proform main.jpgTaking care of our physical self is so important to our overall health and well being. With the busy lives that so many of us have, it sometimes gets pushed to the back burner, but it shouldn’t. I know with my husband, kids and work, my own exercise regimen fluctuates quite a lot at times, but I do always try to fit in some sort of exercise each week.

I find in the spring and summer months it’s so much easier because we love the warmer weather and all the outdoor activities it brings. Then, when fall and winter hit we almost want to hibernate, and cozy blankets and movie nights take over.

One way to make sure you fit your physical fitness into your schedule is to have some great equipment at home and ProForm has a great variety of machines for all levels of fitness.

ProForm started a name for themselves with the design of the original space saver fold away treadmill, and since then they have gone on to revolutionize fitness equipment. They offer amazing quality and have a great variety of equipment such as ellipticals, bikes, and even a few hybrid machines which are really two machines for the price of one.


Start with a great treadmill

If you’re looking to make a home gym you can’t go wrong starting out with a treadmill. Treadmills are great because they are so versatile. They can be used by everyone, no matter what your fitness level is. I always tell people to start out at a steady walk and slowly add in intervals of jogging to increase your stamina. Once you start doing this regularly you will be amazed at how quickly your fitness level increases.

Treadmills are also easier on the joints, so perfect for people with knee or hip issues. I also love a treadmill that offers an incline option. If you add in an incline on intervals it’s like going for a trail run (my absolute fave form of exercise) or a hike if you’re walking. The ProForm Performance 1250 Treadmill has everything you could possibly want in a treadmill and more. It has incline, a quick speed control for those jogging intervals I was talking about, the space saver design, a desktop for your tablet, and is ipod compatible with built in speakers. With all of the features offered you can get in some exercise and have fun at the same time.


Tone up

Another great machine is the ProForm Booty Firm Machine. As we get older our muscles start to get soft and saggy. It is so sad but so true, so adding in some weights for strength training is a great way to tone up. This machine is a cardio and strength training combination, and also comes with 4 DVD’s so you don’t get bored with the same routine. If you love to crank the music and dance around the house (which I have been known to do), then why not add in the Booty Firm machine to kick your workout up a notch.

Last but not least I have to mention the iFit option that many of the machines have. It is a yearly subscription that you access through your iFit compatible fitness equipment . It uses Google maps to create workouts anywhere around the world and will even change your speed and incline to match the terrain. So if you feel like running through the streets of Paris or the hills of Scotland you can do so on iFit. There is also available an 8 week program by fitness expert Jillian Michaels. Every day you will get a new workout to complete, and you can share your nutrition plan, weight loss goals and more with others through Facebook. This will help keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals.

I personally love to have a workout partner or someone to run with. I find my workouts seem to go by faster and it’s extra motivation not to give up halfway through. I love that ProForm not only has great equipment but has gone the extra step with iFit to maintain your fitness goals.

You can check out all the great exercise equipment ProForm has to offer at

Lindsey Reed
I am a mom of two boys who loves reading and trail runs. I am passionate about health, fitness and food and write about these topics and more on my personal blog