It’s not too early to think about the holidays. Savvy shoppers know they can order online and kickstart their shopping, after all, heading to a mall during the busy holiday season can be an exercise in patience.

With that in mind, we’ve picked the Top 10 stocking stuffer ideas for the techie in your house, and nearly all these items can be purchased with a click.

Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer

stocking stuffer

This cool timer (at top) makes cooking more fun

for the Star Wars fan. Just twist the top hemisphere of the Death Star to the required time to start the countdown (up to 60 minutes). What happens when it goes off? Wouldn’t you like to know…


Leather Touch Screen Gloves

Cold Canadian winters mean you need coverage, but gloves can cramp your smartphone style. Unless you’ve got special tech touchscreen gloves, like these. Soft leather hides tiny fibres that allow you to swipe and click without freezing your fingers.

Tile Style Bluetooth Tracker

Family forever losing keys, wallets, backpacks, favourite toys and more?

Banish forgetfulness by slipping tiny Tile trackers into frequently misplaced items. Locate the Tile tracker on your smartphone or ask it to play a loud audible alert so you can find things easily. One of these on the remote control will be a lifesaver too so pick up a few and make them a stocking stuffer for everyone.


Rocketfish HDMI Cable

You’re not going to regret having an extra HDMI cable around, since many new components today don’t come with one. There’s nothing worse than waking up to new tech on Christmas morning but then having to wait until Boxing Day to head over to a Best Buy to pick up needed cables. Add one of these Rocketfish HDMI cables to your list and you’ll be the holiday hero.

Rechargeable Batteries

What we said about waking up on Christmas morning and being saddened when you’re without the right cable? stocking stufferThat goes double for batteries. Stashing packs of batteries in everyone’s stocking means no worry about not having power when you open up the gifts this year.

Monoprice Universal Screen Cleaner

Finding this in your stocking might not be as exciting as a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but trust us when we say it’s useful as all heck.

With the power to clean smudgy fingerprints and smears from TVs, smartphones and tablets, everyone in the family will be borrowing your magic potion post-Christmas morning.

USB-C extra long braided cable

With all our connected and rechargeable devices today, you can’t have enough cables. This 10 foot charging cable comes with a durable braided cover, meaning it will last. Gifting everyone extra cables and cords should mean no ‘borrowing’ from others in the family.

Belkin SheerForce Case

stocking stufferCan one smartphone case really define who you are at all times? Having a case wardrobe is a great idea so you can change your phone’s outfit to match your mood. Have a glittery one for fun and a serious version for the office, even a durable rubberized version for the gym. This Belkin SheerForce case is as resilient as it is beautiful. (It comes in other phone models/sizes too)

MiPow Power Cube 

Smartphone and tablet batteries never last as long as you need them to. That’s why keeping some emergency juice handy is a great idea and a popular stocking stuffer.
The Power Cube designed by Mi Pow has an Integrated Lightning arm, USB port and micro-USB port, plus with 9000mAh of power, you’ll be able to charge devices over and over before you need to re-energize it.

Belkin Car Charger 

Car charging accessories can be among the first to break down, thanks to extreme temperature fluctuations, but this one from Belkin is made to be durable and long lasting. Tuck one in a stocking and your on-the-go recipient will thank you.

Exian Power Bank + Flash Light stocking stuffer

It’s nice when gadgets multitask, and the Exian Power Bank does. It’s got a handy flashlight built in so it does double duty when you need it to.

This is a particularly great stocking stuffer for a traveler.

Koogeek Smart Plug, WiFi Outlet

Homes are getting smarter, and a smart plug is a great way to test the waters, since you can plug in almost anything and then control it with your smartphone. These smart plugs are very handy and can help you figure out what your next tech leaps should be inside your home. Sneak one into a stocking this holiday season.

These ten tech gadgets are the perfect addition to a technology lover’s stocking, but they’re also infinitely handy for anyone in the family. With just a few clicks on our list, your stocking shopping is almost done.

Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
Erin is a journalist, writer, and TV producer with a fascination for technology and a love of gadgets. Check out her blog