bedroom.jpgWhen you want to liven up your yard for springtime you plant flowers, shrubs, and do a little creative landscaping. If you want to do the same for the interior of your home, you can use paint, home décor, and do a little spring cleaning.

But if you want to see some real changes everywhere in your home this spring, both indoors and out, upgrading your furniture or switching out a piece or two in your bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, or patio can breathe new life into your space. Having new furniture gives you that ‘just moved into a new house’ feeling, and you never had to pack a single box.

Here are some amazing furniture picks for every room in your home.


Sleep peacefully in your bedroom


When I moved I downsized my bedframe. It seems like a strange thing to do but I knew that the bedframe I had wouldn’t fit into my new bedroom. I’ve been in the market for a queen size bedframe, so I was pretty excited to see the Jacky Heirloom Contemporary Bed pictured above.

It has a linen-look and would fit perfectly into contemporary or, in my case, farmhouse décor. The cushy headboard means you can prop up and read late into the night comfortably, and you can use just your mattress with it using the included slats or add a box spring.

While you’re upgrading your bed frame, why not upgrade your kid’s bedroom too with the Sealy Posturepedic Galleon Single XL mattress. I wouldn’t have thought it would be a big deal to them, but my kids loved getting new mattresses for their beds. It helps them sleep, and the firm euro top and gel-infused memory foam of the Sealy Galleon coupled with fresh air from an open window will send them off to dreamland in no time.


Add some seating to your living room

Any day you spend re-arranging furniture is a good day, and my favourite place to get busy with new furniture locations is the living room. Once you move the couch around you may discover a spot for a brand new chair, and if you do, you’ll love the Scarlett slipper chair.

Slipper chairs are comfortable and add some style to a living room, and I like how you can tuck them into a corner beside a bookshelf and have a cozy spot for reading.

There are other types of chairs you can add to your living room to create a cozy atmosphere for reading, watching TV, or just relaxing. My family would argue over the Warren Faux Leather Recliner. It’s perfectly comfortable for a midsummer night movie and it’s nice to snuggle into with a good book while using the foot rest to put your feet up.



Get your creative juices flowing with a new office

I used to have the most amazing office space in my old house, but I haven’t had the time or space to set one up in my newly renovated house. When I do, I’ll be adding a new desk like the Monarch contemporary desk. Who doesn’t need extra drawers and a nice clean space to work in? I’d be torn between the dark cappuccino and the natural reclaimed wood look.

I can’t forget about setting up an area for kids either: the Contemporary 3-piece desk set includes a bookcase, a writing desk with a storage drawer, and a rolling cart. It’s perfect for the printer, their homework, and all of the little things that make up their study area. With a set up like that, they might even look forward to hitting the books again in the fall.


Enjoy the great outdoors

By far, my favourite place to decorate is outside. I look forward to pulling out my patio table and chairs every spring and enjoying meals outside, and I use the great outdoors as an office sometimes too.

This is my year to upgrade the patio furniture, and there are so many different sets to choose from that it’s going to be hard to decide. The Nantucket Contemporary 5 piece set is a winner in taupe and teal, and it’s the perfect size for a patio or garden space. I can imagine kicking back under the apple tree while sitting in a Borealis club chair, and because it’s a 5 piece set with two chairs and two ottomans, you’ll never have to give up your seat.

The Progarden Etna Outdoor Lounge Set is great too, and the resin wicker will stand up to the outdoor elements for years to come.


Cook up a great new kitchen

I’ve been seriously considering updating my dining room table. I still like my old tablet, but dining room tables have really changed since I brought mine home. These days they’re built for entertaining and casual family dinners, and the Kerrisdale 8-piece dining room set has a cool bench on one side and built-in storage compartment right under the table. Imagine what you could store in there.

If you plan on upgrading your table, it might be time to cast aside your old bar stools. Tygerclaw contemporary bar stools are retro looking and fun, and adding one or two to your kitchen island can update your kitchen instantly.


Little things that make your home unique

I’m a clock fan. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I have a thing for clocks, and I always pick up a new one every time I re-arrange furniture or change the décor around in the house. They’re literally on almost every wall of my home. Not only do they tell time, a clock like the Kiera Grace Vintage Mirrored Wall Clock looks great on the wall too.

The farmhouse look is big this year, so if you want to liven up your home for spring by adding some farmhouse touches, you can as simply as adding a new throw pillow like the Urban Loft Nordic throw pillow. The print is pure Canadiana, and it would look great in any modern farmhouse.

I couldn’t stop at just one throw pillow, and Best Buy has some great styles. Take the Urban Loft Sheep print. I can’t seem to get enough of farm animal prints this year, so this one is a must-have. Go take a peek at all of the throw pillows available right now. You’ll have a hard time picking just two or three.

10371361 copy.jpg

And while you’re changing the furniture, you might want to take a look at your floors. Adding an area rug can change the feel of an entire room in an instant, and they’re easy to roll up and put away if you want to change them every season. For a house with white, black, and grey as the dominant colors, I love this Diamond 5 x 8 area rug. The pattern is perfect for any room.

There are so many amazing furniture picks right now that it’s seriously hard to stop at re-doing one room or choosing just a few things. If you’ve been feeling a bit blah about your home, take some time today to assess the furniture and home décor in your rooms. Even a few pieces here and there can make all the difference.

Shelly Wutke
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