Adding a monitor, like the many types from ASUS, to your home computing environment is the easiest way to boost productivity and make gaming more fun. Going from one monitor to two opens up even more possibilities. So consider what your life will be like if you win this three monitor set up that we are giving away in this contest.

How does adding a monitor change how your work and play

What would you do with more screen real estate? My wife and I were discussing this yesterday as I was making notes for this article. As a teacher tasked with doing online instruction for the first time in her life, she had no trouble seeing the benefits of three monitors. She’d put Zoom on one, for her video interaction during her classes, put her Google Forms assignments and quizzes on another screen, and use the 3rd screen for Microsoft Teams or email depending on which class she had at the time. Rather than flipping from one application to another on the single screen she currently uses, she would have them all right in front making her work so much easier.

Multi monitors are a gamer’s dream environment

I actually sent this contest prize to reviewer Dave Neufeld to test (that’s his photo at the top of this article!). Dave correctly points out that we are chronic multi-taskers (as my wife’s situation above supports) and having extra real estate helps a lot! But he also tested it for gaming and found that this particular set up with three amazing ASUS 27″ VG279QM TUF gaming monitors, connected using the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit to give the illusion of a seamless appearance between each individual monitor is very impressive.

The winner of this contest will get all three monitors and the Bezel-Free kit! Read carefully the rest of this article so you don’t miss out on a chance to win.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can enter only once below and once on Dave’s review article. Yes that is correct you can enter twice in total. In your comment you must state how you will use the extra screen space. Will you dedicate one screen to photoshop, one to email … what will you do with three 27-inch screens in front of you!

What you can win

At the end of this contest I will draw one winner who will receive three ASUS 27″ VG279QM TUF gaming monitors and the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit.

This contest runs from April 3rd until April 20th.

Remember you can enter once below this article and once below Dave review article for a total of two entries (as is usual for our contests, entering more than one comment at each location is not permitted).

Win an ASUS multi monitor set up Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck


  1. My boyfriend will definitely use this to improve his gaming experience. I would use it for work-hah

  2. Sooo many options with this set up! Email, video conferencing and document review. Or maybe calendar, video editing and news streaming. Or maybe … ok, let’s be honest. Most of us will just 3 screen game.

  3. i contest, so i would use one for looking at new giveaways and one for entering the ones i already know about

  4. I would dedicate 2 to my Linux machine and the third would become a PC/Switch screen. Or all three could be used when playing racing sims.

  5. I would dedicate these screens to work related apps (I work from home) and would have one on YouTube for music videos while I work

  6. I’d use this for schoolwork and gaming. It’d be great to have my project open on the center monitor, web page for research on one side, and chat with my work group/local media on the other.

  7. This will be an awesome gaming monitor. I think my son would steal my setup if I were to win this!

  8. One for email and 2 for excel so a lot easier to work from home during this time, and my daughter could also use for her school work.

  9. I would gift this to my husband who could do work, skype with his family in the UK and communicate with me all at once. I’m sure he would have music playing and scrolling social media too.

  10. Working in engineering you are constantly looking at plans and reports and drawings this is ideal for all the cad drawings you do

  11. oh my…I love to enter contests and have multiple tabs open at once along with my excel spreadsheet to keep track of every contest I enter plus I like to play games on FB, monitor my email, and the list goes on

  12. My wife is a multi screen fanatic but this would be so much slicker than the set up she has cobbled together for her Work From Home space.

  13. Two weeks ago I would have said the perfect setup for some amazing gaming, but now it is the perfect setup for working from home. Mail & calendar up on one, primary work on the Center and the third for communication apps, and video conferencing.

  14. Being a crafter I would use one for my design program, one to watch the news on and probably one for every day tasks like email, searches, and social media. Life would be so much easier.

  15. Would love to have a tv setup on my left, a search window on my right and of course the main center window would be for whatever program I’d need to use at that moment.

  16. One monitor Photoshop, 2nd Photoshop tools /presets and notepad. 3monitor – YouTube/Google and 2-3folder windows.
    Or get a 2080rtx to play smoothly on all 3 🙂

  17. I do a lot of research having different screen would make cross referencing so much easier

  18. I do a lot of research having different screen would make cross referencing so much easier

  19. If I had three screens i would use one for emails, the other for word document and the third to look at stock charts.

  20. All work, work, work over here!! I do a lot of writing, toggling between documents, researching things as they pop up online and of course, my email so this would just simplify all those processes!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. I would use one screen open to email, another for a development environment, and the 3rd for the output

  22. Working from home now. I will have one screen with the 3D program maya, and another with my compositing program Nuke. And then the internet browser on the other keeping up with the news every day. Currently doing this with 2 small screens, one borrowed from work lol

  23. I’m a gamer so the middle one will be my main. The right one will be for YouTube/Netflix/Amazon and the left one will be for news. Can’t be too much informed. 😀

  24. I am an engineer, I currently have a 17″ syncmaster 172N as my current monitor. This would be a huge step up in productivity. I would run AutoCAD on one screen with my specs or details pdf on the other. On the third screen I would have my 3D render open.

  25. Oooh. As a streamer, I salivate when I see this. I would game on one, run streaming software on the other and use the third to keep a browser open for quick searches whilst streaming. Or who am I kidding, I’d stretch a game across it too. Oh. This is such a gorgeous setup.

  26. I’m a amateur photographer to multiple screens is always the way to go! I would use one for photoshop the middle one for Lightroom and the third for Facebook.

  27. 280Hz is wicked! I’d likely dedicate two for gaming and one side for email/music/movie streams

  28. This multimonitor setup would be perfect as I currently stuck working at home on a laptop computer. With the extra screen space from a multimonitor setup, I could do my office work on 2 of the screens and dedicate the 3rd screen to my surfing. 🙂

  29. Not only would this be the best gaming monitor in the universe, it would work great for working on my 3D printing. Now, if you could get this working on 55” monitors. A man can dream, can’t he?

  30. I have used two screen at work and I loved it. This would be amazing for my son the gamer. I would love to win this for him, is birthday is coming up!

  31. It would have a few uses. When using Photoshop and Lightroom, I like to have one monitor for just the image I am working on and another for all the tools, a third would give an option for the library of images. And then, well, playing American Truck Simulator in free time

  32. For work, need multiple applications open at once, wouldn’t have to minimize anything
    For home, can watch Netflix, check out my email and video chat at the same time

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