Enjoy your media content, the way you really want to. While kicking back on the couch. In order to navigate media from different devices (as there are so many to choose from), why not simplify and get one device that is easy to use. The All-in-One Media Keyboard from Microsoft will make it even easier to access all your media content and save you money all while you kick back on the couch.


Type and Touch just like on a computer

The all new Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard brings what customers have been asking for, right to your fingertips. Plug in the USB transceiver and you are ready to point, pinch, zoom, swipe and click without having to move from your comfy couch. Use the shortcut media keys to get to your content faster when connected to a PC.  Mac and Android fans will enjoy how the Media Keyboard connects to your devices and it is even compatible with most Smart TV’s.  This really is a great device that connects and brings your media content right to your fingertips. This means no more fiddling with remotes to type, search, explore and play. Do it all on this new All-in-One Media Keyboard.


Durable and ready for fun

Spill resistant design and durable, this is a must for any device that sits close to you when you are relaxing on the couch. Come on, don’t kid yourself. You know this is a feature that is a must for you.  But when you have to get up and be productive, you can take the keyboard with you and it will be a great companion. Full keyboard functionality, with the bonus of a touch pad is awesome. This means you now have a device for your TV, your media systems and your work needs.


Thanks for your feedback

On behalf of the Microsoft PC Accessories/Hardware team, thank you so much for your feedback as to what devices you want to have to simplify your life. We listened and we are happy to bring the Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard to the market. So go and pick one up today, either online or in-store, so you can kick back and relax on that couch. It’s waiting for you.


Stay comfy out there folks! Thanks for reading.

Microsoft Representative
Born and raised in Ottawa, I have been in partnership with Microsoft for the past three years starting out as a Windows Guru in the Ottawa area. For the past year, I have been a Microsoft Senior Training Specialist for the Hardware & Software divisions allowing me to expand my creativity in content creation, social networking, and large scale training sessions and events.