UFILE tax software is not only easy-to-use and reliable, it also provides a flexible method for entering annual tax information for all kinds of personal returns.

Up-to-date with all of the most recent tax rules for all provinces, including Quebec, you get immediate tax savings feedback to ensure you aren’t missing small, but potentially impactful, credits or benefits that you are eligible for. Plus, you get helpful warnings and error tracking messages at the bottom of the screen along the way as you fill in each section of the return.

UFILE is NETFILE Certified, so once finished you can electronically file your return from directly within the software.


As a family of multiple individuals, or as a single person, UFILE will work for you. Whether you have a simple straightforward return, or a more complex return including options such as foreign income, rental income, being the owner of a small business, and/or investments, you can prepare all types of personal tax returns using UFILE tax software.



Using UFILE, you’ll be able to maximize all eligible tax credits and benefits, even if you are unaware of them, to help improve your personal tax return. While there are obvious items that should be included when you file, such as your medical information or charitable giving, sometimes there’s something missed that could contribute to a significant refund. UFILE helps ensure you claim everything you can based on the information you provide.


Not only is UFILE tax software easy to use, but you can even import data from the previous year, from UFILE (Windows Version) or TurboTax (Desktop version). This reduces the amount of work you have to do, and can significantly speed up the data entering and overall filing process.

You can also make use of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) auto-fill of your return, as well as the Quebec Tax Data Download, the equivalent of AFR, for those who reside in Quebec.

Once finished, you can electronically NETFILE your fully prepared return—no printed papers, stamps, or other effort required. Just click the button, sit back, and wait for your refund.


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  1. UFie has UUtterly useless to non-existent telephone support. I gave up after 2-1/2 hours waiting on hold. First they encourage you to look at online information, then they make it impossible to find a phone number if you have a special case (like mine). Then when you acquiesce and fill out the contact form, you get an email with tons of links to more static online information (that you were already directed to on the support site), and way at the bottom of the seemingly endless email, you’re given a “last resort” phone number for special cases. I called the phone number, and I found it interesting that the waiting soundtrack loop STARTS immediately with “we apologize for the delay…”, as if they simply know it will be a long time and they want to bleed you dry of any patience. Well, it worked, and now I am going anywhere I can to write negative reviews about their complete lack of support. I want my money back so hard. Good grief!


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