Sonos Speakers
Sonos Speaker lineup

Sonos multiroom speakers are a popular music listening and home theatre item because they sound great, they’re easy to set up, and they fit just about any room or need.

While Sonos speakers would make a great gift, if you have someone on your list who already has their Sonos speakers, there are some accessories just for Sonos that they’d be happy to find under the tree.

Gift Sonos accessories

Sonos speakers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, from the small bookshelf-sized Sonos PLAY:1 to the larger PLAY:5, and even the home theatre filling PLAYBASE (read the full review of it here) or the sound bar option, PLAYBAR.

Sonos speakers can work on their own or all together to give you streaming music, or audio from the TV; the entire lineup is configurable and they’re wireless, meaning they fit anywhere.

BOOST Sonos’ range

Need to upgrade a home’s connectivity to work better with the Sonos line? A wireless extender like the BOOST gives you a faster and more reliable wireless connection, meaning less dropouts and lag. This is great for a home with multiple Sonos speakers where the Wi-Fi isn’t as strong as it should be.

Three internal antennas broadcast in all directions, creating uniform wireless coverage for every room in your home and there’s easy setup: just plug BOOST in, connect to your Wi-Fi router using the included Ethernet cable, and you’re done.Flexson Floor Stand for Sonos

Mounting options for Sonos

Sonos speakers look nice on their own, but sometimes you want your speakers in just the right spot; and what if there’s no shelf or furniture? The answer is a speaker stand, like this Flexson SONOS PLAY:1 Floor Stand which gives you a way to aim the sound right at the sweet spot, particularly for a home theatre application.

No floor space? A wall mounting kit is another option for keeping things tidy.

Another option if you do have shelf or table space is to use a desk-stye stand, which helps prevent vibration and sound quality loss when audio is absorbed into a piece of furniture. These Flexson PLAY:1 Desk Stands give the speakers a boost so you can enjoy your music and audio more clearly.

Sonos Skins

Colour your world with Sonos skins from Flexson

Finally, Sonos speakers are available in only black or white, so what to do if that doesn’t quite match your style? The answer is to accessorize with one of these coloured skins from Flexson.

The ColourPlay Skin for SONOS Play:1 Speakers comes in a variety of colours like blue, pink or yellow and more, plus they make them for Sonos speakers from the PLAY:1 to the PLAY: 5 and right on up.

One of these Sonos accessories will be a great gift idea for the Sonos home theatre lover on your Christmas list.


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