openers built at 1993 with safety reversing sensors at the bottom of the door track.

MyQ is unique in that the only thing you need to pay for is the controller itself; there are no monthly fees for controlling or monitoring your garage. It’s a great choice for home maximizers, and for those dads out there who are constantly forgetting whether or not they put the garage down.

10399763.jpgSamsung Gear VR

Exploring strange new worlds isn’t just a job for James T. Kirk; with the Samsung Gear VR headset you can take any Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, or Galaxy Note 5 and turn it into a gateway to virtual reality. By using your phone’s screen and processor to create compelling VR worlds, the dad in your life can explore a whole new space. Comfortable, easy-to-use, and fun to play with, Gear VR is a great choice for any Samsung-loving dad.

Motorola Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor

Is fitness a big deal for the dad in your life? The ultra-comfortable and super-durable Motorola Moto 360 is designed to track performance, check heart rates, and to help you work towards your goal. This smart watch has built-in GPS with a sport-specific design, letting you leave your phone and home and do more with just your watch. Track your fitness, AND get the best of both worlds with smart and convenient notifications.

Utilizing Android Wear apps you can do more, including playback music or increase your productivity with powerful Android Wear software.

10415419.jpgiPad Pro 9.7”

Continuing a legacy of ultimate usefulness and technological advancement, the iPad Pro 9.7” is perfect for dads who like to have everything available on the go. This model features a newer faster processor, a brighter, more accurate screen, and all the things that you love about the iOS  ecosystem. Up to 10 hours of battery life and four-speaker audio mean that this media machine will keep you entertained for the long haul. Powerful cameras, better wifi, and a Touch ID sensor make this the perfect computer replacement on-the-go.

Philips 40” 4K 60Hz 3ms GTG LED Monitor

Looking at this monitor gives you an idea of how big the scope really can me. At 40” and a 4K resolution, the Philips 60Hz 3ms GTG LED Monitor is the perfect screen for a dad who’s into entertainment, into productivity, or into both. Fast response time, plenty of inputs, and even a 7-watt audio system make this the ultimate display for a number of users. It even includes a standard sized VESA mounting for configuring the perfect setup.


Nest Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat 3rd Generation

If your dad is anything like mine, he’s probably  just a little touch and go when it comes to trust for turning off the lights, and saving energy by changing the temperature. Nest is a learning thermostat with integrated sensors that can determine how and when you use the climate control in your space, then automatically pick up those patterns and employee the proper usage to help give you the most comfortable experience in your home.

Nest also looks, good, appealing to those with good designs sense, as well  as with powerful technology. Just twist the dial and you’re good to go!

Father’s day is fast approaching so take the time to review this list. Each gift idea connects to a different element of the dad in your life’s personality, so focus on those words try to find the very best gift for the dad in your life!

Graham Williams
Graham Williams is a Canadian tech expert, appearing on CBC and Global BC, as well as teaching a number of courses at UBC in Vancouver, British Columbia. An avid gamer, Graham can be found on Steam and PSN, as well as online as a host of MOMENTOUS.TV


  1. @Graham

    Luckily I have unlimited internet access, but my concern with all these ‘connected’ device is security and failsafes in the event that wi-fi or internet is down?

    What do we do then.


    Don’t get me wrong, as a Dad, I wouldn’t mind if my kids got me the drone and the Nest.


    Thank you!

  2. I hear you on that one, Wayne. Most of these devices have decent stand alone capabiliites with expanded online features, so while it’s a concern I think the idea of being without an internet connection for the long term is more of a cause for alarm.

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