Samsung G3 G5 G7 monitor contest at Best Buy

Samsung Odyssey series monitors deliver amazing gaming and productivity. We already gave away the largest G9 monitors in a contest earlier this year. Now you have a chance to win one three different sizes and styles of Odyssey monitors: the G3, G5, and the G7. These monitors offer superior performance. I’ll highlight some of the features that differentiate them. Then you’ll have a chance to weigh in on which features are most important to you to enter this contest.

Display size an obvious consideration for your new Samsung Monitor

I have to admit, I am not into the massive monitors like Samsung’s G9 with its 49″ screen. Firstly, I don’t have the room for one. Secondly, and most importantly, I am an infrequent gamer, so I would not get the benefit of total immersion that a gamer embraces with one or more large monitors. Of the three monitors that we are giving away in this contest, the G3 would be perfect for me with its 24″ screen, a huge improvement over the 21 inch screen I currently use. The G5’s 27″ and the G7’s 28″ wouldn’t be a problem for my space, and I might be in heaven with the extra space (I’d have to try it and see).

Here is a table of some of the other key features found in these three monitors (thanks to Marcus Wong who created this table for his detailed review of these three monitors).

As you can see, there are some clear differences in addition to screen size.

Which feature is the most important when choosing a gaming monitor

Monitors are tricky things to buy. You try to compare models but there are so many features and some of these will not likely weigh on your decision at all. For example, in the monitors Best Buy is giving away in this contest, few people would choose one over the other based on the difference in HDMI video input. HDMI 1.4 is perfectly fine for the G3 with its 1080p display, but the G7 with its 4K display requires the new HDMI 2.1 standard (it supports a 4K signal at 120Hz) or you wouldn’t get the benefit of the higher resolution screen. So, some people might choose the G7 based on its 4k resolution, rather than its HDMI support, and other people will be fine with the resolution of the G3, and spend less money for a monitor that perfectly suits their needs.

And that raises a good point about monitors: the more modern the features, the higher the price. Yes, this applies to technology in general and monitors are not exempt. So when selecting a new monitor many people focus on two or three features and also on the price. For example, my daughter recently bought a monitor and a main consideration was that it was white to match her apartment (and she found exactly what she wanted at Best Buy!).

Think about what you want in a monitor and then enter this contest for a chance to win one of these three monitors.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways.

  1. In a comment below, tell us about three features that you think are the most important when you are shopping for a monitor. For example, if you mention colour, what about colour: should it be dark like the monitors we are giving away or perhaps pink like the Samsung M8 monitor to match your decor?
  2. In a comment beneath the review article for these monitors on Best Buy’s blog, tell us which of the three monitors he discusses is your favourite and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select three (3) eligible entries to each win one of the three monitors that we sent out for review: a Samsung Odyssey G3, G5, or G7 gaming monitor.

This contest runs from May 19th to June 2nd.

Remember you can enter once in a comment below and once in a comment on the review article for these monitors. However, you can boost your chances of getting to see and try these monitors by telling your friends and family to enter too!

Win the Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitors Rules and Regulations

Good luck.


  1. As a price conscious consumer, which is the reason I shop at Best Buy,
    1 would be bang for the price,
    2 would be the technology used in the screen display, I’d love an OLED monitor
    3 size, which would be determined by how far I want to be from my screen, bigger isn’t always better, and whether I don’t want to wear glasses sooner

  2. When I game, the three most important features I look for in a monitor is the resolution, refresh rate and the response time.

  3. First, a monitor needs to be large enough for my aging eyes.

    Second, it needs to be height adjustable. I prefer to view a monitor directly.

    Finally, great resolution. It’s bad enough that I need to wear glasses to see clearly

  4. As most people say, the bigger the better that is why I like the Odyssey G7.

    Not only the resolution is better than the rest of the screen, refresh time of a monitor is very important especially if you are a gamer.

    Hoping that I can win so I can give an unboxing review about this amazing Samsung product. Looking forward for the result 🙂

    My answers are short and simple, but i am on point 🙂

  5. For me an adjustable stand is important for comfort. In also like a fast response time as I only have a limited time to play and like to make every second count. Resolution is also very important as clear graphics can make or break your skill level in a game.

  6. The three features I value most in a monitor are high resolution for image sharpness. Also a high refresh rate for smoothness of game play and video. Lastly a huge size because I don’t want to strain my eyes.

  7. I like bright HDR monitors need at least 400 nits. I need high pixel density, QHD for 27 inch gaming or 4k if I sit closer then my TV. The monitor also need a high refresh 144hz or 120 hz or 240hz for quick reflex and screen response.

  8. The three features I need are a high resolution for image sharpness. An adjustable base for my different working positions and a minimum 24” screen.

  9. The three features I value most in a monitor are:

    1. resolution for image sharpness and HD support.

    2. refresh rate for smoothness of game play and video.

    3. size because I have the space for a bigger viewing experience.

  10. The three most important factors to me are:
    1. Price, I want to get the best monitor that I can within my budget
    2. Various input ports to use with different devices
    3. Resolution to see the best picture that I can within my budget

  11. The three features I value most in a monitor are resolution (I want to make sure HD content will properly be supported), refresh rate (so that high fps games will be supported) and size (to make sure the screen has a good viewing size).

  12. I would like a great resolution so I can see the graphics clearly and these monitors have great resolutions. The adjustable stand is important to me as I like to change the height and tilt of the monitor to make it more comfortable for me. The response time is important and all have 1ms which is fast for me so I wold be happy with it.

  13. The three most important features to me when shopping for a monitor are: 1) panel type (IPS); 2) resolution (at least 1440p); 3) size (27″ to 32″).

  14. My top 3 would come down to a) screen resolution for an amazing viewing experience, b) a solid dark color to match my room aesthetic, and lastly c) a fast drive that will allow me to have a great gaming experience. Gamers, if you know you know!

  15. Size is important – 24″ would be perfect
    Adjustable stand – height and tilt
    Respnse time – 1 ms

  16. -input and output ports, for use with multi devices
    – high response time for gaming.
    -size-when is it ever too big

  17. 1- Size – somewhere from 27″ to 32″
    2- refresh rate – Need a fast one for the games
    3- Resolution

  18. would be the size b) for resolution and the sharper would be awesome for me and my girls sharing it

  19. For me it is a) size – the bigger the better b) resolution – the sharper the better and adjustability because of shared use

  20. Three most important features:
    • Screen size of 28” minimum
    • Curved panel a must for gaming
    • 4K resolution would be great for the new games

  21. 1.Refresh rate because I want my game to be responsive when im playing
    2.The size, I want my moniter to be big but not overwhelming like the G9
    3.Resolution, too see details and to have anti glare options
    I would say the Odyssey G7 or G5.I love teh G5’s screen and sixe but I would say I woud want the G7 for HDR support and adjustable stand

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