WowWee toys have always delivered endless hours of fun. With three of the latest toys from WowWee, you can take your solo game time or family game night to the next level. WowWee MiP Arcade, CHiP the robot dog, and Hands Full will entertain you and your family for hours.

With MiP Arcade you can play with a suite of 20+ app-enabled games or have endless fun as you play screenless. WowWee CHiP is a friendly robot dog who is always ready to play with you, and how you respond to him will shape his behaviour. Family game night will never be the same when you play Hands Full. It puts your twisting to the test with over one million tangled combinations.

The fun never ends when you have MiP Arcade

MiP has always been the best robot buddy a kid can have and now brings the game room home. MiP has been upgraded to MiP Arcade robot, and now he’s a self-balancing, versatile sidekick who can do everything from dance to challenge you to multi-player games, play basketball, and even serve up a tray of drinks.

MiP Arcade robot offers you the choice of screenless play or a suite of 20-plus app-enabled games. He can play brain train games that challenge your child’s mind, memories, and reflexes, or multi-player games along with your friends and family. MiP Arcade comes with an attachable basketball hoop and three MiP Arcade balls your kids can play with, and his attachable tray lets him serve refreshing drinks when playtime is over.

 CHiP the robot dog is always ready to play

Do you want to bring home a puppy who will play for hours and be your best friend? All you need is CHiP the robot dog. He’s an intelligent robot puppy who will be your constant companion, and thanks to advanced sensors and smart accessories, he’s always alert and ready to play with you.

Just like a real puppy, CHiP’s personality is unique. His behavior is shaped by how you respond to him through touch, and playing with CHiP is as easy as downloading the latest CHiP app and strapping on the included SmartBand. CHiP will recognize you and follow you, and he can even play fetch with the included SmartBall and bring it back to you. When his battery is running low CHiP knows it’s time to take a break, and he’ll automatically head back to his SmartBed to recharge.

Family game night gets a new twist with Hands Full

Want to put a new twist on weekly game night with the kids? Hands Full will challenge you to jump, high five, shake, dance, and twist. It’s the most fun you’ll have all week, and what you need to remember most is to hang on tight or you’ll lose!

Hands Full gives you three ways to play. You can master your moves in Solo mode, challenge your family in Team mode, or try to be the last person standing in Survivor mode. You’ll level up and complete all 6 levels to become a Hands Full master. Within the three games, there are 15 moves and over one million twists and turns your family can take to shake, dance, and twist the hours away.

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