If you’re looking to upgrade your TV and you want to add more streaming functionality, it’s about time you met the Toshiba Fire TV Edition. This TV has everything you want, thanks to its seamless integration with Amazon’s Fire TV streaming and operating system platform. It is available in five sizes, and screen resolutions of 720p, 1080p, and 4K.


Toshiba’s Fire TV Edition brings live over-the-air TV, streaming content and connected devices into one smart and easy to navigate home screen. Check out the integrated Channel Guide to see what’s on next, or if you want to see what’s on right now, the Toshiba Fire TV’s “On Now” row shows what’s playing live, and you can get to it with just a click.

Want to get back to your movie or video game? The “Recent Row” shows what you were last streaming on any input, including your DVD Player, apps, and more.

With the Fire TV experience built-in, you can enjoy tens of thousands of streaming movies and TV episodes and access to thousands of channels or apps.


The voice remote with Alexa, included with your Toshiba Fire TV Edition, lets you control most of the functions of your TV using just your voice.

Simply ask Alexa to search for titles, play TV shows, switch between TV inputs, and more. Your TV keeps getting smarter with new Alexa skills and automatic over-the-air software updates, so you always have the latest.

Want to do more? Alexa can do more than just control your TV. Ask Alexa to find nearby restaurants, check game scores, play music from Amazon Music, or view your home security camera feeds.

Want to go hands free? You can also control your Toshiba Fire TV Edition by simply pairing to any Echo devices in your home. “Alexa, open Netflix!”


Thanks to the Toshiba Fire TV Edition’s dazzling but streamlined user interface you can also conveniently customize the name of each input and adjust your video settings.

Enjoy finding new content and shows through the Fire TV auto-play previews. Or, surf for content on your own. Setting up the Toshiba Fire TV Edition easy. Simply plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi, and enjoy.

Shortcut buttons on the remote also make it easy to navigate to Prime Video, Netflix, CTV, or CraveTV with just a click. This is the ultimate TV both for people who love technology, and for those who haven’t been sure they’re ready for an ultra smart TV.

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  1. Bought this TV and works just fine. It is definitely a 4K capable TV (when you are receiving 4K content). Note Best Buy sells a very similar Toshiba TV that is only 1080 HD. Best Buy had the 4K version on sale for $399 CAD so a good deal. The picture is very good and the sound is VERY good. I planned to get a sound bar, but no need to do that. There is some confusion in these comments about YouTube and Spotify. Note that you have to download these as apps which is very easy, then they work perfectly. Netflix is built in, the remote even has a Netflix button. Of course, you need to have a subscription to these services to fully enjoy them.

    My one disappointment is that so far I can’t seem to download the HDHomerun App to watch live TV using my Homerun Device. I can only download an inferior app that plays the Live TV in a stuttering manner.

  2. how i use usb ? , when i plug usb it ask me to format , after format can not detect it in my computer , to transfer pics or movie on it ?

  3. Can you easily plug in your laptop to this TV? One Best Buy review indicated that “… But it lacks miracast capabilities (IE Casting ur screen from ur laptop/phone/tablet to the tv) Witch is a huge dissapointment. ” This is to have a bigger screen in a meeting area; would this work?

  4. I just got this tv and getting internet in 2 weeks. How easy is it to set the Netflix and spotify up?

  5. We purchased this model at the end of November this year and overall very pleased with it but disappointed with Alexa it’s advertise as being able to control home smart devices but unable to do so. Is there a fault with our TV ? or am I missing something can sombody let me know.

    • David,
      The TV does not control your home. You have to have an Echo, Alexa device in your home that you can pair with your TV.
      Once this is done then the home can be controlled by the TV. Pairing the two is the only way to control your other smart home devices.

  6. How about Bell TV Fibe App. I have a Bell Satellite Subscription and use the fibe TV app on my Android devices already but tried it on my Amazon Firestick and it wouldn’t work while I was connected to any other wifi other than my home Bell wifi. The Android app version of the Fibe app works anywhere there’s wifi and doesn’t restrict from travelling and watching my Bell channel subscription while on hotel wifi etc.
    I want to buy this TV and use it at my out of town work cabin where I have a fiber internet connection with Vianet but fear I’ll have that goofy restriction imposed by Bell not liking that I paid someone else for internet where their service isn’t available. I can haul one of my satellite receivers with me and setup another dish I suppose but that’s an issue I’ll encounter on the rental owner perhaps not allowing me to drill holes in their cabin etc.

  7. Hello
    I do not have a lot of Money… but I do want to upgrade from my Prehistoric 42 in. Samsung Plasma. Which by the way has, and still serves me well.
    The plasma owes me nothing and is still despite giving me the best years of its life a great and totally watchable television.
    However with this new technology (4K) I am willing to spend my hard earned (and you have no idea how hard) On this Toshiba Set.
    Please in any ones Most Honest of opinions, advise… am I making the right choice? Or should I stay with what I am comfortable with and purchasing Samsung again?.
    Thank you
    Orville like the popcorn guy but not near as rich. which is why I need help deciding “cause I don’t get my money for nothing Or my chick for free.”.

    • This is actually a 1080p TV, (1920×1080) as opposed to a 4k TV (3980×2160). Just FYI, as I noticed they said “4k resolution” in their little ad. I’m not sure what that means; whether it’s a technical loophole or straight up false advertising, but thought you’d like to make an informed decision.

      • Hi Lance,

        if you go to the product pages that are linked to in the article above you will notice that this television is available in a range of resolutions from 720p to 4K.

        take care,

    • Hi Ryan,
      I don’t think that Fire TV includes Youtube though I have heard that you can download the Firefox browser app for Fire TV and play Youtube using that app. When we get one of these TVs to review, I’ll ask the writer to test if that works.

      best regards,

      • Youtube works well through the Firefox browser on Amazon Fire. Youtube is a Google product and they don’t want to allow the app on Amazon Fire products for unknown silly reasons of competition. But the Firefox link, used as you would on a computer, is just as good a a direct-connection app.

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