Logiix speaker.jpgFinding the perfect portable speaker can be tricky. It needs to be able to handle higher volumes for playing music in a crowd but also small enough that you’re not lugging it around. I actually own this speaker and love it! The Logiix Blue Piston Wireless Speaker is the perfect combination of sound quality, durability and compact design.

Here are some of its great features:

Overall design

About the size of a small mug, this small speaker is made of brushed aluminium military-grade shell and is available in a wide range of colours, including blue, red, black, grey, and purple (check out all the colours here). In addition to being small, it also weighs less than half a pound. I also like that there is an anti-slip pad attached to the bottom of the speaker, as I find it absorbs some of the vibrations and cuts down on any rattling.

Sound quality

For the price and size, the sound quality of this speaker is outstanding. I was shocked at how high the volume could go compared to the size of the speaker. It won’t be able to handle a house party but it is great for playing music on your patio or at the beach. Regardless of the volume or song type, the sound remains crystal clear, without crackling or cutting out. The speaker is also equipped with a low-frequency resonance system that does a great job absorbing heavy bass.


This speaker can connect with any type of audio device. If the device has Bluetooth capability, you can connect wirelessly and play music without having to leave your phone or tablet attached to the speaker. Once connected, you can also take calls by pressing the phone button on the front of the speaker. If you have an older iPod or mp3 player that doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can also play your music by attaching your device to the speaker with the included AUX cable.

Battery Life

This speaker is equipped with a lithium ion battery that allows you 4 to 8 hours of battery life, which is pretty lengthy for a speaker of this size. I also find it only takes about an hour and a half to fully charge.


In addition to the speaker, the box also has a charging cable, AUX cable and carrying case. You can charge the speaker by plugging it into any USB port, such as your computer or USB wall charger. As mentioned above, this speaker also comes with a short AUX cable so you can connect your speaker to audio devices without Bluetooth capabilities. Lastly, the speaker also has a carrying case to protect it from damage.

Finding a good quality portable speaker can be difficult. You want something that you can easily pack in a bag, but is powerful to play in a crowd. The Logiix Blue Piston Wireless Speaker is a small, compact speaker that packs a big punch. The sound remains crystal clear even at high volumes and the low-frequency resonance system can handle songs with a heavy bass. You can connect your audio device either via Bluetooth or with the included AUX cable. The speaker can also be used to as a hands-free speakerphone when needed. The included carrying case also protects the speaker from damage. This is the best compact speaker I have ever owned and the judging by the online consumer reviews, other people feel the same way! So if you are looking for a small, high quality speaker at a great price point, look no further than the Logiix Blue Piston Wireless Speaker.

Lucy Woodhead
My focus is to discuss tech products that are trendy and in demand amongst the younger generation. Over the years I have reviewed, compared and wrote about a wide variety of products, including headphones, speakers, sound docks, iPods and mp3 players. With Best Buy’s launch of VIVA and Home & Lifestyle, I have had the opportunity to expand my focus to include a younger person’s perspective on many of these great products as well!


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