I don’t know about you, but after a long day at the office, followed by an evening spent either working on my laptop, flipping through my tablet, or burning as many calories as possible in some form of physical activity, my neck, back, feet, and almost every other body part are screaming at me for a little TLC, and I know I am not alone. In fact, I can almost guarantee that there is at least one person on your list who could benefit from one of these fabulous gifts from HoMedics.



Massage.jpgHoMedics Foot Massager

If you’re looking for a little tootsie loving, then the HoMedics Foot Massager is a great option. First of all, it allows you to reap the rewards of a fabulous foot massage in the comfort of your own home. Second, you can use it whenever you want. Third, the entire unit is a fraction of the cost of a massage at a spa. And lastly, it uses deep kneading shiatsu massage and gentle heat to soothe your tired feet. With 12 massage modes to choose from you can just select the one that is right for you and melt into complete and utter relaxation.













Shiatsu.jpgHoMedics Heated Shiatsu Air Pro Foot Massager

If you want to take your foot massage up a notch, then the HoMedics Heated Shiatsu Air Pro Foot Massager is ideal. All you need to do is slip your overworked feet into the Air Pro’s slipper like compartments, and its deep kneading nodes work their butts off to soothe your soles and arches. But it adds a whole other layer of relaxation with its air chambers, which use a rhythmic pressure to massage your tootsies in their entirety. As I sit here typing this, I am really wishing my feet were encapsulated in one of these … damn 4-inch heels.













HoMedics Back & Shoulder Shiatsu Massage CushionCushion.jpg


My back and shoulders are almost always sore; so sore that I’ve started seeing an acupuncturist and massage therapist on a regular basis, and let me tell you that while they are great, they don’t come cheap! Had I known I could pick up something like the HoMedics Back and Shoulder Shiatsu Massage Cushion before writing this post, well, I sure would have! Equipped with three programs, including full, upper, and lower back, the Shiatsu Massage Cushion can be used at home or at work, and travels up and down your back to work the kinks out of those aching muscles. For an added boost of relaxation, there is a heat function as well as a Spot Shiatsu function that targets problem areas and holds the massage exactly where you want it to be.











PIllow.jpgHoMedics 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Massage Pillow with Heat

I love every single word in the name of this product: Shiatsu, vibration, massage, pillow, heat. I mean, how can you go wrong? This fabulously functional 3D Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Pillow with Heat features 3D kneading technology that kneads in a circular motion to deliver an exceptionally deep massage, as well as a vibration that invigorates and loosens tight muscles. Add to that that it’s a soft pillow that contours to your body and it’s pretty much the ideal companion after a long day. Even if you’re watching TV or reading a book, you can slip the Shiatsu pillow under your head and neck to soothe your aching muscles and ease yourself into relaxation.








HoMedics SoundSpa Portable Sound MachineSoundSpa.jpg

Even if your body is relaxed and adequately soothed after a long day, sleep can sometimes elude you. That’s where a sound machine like the HoMedics SoundSpa comes in. With six natural sounds, including ocean, brook, summer night, white noise, thunder, and rain, you’re guaranteed to say good night to sleepless nights. This is the perfect gift idea for that person on your list who is constantly complaining about lack of sleep. Or, perhaps perfect to gift to yourself!











HoMedics Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor  Blood.jpg

Last but not least is the HoMedics Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. True, this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Christmas gifts, but in this hyper-busy, super-digital, go-go-go time, it’s important to be able to check in occasionally to make sure the important things are on track, like your blood pressure. So many of us are concerned with calories burned, steps taken, and heart rate during a workout, and we wear devices to track this data, but few of us have devices to track the bigger picture. This Blood Pressure Monitor is super easy to use, and makes a great gift for the health conscious.








That’s it for Day 5 of our 12 days of Christmas gifts. What’s been your favourite gift so far?








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Stacey McGregor
Stacey McGregor is a marketing and communications professional based in Vancouver, BC. She has a passion for the written word, loves learning about new technology and gadgets, and enjoys sharing what she learns through Best Buy's Plug In blog.