When shopping for a new dash cam, it can be tricky to know just what to look for. You likely know that you want something that takes a clear, useful video—but what sort of additional features make a dash cam truly great? Today I’m taking a look at the Nextbase 422GW dash cam, and I’ll be highlighting just that in particular—all the top features that make this camera a great choice for your vehicle.

Incredibly easy mounting and dismounting

Naturally the first step with any dash cam is mounting it into your vehicle. The Nextbase 422GW dash cam comes with two mounting options—a sticky pad mount and a suction cup mount. The base swivel mount unit can clip on and off each one depending on which you choose to employ.

At first, I meant to simply test the suction mount, then ultimately move on to the more “permanent” sticky pad. However, after trying out the suction mount I can say that I am so impressed by it that I can’t imagine bothering with the sticky pad. The suction mount is both easy to use and incredibly firm—and you can take it on/off and move it around at will! In essence, I can see almost no reason to use the less versatile sticky pad mount in lieu of this far superior option.

Nextbase 422GW

A powerful and user friendly magnetic connection

Another great feature of the Nextbase 422GW dash cam is how the camera itself affixes to the mounting swivel. The camera attaches via a substantially powerful magnet, clipping into place with almost no effort. When it attaches, the connection is firm enough to keep the camera in place and allow for adjustments on the swivel. Conversely, owners can still remove the camera with ease with only a purposeful tug.

The Nextbase 422GW dash cam also contains its own battery. As such, it doesn’t always have to be plugged in for power. This is a great feature as the camera therefore does not always have to rely on your vehicle’s battery power and can operate anytime. You’ll just want to remember to plug it in to charge regularly when convenient.

Finally, the power cable connects to the base mount—not the camera itself. This means you can easily install and remove the camera unit on a whim, which is such a user-friendly design—especially if you feel like removing the camera while parking for a longer period.

You may even want to consider picking up the Nextbase dash cam carry case, which makes for an easy storage solution when the camera is not in use. It comes in a nice bundle along with a 32 GB microSD card. This is also helpful since the dash cam does not ship with a memory card in the box.

Nextbase 422GW

Simple and effective operation

The Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam itself boasts 2560 x 1440 Quad HD recording at 30fps with an 1080p HD option. The 140 degree viewing angle will capture all of the road in front of you, and all the videos I took while testing this camera were clear, effective, and of a high quality.

However, what really makes the Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam a joy to operate is the 2.5″ LCD screen and interface. With a screen this size, it’s easy to see the video as it’s shooting. As such, you’ll always be confident that you are capturing the important events that make having a dash cam beneficial in the first place.

The LCD also functions as a touch screen interface. Consequently, you can make every adjustment to settings and more easily on the go. You can also access a host of other features, such as the G-Sensor for example. The G-Sensor detects events by impact and protects those clips so that they are not overwritten. You can even set the overall sensitivity of the G-Sensor to high, medium, low, or turn it off.

Additionally, you may also manually protect a video by pressing a button just below the LCD screen. Videos can be set to 1, 2, or 3 minute increments. You may also take a picture by simply tapping anywhere on the LCD screen.

Nextbase 422GW

Companion app and Alexa

There are additional ways to manage your dash cam and videos beyond that of the LCD interface. These amenities make the Nextbase 422GW dash cam even easier to operate, and make accessing your videos and pictures a breeze.

Firstly, you can pair your Nextbase 422GW dash cam with the MyNextbase companion app on iOS and Android devices. Once your device pairs with the camera, you can use it to view the live feed as it streams from the dash cam.

You can also view and edit your saved videos, and even download them directly to your device. The latter is a user-friendly amenity to say the least. By being able to access and save your videos directly to your phone or other devices, you won’t have to remove the microSD card or plug it into your computer in order to manage or forward videos to other parties, for example.

Finally, you can even pair your Nextbase 422GW dash cam with Alexa. This allows you to access all your regular Alexa content via your dash cam (such as playlists, audiobooks, and more). It also allows owners to use voice commands on the camera itself. You can tell Alexa to start or stop recording, take a picture, protect a clip, and so on.

Nextbase 422GW

The Nextbase 422GW dash cam is simple to operate and has a host of beneficial features

By now, you can see many of the features that make the Nextbase 422GW dash cam a fantastic choice. Some of my favourites among them include the incredibly user-friendly suction cup mount, the magnetic clip that makes for easy removal, and the large 2.5″ touchscreen interface.

There are plenty of dash cams on the market that take high quality videos, and the Nextbase 422GW dash cam is one of them to be sure. However, it’s the additional features such as those I mention above that make this a stellar camera in my opinion, and one I would not hesitate to recommend.

Dave Neufeld
Dave is an avid gamer, a musician/songwriter/recording artist, and an ardent reader with a degree in the Classics but a love for comics too. When he's not gigging with the band or pulling books at his local comic shop, he can usually be found gaming on any platform, from consoles to PC to his self-built personal arcade cabinet.


  1. Lots of good features but I really like the magnetic clip for easy removal and that it is battery powered.

  2. the 4k video and recording most recent footage in an accident, my favorite is Nextbase 322GW Full HD 1080p Dash Cam with 2.5″ LED HD IPS Touch Screen & Wi-Fi

  3. I would but the 422GW Dash Cam because, it has its own battery, power cable connects to the base mount, 140 degree viewing angle and the videos are clear and high quality.

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