Nvidia GeForce RX 30 cardsNext generation game consoles have been getting all the headlines lately (Jon Scarr is keeping you on top of the rapid-fire developments on that front), but September kicked off with huge news for PC gaming. On September 1, Nvidia held a launch event for its all-new GeForce RTX 30 series video cards, powered by Ampere (Nvidia’s second-generation RTX architecture). Suddenly PC gamers aren’t feeling like console owners are getting all the cool new toys.

Here’s what you need to know about the Nvidia RTX 30 series video cards, which are coming soon to Best Buy.

A series of world firsts

Nvidia has stacked the GeForce RTX 30 cards with “firsts.” They are the first gaming-class graphics cards capable of supporting up to 24GB of GDDR6X VRAM. They’re the first video cards with HDMI 2.1 support for both 4K and single-cable 8K gaming. They’re the first with onboard support for the AV1 video codec. Nvidia Founder Edition models are the first gaming video cards with dual axial flow through cooling.

Nvidia GeForce RX 30 cards

RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and RTX 3090

There are three video cards being released as part of this series. 

The most affordable is the GeFore RTX 3070 with 5,888 CUDA cores and 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM. Next up is the GeForce RTX 3080 with 8,704 CUDA cores and 10GB of GDDR6X VRAM. The ultimate option is the GeForce RTX 3090, with 10,496 CUDA cores and 24 GB of GDDR6X VRAM.

Quieter, more efficient, and more affordable

Ray tracing was a huge deal when the first generation RTX video cards were released, but it becomes a far more compelling feature with the new RTX 30 series. These cards employ the new Nvidia DLSS deep learning neural network with dedicated AI processors for ray tracing performance that’s up to double that of the first generation. The demos of real-time ray tracing being powered by these new cards was truly mind-blowing.

The RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 both use new GDDR6X VRAM, the world’s fastest graphics memory. The dual axial flow design of the Founder’s Edition cards improves cooling by 55%, which will reduce fan noise.

Despite all the advances in technology and huge performance gains, the new Nvidia cards are expected to be priced below their first generation counterparts (Canadian pricing is not yet available).

A huge leap forward in gameplay + more

The new GeForce RTX 30 series video cards represent a huge leap forward in gameplay. No wonder with the amount of graphics horsepower in play. For example, the mid-range RTX 3080 features 8704 CUDA cores and a 1.71GHz boost for a total of 30 teraflops of performance. That’s mores than double the top specs of those next-gen game consoles. 

Nvidia GeForce RX 30 cards

You can see the difference the RTX 30 cards make to AAA titles like Doom Eternal in this comparison to previous generation cards supplied by Nvidia.

Nvidia GeForce RX 30 cards

It’s not just gameplay that gets a big boost. These cards support Nvidia Broadcast, with AI-enhanced video and voice output. Creative apps also run faster thanks to Nvidia Studio upgrades. 

Nvidia GeForce RX 30 cards

Enough with the torture, when can I get my hands on one of these new video cards?

They’re coming soon!

Don’t despair, you’ll be able to get your hands on one of Nvidia’s screaming new GeForce RTX sooner than you might think. Multiple 3rd party vendors are releasing cards based on the new architecture including MSI, EVGA, Zotac, and ASUS.

Here are the dates for pre-order at Best Buy Canada:

  • RTX 3080 series, September 17 (6 AM PDT; 9 AM EDT)
  • RTX 3090 series, September 24
  • RTX 3070 series, October 15

Mark those dates on your calendar and check back for pre-order links as soon as they’re live. In the meantime, be sure to check Best Buy’s massive selection of PC games, accessories, and gaming PCs. 

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    • At least you were told no… last week I got order confirmation… still no shipping information.
      They sold ghost stock for the 3080’s.

  1. The lack of communication on this is super disappointing. I ordered my RTX 3080 5 seconds after they went live at 9am. I am still sitting with an invalid ship date, and best buy has given no indication when they expect them, or even if they have shipped any. Bad taste.

  2. I believe the main reason a lot of us are confused is because of the fact that this blog article stated that pre-orders were going to open on September 17th. For me there was no “Pre-Order” button as seen on other areas of your site. (For example: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/oculus-quest-2-64gb-vr-headset-with-touch-controllers/14924016 ) I had an “Add to Cart” button. Once I finished the order process, my order shows an “Invalid” shipping date. I contacted the Chat support to find out if my “Pre-Order” was successful. I was informed that my pre-order was indeed successful. The issue I have is that after reading some of these comments, I no longer believe I have a pre-order. A pre-order generally means that you are somewhat guaranteed an item of in-coming stock. Back-order suggests that you might get one on a first come, first serve basis if it does indeed restock. I really am quite unsure what I have at the moment. Some clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    • Be happy you even have a delivery date. My order just says “shipped as early as invalid date”. I was told my order is on back order and if they don’t get stock someone will reach out to me. I placed the order 30 seconds after going live on best buy’s site. It sure sucks going from super happy I got a card to the crushing feeling of Back order and now i’m starting to think I wont get a card at all…..

      • I just received the same email saying if they don’t get in stock in 7 days they will “reach me” via email. The funny thing is that I’ve placed this order a week without knowing this situation. I emailed them about the possible shipping day yesterday and got this info in return today… Being super excited for a week and now guessing my order might be canceled. Thanks, BestBuy.

  3. Will ppl who purchased on the first launch get the Watchdog and membership offers? Cuz my order shows nothing about the special offer…

  4. Hi there, I was able to place an order but my credit card was charged immediately and i received an estimated ship date. Is this accurate or was this still a preorder? Thanks

    • Hi Hypeforce,

      We want customers to have the a great shopping experience everytime. We provided customers with as much information as we could but had very limited stock. The interest for this product is extremely high so with thousands of people trying to get very few items the result is most people did not get one on launch day. The teams are still working hard to bring in more so please keep trying. And if I get more information that will be helpful I will post it here.

      Best regards,

  5. I was able to place an order for the ASUS TUF 10g RTX 3080! It says delivery by INVALID DATE however. Any idea when these might ship out?

    • Hi Vita,

      the process for pre-ordering is fairly straight forward. However, these video cards were in very short supply and we sold out within minutes of them going live this morning. Best Buy expects to have more stock trickle in and only when we learn the exact numbers coming in will we open up the pre-orders again. So keep watching on the site. If I get any information that can help customers I will add another comment here on the blog.

      best regards,

      • Hi Martin,
        Thanks for replying to our concerns. For the release today, they were all pre orders or back orders? Just need a little bit of clarification on this
        Thank you

      • I guess we don’t have the same definition of pre-order.
        The me, pre-order mean: ” order (an item of merchandise) before it is available, with the understanding that it will be shipped later. ”

        So I understand that you have no more GPU in stock but I still want to pre-order one to be put in a waiting list. I don’t want to waste my time and come back here several times per days to check what you have in stock. Even if I do that I will have to be very lucky to see something in stock before someone else purchase it.

  6. Not a single 3080 series GPU was even available today at 9:00am EDT on Bestbuy.ca how disappointing. What happened, why is there no info out there on this? I refuse to believe that every 3080 variant was sold out instantly. Site when from saying coming soon to sold out when refreshed at 9:00am so did Bestbuy not get any stock whatsoever? When will we know when we actually can order these, there is no notification options on Bestbuy.ca

  7. I am looking to purchase a 3080 for my girlfriend and a 3090 for myself. Will I be able to do this or am I limited to one RTX card per person

  8. Hi everyone,

    I have added the date for the 3070 launch (Oct 15) above and the time that we expect the 3080 will go live on September 17th: 6 AM PDT/ 9AM EDT. As many of you are aware, this will be a very popular launch and supplies will be initially very low. Stock will initially be available online, and we expect it will sell out before any stock can be made available to stores.
    We do expect to get more inventory over time so if you aren’t successful on launch day, try again at a later date. We don’t have information for when new stock will arrive, but when it does we will make it available online and again, until demand lowers, these video cards will likely sell out before any stock is available to stores.

    Pricing will not be available until the product goes live.

    best regards,

    • So I take this to understand that all cards sold by BB on the 17th will be in hand and ready to ship immediately? Or if this is a preorder what is a ballpark estimate of when people can expect to start receiving their cards?

      • Hi Kurt,

        As I stated before, we won’t know if the cards will be with us on the 17th but pre-order will be set up and ready for the stock that will be alotted to us even if the product has not arrived yet. When the product arrives from the vendor we will ship it out ASAP to people who were able to order one. I wish I could be more clear about timelines but this is the most accurate information we have been provided.

        Best regards,

    • Hello Martin,

      Will you guys be limiting the quantity of card that can be sold to a single household? I would hate to lose out on it because of scalpers buying them all at once.


  9. I have another question , are we also gonna know in advance in the Comments at what day and time it will be available for the 3070 as well ?

    Thanks !

    • Hi Mathieu,

      I hope so … I can only share the information that is sent to me but I’ve put in the request so hopefully the teams in charge of the launch will share that information soon.

      best regards,

  10. Do your comments apply to just Canada or to all Best Buy’s worldwide? I am in the US. I appreciate you posting this and trying to communicate. This launch is being handled by Nvidia in the most ridiculous manner I’ve ever seen. But I was in my local Best Buy today and asked them whether they would have physical stock or the 3080 or not and they had no idea. Not very encouraging. On the website so far on it the 3080 founders card and two gigabyte cards are visible. Why is Best Buy waiting this long to create the parts they will be available on launch day? And how is it possible that only 4 days before the parts are able to be ordered that Best Buy doesn’t know something as simple as what time the preorders will be available? It’s not a complicated question. As customers – we need to know this ASAP. It shouldn’t be a corporate debate. Just tell us the answer.

  11. Come on people, can you at least try to read Martin’s responses, which have answered many of the questions asked.

    – Best Buy Canada does not yet know when they will be receiving stock for these cards. If they receive it ‘on time’ (meaning before launch), they will sell the cards on launch date. If they do not receive them before launch date, you will still be able to pre-order the cards ON launch date (i.e. 3080 on Sep 17, 3090 on Sep 24, 3070 in mid-October)

    – As of Martin’s last update, they will be selling cards only from the following AIBs at launch: EVGA, MSI, Zotac, & Asus. They will not be carrying Founder’s Edition cards at launch, but it is still TBD if they will be selling them in the future. This is likely the case as well with any other AIB partners that haven’t been mentioned in the original post.

    – Pricing of the AIB cards are still TBD, which is to be expected since the manufacturer’s themselves have not announced any pricing details as of yet anywhere globally.

    – Exact timing of when you can preorder the cards online is still TBD. They have confirmed though that the first quantities of cards will be sold ONLINE ONLY and not in stores.

  12. How does Preorders work on Bestbuy.ca for expensive items ? Does it need a deposit or for the price to be charged immediately ?

    • Hi Zed and everyone asking about prices and stock,

      I don’t have that information yet about pricing and we are still awaiting confirmation on when stock will arrive; if stock arrives on time, then we will sell the product; if it doesn’t you will still be able to preorder on the dates shown above.

      Best regards,

  13. Hi everyone,

    Here is an update from the team working on the launch of these video cards:

    “We will not be carrying the founders edition at launch. We will carry EVGA, MSI, Zotac, & Asus. Check back online on Sept 17th to pre-order (the exact time that it will go live has not been determined yet). The first quantities will go ONLINE ONLY as stock will be very limited”

    If I get more information I’ll be sure to add it here in another comment.


    • There is a card up with a placeholder price of $10k (lol), is that actually live? The price is based on when it ships, so is this just how the signup works with the $10k meaning “obviously not this price”?

      Or just a mistake given it’s well before the listed dates?

    • “We will not be carrying the founders edition at launch.”

      Are you implying that you will eventually get it for sale, just not at launch or do you mean that you will never have it?


      • Hi Bob, the team is still working on securing stock on all of the new offerings from Nvidia and at this time they can only confirm that the founders edition will not be coming to us at the same time as the other models. So, they just don’t know right now if we’ll get some at a later date or not. I’ll update this thread if I learn more.

        take care,

  14. Hi everyone,

    These Nvidia cards are going to be very popular so I certainly understand your need for accurate and complete information. I sent your questions to the team working on this product launch and they will provide me with answers ASAP.

    best regards,

  15. I want to use the best buy credit card to buy the 3090 on an installment plan.
    How can I do this? I understand installment plans are valid for in store PURCHASES. will I be able to PreOrder at the store? And can this be done on the installment with the best buy credit card?

  16. Here are the dates for pre-order at Best Buy Canada:

    RTX 3080 series, September 17
    RTX 3090 series, September 24
    RTX 3070 series, mid-October

    Does this mean BestBuy won’t have stock on the release dates but rather a pre order to secure one for delivery soon there after?


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