Intel® Gamer Days are here (from August 28th until September 4th) and Best Buy Canada is kicking them off in a big way! During Intel Gamer Days you’ll find great deals on PC Gaming laptops, components, and on amazing PC Gaming accessories. Get ready to learn about some amazing gaming computers powered by Intel 10th gen processors then find out how to enter: you might win the gaming laptop of your dreams!

Are you ready to gain a competitive edge with a new HP gaming laptop

What makes you a competitive gamer? Hours and hours of game play certainly contributes to a great player. But that only goes so far. What about with a new game, like the new Marvel Avengers PC game coming out in early September? Everyone will be playing it for the first time (the experience will even be new for the precious few like our gaming reviewers who played the beta earlier this summer). Playing a new game, designed to capitalize on the newest processors like the Intel i7 CML-H processors in many of today’s newest and fastest gaming laptops, is another way to have a competitive edge over the competition.

That competitive edge is available, right out of the box, with the new HP OMEN laptop we are giving away as the Grand Prize of this contest. It has that Intel i7 processor I just mentioned, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage, an Nvidia GeForce GTX1650Ti 4GB graphics card and more. Stunning to look at but even better to play games on. Yes you can do many things better on this computer than on most other computers (video editing, business applications … the list goes on) but gaming is one of the most demanding tasks for any computer, and this HP laptop will take your game to places you didn’t think possible.

Intel Gamer Days bring you savings on many gaming laptops

This contest is a celebration of this amazing event that Intel is putting on. You’ll find lot of gaming laptops from many manufactures like HP (as mentioned above), Acer, Dell, and MSI at incredible savings during the event. In addition, with every gaming laptop purchased, you’ll get a free copy of the new Marvel Avengers PC game (game code will be provided once the game launches on September 4th). As such, we wanted to demonstrate how great it is with a range of great gaming computer prizes.

There are 3 amazing second prizes available as well. Each has the same great Intel I7 processor I already mentioned and fantastic components to ensure your gaming gets a whole new competitive edge.

Dell G3 15.6″ Gaming Laptop – Black (Intel Core i7-10750H/512GB SSD/16GB RAM/RTX 2060/Windows 10)
Acer Nitro 5 15.6″ Gaming Laptop – Black (Intel Core i7-10750H/512GB SSD/16GB RAM/NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti)
MSI GS66 Stealth 15.6″ Gaming Laptop – Black (Intel i7-10750H/1TB SSD/16GB RAM/GeForce RTX2060)

This is definitely a prize lineup assembled to make a gaming statement! Do you want to be a part of this event? Then read carefully the sections below so you don’t miss this unique opportunity.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, but you can only enter once. In a comment below, tell us:

  1. What gives you a competitive edge: perhaps it’s something about your gaming style, or some technology you can’t live without?
  2. Which product on Best Buy Canada’s PC Gaming page would you like to add to your current gaming setup?

Valid entries must contain both of those parts.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will draw four (4) winners from all eligible entries. One will receive the Grand Prize (HP OMEN 15 Gaming laptop), and three will win one of the secondary prizes, the Dell, the Acer, or the MSI gaming laptops pictured above.

This contest runs from August 21st until September 3rd.

Remember, you can only enter once. However, life is like a game and one thing that gives us a social competitive edge is sharing and building allies. So share the link to this contest and make life better for you and your friends.

Win an Intel Powered Gaming Laptop Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.


  1. I am starting school soon and need one just so i can run the applications and websites flawlessly. I also tried folding@home and would love to do this on a stronger device. Hope i win and use this to everyones benefit.
    Future gaming laptop owner

  2. My edge are the people I play with – there’s nothing like surrounding yourself with an amazing team! 😀

    And I’d love that Dell G5 gaming PC 😉

  3. 1) A good CPU and Graphics combo – I know will last me and can perform when I need it.
    2) The Acer GF276 Abmipx 27 inch monitor – bigger than my current monitor and has displayport

  4. 1) I am able to effectively manage schoolwork and game time simultaneously, keeping me near the top of my class and the top of my game. I love gaming on my computer, however, my brother does so too. However, we have a low-spec system but no monitor for him to use. For this reason, he needs to share my system, which is annoying at best and inconvenient at worse as it reduces the amount of time I can use my system.

    2) As I am in need of a new monitor, I would like the Samsung G9 Odyssey as it is the best gaming monitor with nothing close to it. If I am able to get this monitor, it will very much boost my productivity and would look amazing in games.

    Good luck everyone and may the most worthy win!

  5. 1) Focus and Ambience are the keys to great gaming. Whether its competitive or to relax, its super important to have the right atmosphere (dimly lit room, peace & quiet) and the frame of mind to focus solely on beating my opponents.
    2) I have wanted to make the jump from console to PC for awhile now, so to be honest the best addition to my gaming set up would be the HP OMEN 15. Or perhaps a gaming display like the Samsung Odyssey G7.

    Have a great day

  6. 1. It would be a combination of both me and my partners skills . He is really good tactically and I have very good I spy skills.
    2. I would go with Acer Nitro 5 15.6″ Gaming Laptop , that back glow looks amazing plus with the crisp screen I can work on my I spay skills 🙂

  7. 1) I know for me exercising for 15 mins getting my heart rate going and breathing heavy gives me the added concentration. Research has even shown it makes accuracy better in shooter games!

    For me the Acer Orion 5000 Gaming PC would definitely mean that my computer would never lag

  8. 1) Never give up and focus, focus, focus!
    2) I’d love a new monitor, perhaps the Acer 27″ 1080p HD 75Hz 1ms GTG TN LED Gaming Monitor

  9. My son and my daughter who is starting highschool in a week both love gaming.
    They’ve been sharing my old desk top.
    Winning one of these beautiful laptops would definitely be a blessing.
    Love following you on twitter. Your posts and reviews are the best, however there’s only
    one problem,, I want everything you review, lol.
    Thanks so much for the chance.

  10. 1) The understanding of my opponents playstyle is what gives me the edge while gaming
    2) A VR set, like the Oculus Rift S VR Headset with Touch Controllers.

  11. I wouldn’t say that I would have any sort of gaming advantage unless it comes to the old school gaming systems like coleco or the original Nintendo which I used to play all of the time. I would love to gift my 16 year old daughter with any product from your PC gaming page she is the gamer in my family plus if it was a laptop she could also use it for school.

  12. 1.) Practice, patience and great mates to game with

    2.) HP OMEN laptop perfect for school with the added ability to procrastinate

  13. What gives me a competitive edge? Definitely my patience. And I don’t give up easily!

    I would like to add/upgrade my gaming router. The Linksys Wireless AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 5 Router looks like a good one!

  14. i am struggling with my current laptop. It really needs replacing other than a new computer I need to spend more time sharpening my skills and a new HP OMEN 15.6″ Gaming Laptop – Black (Intel Core i7-10750H/1TB SSD/16GB RAM/NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070), would really help

  15. Competitive gaming with patience and practice.
    Hope to upgrade gaming setup with a 49” 4k 144ghz refresh rate gaming monitor.

  16. 1) My focus is razor sharp and I know how to roll with the punches.
    2) GamingChair Ergonomic PU Leather Racing Gaming Chair with Reclining Backrest & Adjustable Armrests would be a welcomed addition!

  17. 1:) For my competitive edge I like to meditate and exercise before I play video games. It helps you clear your mind of everyday stuff so you can focus longer.
    2:) I would love to spoil myself with a brand new high performance PC or Laptop. I have been looking at many lately trying to decide which I want. I would really love to add the HP OMEN 15.6″ Gaming Laptop – Black (Intel i7-10750H/1TB SSD/16GB RAM/GeForce RTX 2060) to my home!

  18. My persistence to level up and farm lol. I would like the Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB 16000 DPI Optical Gaming Mouse. My current mouse doesn’t cut it anymore.

  19. My competitive edge is derived from my persistence to improve and dedication to get better

    I would like to add the Dell G5 Gaming PC

  20. 1. My competitive edge… i don’t give up…. i like to win 🙂
    2. Would love the gaming mouse and keyboard…wow…I need the lighting…whoo hoo!

    Once again Best Buy—-amazing giveaway!

  21. Haha I’m pretty competitive and once I start something I must finish it! The Dell G5 Gaming PC would totally upgrade my game.

  22. I can’t live or game without is a high refresh monitor it’s like a cheat code over the normal 60htz refresh rate.

    I would like to add the HP Omen laptop with a 2060 and 144htz refresh rate. This because I like the name brings out the rebellious side.

  23. 1. Persistence gives me a competitive edge.
    2. I would like to add a new monitor to my setup, like the Samsung 32″ 4K 60Hz 4ms GTG VA LED FreeSync Gaming Monitor.

  24. I think my willingness to improve each time I play. A hardware dream would be the Dell G5 Gaming PC – Abyss Grey

  25. 1) My years of gaming gives me a advantage. Experience for the win!

    2) A new monitor would be a sweet addition to my setup, like the Acer 27″ 1080p HD 75Hz 1ms GTG TN LED Gaming Monitor.

  26. 1) I have no edge. If that is anything, it would be my determination to win and never giving up.

    2) Appreciate a laptop (for better portability than my current desktop) – ASUS ROG Strix 17 17.3″ Gaming Laptop (Intel i9-10980HK/2TB SSD/32GB RAM/RTX 2080 Super)

    All the best to other participants as well.

  27. I’d say my stubbornness is my competitive edge. Don’t know when to give up.

    I’d love to add this Acer 27″ 1080p HD 75Hz 1ms GTG TN LED Gaming Monitor

  28. 1) My good gaming reflexes gives me and edge

    2) I wouldn’t mind for a HP Omen Obelisk Gaming PC. They look great!

  29. I’m a light gamer, however my competive nature helps to not give up when things get tough in the cyber world.
    The Dell 31.5″ QHD 165Hz 4ms GTG Curved VA LED with its huge screen would help with my failing old person eyesite…lol

  30. 1) My stealth tactics gives me a competitive edge
    2) The product on Best Buy Canada’s PC Gaming page I’d like to add to my current gaming setup is: An ASUS Zephyrus Duo 15 or an HP Omen with 2070

  31. 1) My kill or be killed tactic gives me a competitive edge
    2) The product on Best Buy Canada’s PC Gaming page I’d like to add to my current gaming setup is: An ASUS Zephyrus Duo 15 or an HP Omen with 2070

  32. 1. My mind, I play puzzle games.
    2. An HP OMEN laptop would be nice to give to my son, I play puzzles on my tablet!


    I’d love to own The Acer Nitro Gaming PC.
    So my computer stops crashing for silly things! Good luck to all!

  34. 1-practice & lots of determination
    2-Alienware m17 17.3″ Gaming Laptop (Intel Core i7-10750H/1TB SSD/16GB RAM/RTX 2070 SUPER) is what I would like because it’s easier to move around with a laptop.

  35. I get the competitive edge with positive vibes knowing that I’m a winner! You’ve gotta attract what you want! I think the Corsair Scimitar Optical Gaming Mouse – Black/Yellow looks swell!

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