tracy-mother-pic-fitness.jpgI love fitness. Please don’t stop reading! I’m not bragging. I’m just setting you up for the heartbreak and disappointment I felt when I had kids and realized there were zero minutes left in the day to work out. You may have come to the same conclusion. So what’s a mom to do? Get creative … fast.

After my first child we bought a jogging stroller so I could run (or walk fast) with him during my maternity leave. I did lunges and squats in the park and met up with another maternity leave mom for workouts in the park once a week.

Tracy-exercise-phone2.jpgWhen I was pregnant with my second child I fell in love with burritos. My daughter is probably 65% burrito—that’s how many I ate. As I walked into the hospital to have her I tipped the scale at just over 200 pounds. Gulp. I had gained almost 60 pounds and had to be back on TV in 6 weeks (not months … WEEKS). Gasp. I remember telling my husband I needed a treadmill because with a toddler and a baby I was going to have to sneak my workouts in whenever I could at home. He balked at the price but came with me to the fitness store to shop. I bought one on the spot. It remains one of the most important fitness purchases I have ever made. I am in love with my treadmill. We are together about four days a week and the relationship is going strong. If you do purchase one, think about how much it cost every time you try to use it as a coat rack.

tracy-exercise-stuff.jpgYou know what else gets me out of bed in the morning? Knowing I get to listen to my favourite jams  while I’m on the treadmill. My playlist changes frequently but you can bet I’ll be running to hip hop, club bangers, soul and sometimes rock. Because I have abnormally small ears, Yurbuds have been a godsend. They’re a rubber attachment that allows my ear buds to stay in, even while doing interval sprints. I don’t run without music which means I don’t run without Yurbuds 

But even with the treadmill, organization is KEY.

Every evening I blend my morning shake and put it in the fridge so breakfast is ready. I get my gym clothes, water bottle, stability ball, kettle bell, yoga mat and anything else I need for my early morning workout ready in the basement.  Sometimes I set up a little circuit to work out a few muscle groups at a time. Other times I do a steady run or sprints on the treadmill. Either way, by the time the kids open their sweet brown eyes at 6:30 a.m. I am done, finished, drenched in sweat and if I’m lucky, even showered before they come find me!

You don’t need a gym membership momma. You can be just as fit as the women in those muscle magazines by setting up a modest home gym. The only rub is you have to use it to get results!


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