timex.JPGThe era of form follows function for dads is over. That’s not a statement I make lightly, but it’s time for us to get out of the thought pattern that just because it’s for dad it’s okay for it to be ugly. This year when you’re looking at getting a dad in your life something special for father’s day, I want you to consider some more stylish options. Yes, they’re going to be functional, but picking something that looks good is going to go that extra mile and help him feel better about using it, too.

Dads don’t always appear to be fashion conscious, but by taking a bit of effort to choose something that looks nicer, you’re giving them two gifts in one: style and function. I’ve got three categories here that we’re going to look at:

  • wallets
  • watches
  • bags

 Along with one little extra that I think every dad shouldn’t be without.


 The wallet is a topic that’s often argued about amongst men: if you haven’t seen the Seinfeld episode where George’s wallet is the source of much concern you probably know someone like George–packing way too many cards, coupons, and slips of paper into a wallet not designed to handle it. While a new wallet won’t necessarily break a hoarding dad of bad wallet habits, it may be the kick they need to start onto a slimmer path.


The first wallet I want to look at is the Mancini Manchester Men’s RFID Wallet. It’s a pretty standard bi-fold wallet; that means that a bill placed into the divided bill section will be folded in half. There’s a centre section that helps the wallet support up to 12 cards, and also houses an ID card window, great for flashing your driver’s license without having to haul it out of the holder. This wallet is made from black Genuine Leather, against standard for wallets in this price range; it’s not top grain leather, but it’ll stand up to every day use over time.


The big sell for me, however, is the RFID wave blocking technology. By blocking RFID waves you can safely store your tap-to-pay cards in this wallet without fear of them being activated or having the card identifier siphoned without your permission. Add in the included gift box and you have a pretty solid present for father’s day.

For those needing a different shape or wanting a more classic colour, the TUMI Chambers SLF L-Fold Wallet with ID is a neat choice. Coming in a classic shade of brown, or a subtle shade of black, it’s made of lambskin, a material that will wear nicely over time. Like the RFID blocker above, it has TUMI ID Lock technology to help protect your personal data. It folds open like an L (bet you didn’t see that coming with the name) and includes space for 7 cards, along with featuring two open pockets and an ID window. This model also comes with an elegant gift box, which makes it quite simple.


 There are two schools of thought in the watch world: smart watches and classic watches. We’re starting to see watch hybrids, but I’m going to keep them split up for this year.

10373008.jpgWhile Best Buy has time pieces from some extremely prestigious companies, I want you to think about a use case for dads: sometimes having a reliable, good looking watch that you’re not afraid to wear on adventure can be the very best time piece you own. Why? With a watch that you love–but that doesn’t cost a fortune–you’re not worried about bashing it on rocks, lifting that heavy bit of gear, or doing the active things you like to do.

I remember buying my dad a Timex when I was a kid; takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ is a motto that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The Timex Expedition is a great choice for this kind of watch. It has a casual flair with a brown strap, a brushed metal finish, and a cream coloured dial, letting it blend in with outfits for work as well as trail hiking clothes. It’s water resistant, and has INDIGLO for easy viewing at night. 

The second option I’m going to recommend is one I wear everyday: Apple Watch. I won’t say much about it because there isn’t much that needs saying that you can’t learn from Apple or checking the product out in Best Buy. Needless to say it’s a go-to for me, and I think it’s a very stylish gift for dads everywhere.


 The idea of the man-bag or the murse (that’s man purse) was much maligned a few years ago, but the laughter has died down as men everywhere have realized: we’ve gotta carry way too much stuff for pockets to suffice. I’ve got two options for you:

10406606.jpgFossil Graham Messenger Bag: I felt like this one called to me, not just because of the name, but the classic colours and design. The olive canvas finish is appropriate in both casual and professional environments; it says “I’ve got places to be”; while it’s not going to be the bag you carry to a board meeting or an AGM it’ll get you and your gear from point A to point B on days when you’ve got real work to do.

10394636_2.jpgIt has everything: a spot for your MacBook Pro, your phone, your power adapter, a notebook, even a camera. 1 zippered pocked on the outside, 2 slip pockets and a zip pocket on the inside, plus the laptop space: it’s ready to go. A top carry handle and shoulder strap round it out.

Feeling like more of a traditionalist for laptop carry? Targus has a CityGear model that can lug a laptop up to 15.6”. It’s padded, it’s pocketed, it’s black, and includes a luggage trolley strap for travelers. 

Bonus Round: Headphones

 For dads who hit the gym the most stylish option in tunes, in my opinion, is the Jaybird Wireless X2. I’ve been rocking these for almost a month, and they’re fantastic. Watch my video, go read the review, then go buy some for the dad in your life.

Graham Williams
Graham Williams is a Canadian tech expert, appearing on CBC and Global BC, as well as teaching a number of courses at UBC in Vancouver, British Columbia. An avid gamer, Graham can be found on Steam and PSN, as well as online as a host of MOMENTOUS.TV