study like a bossWhen I went to University I liked to study in the library. It was clean, quiet, and there were no smartphones back then so I didn’t have to worry about being distracted. But one of the biggest reasons why I studied in the library was because my dorm room wasn’t set up for studying. The desk I had was too small, my chair was seriously uncomfortable, and I just felt like it was too difficult to really spread out and get work done.

Setting up your dorm room so you can study is one of the best ways to ensure you have a productive school year. Here are a few must-have items you can pick to set up your dorm room and help you study like a boss this year.



Let’s start with your desk.


Go bunk or go home

If you’re home away from home doesn’t come with a bunk bed/desk combo, you should really consider investing in one. The DHP bunk bed is a sky-high bed that gives you space to sleep and plenty of room underneath to set up your computer, lay out your books, and have a functional space to work.



Add a little farmhouse style to your room

The natural reclaimed wood look is huge this year, and if you want a nice looking desk with a filing cabinet built right in, take a look at this natural reclaimed computer desk. It’s big enough for your books and you can use the storage for almost anything.



corner desk.jpg



Got an extra corner?

A corner workstation will hold your computer, books, and more, and because it’s a corner-based unit you can easily tuck it into an empty spot in your room. The desk elevates your computer monitor so you can also use it as an entertainment center when you’re not studying.


elegant desk.jpg


Small in dimensions, big in style

When you’ve got this modern writing desk in your room you’ll have a great, stylish space to study and put your laptop.





Add a chair or two



Go from studying to gaming in 0-20 seconds

A desk chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture you can own. If it’s not comfortable, you won’t want to sit in it, but there’s no chance of that happening when you have the DXRacer Gaming Office Chair. It’s a high back chair with adjustable height and armrests, plus it has 360 degrees of swivel.





Sleek, modern, and comfortable

Want a desk chair that doesn’t stand out? The CorLiving Office chair is modern and stylish, and if it gets hot in your room you’ll love the mesh back support to keep you cool and comfortable.



High-backed and ready for a long night studying

If a low desk chair doesn’t work for your aching back, try this Murphy Mesh Task Chair. It’s great to look at, but it’s even better to sit on thanks to a cushy seat and mesh back for cool ventilation.

It’s true: once you have your desk and your chair all set up in your room, you’ll instantly feel more productive and ready to take on the school year. Take a look at all of the desk and chairs available on Best Buy right now and get ready to take on the school year like a boss.

Shelly Wutke
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