Teddy Ruxpin returns with familiar stories and a new look

32 years after Teddy Ruxpin first hit store shelves, the popular talking Iliop (his species of bear) returns. Teddy brings his friends Newton Gimmick and Grubby with him, but leaves the cassette player and story books behind. The new Teddy Ruxpin shares tales of adventure and wonderment with your children while they watch digital pages through an app available on the iOS or Google Play app store. With a quick low energy Bluetooth sync, Teddy’s stories come to life for your little ones to enjoy, just like you did all those years ago.

When the stories end, you can slip Teddy’s sleep mask on and tuck him in for the night alongside your child.


Come Dream in the land of Grundo

Parents and grandparents probably remember that the original Teddy Ruxpin wasn’t the most cuddly teddy bear in the world. With a full size cassette player and a robotic head, the 1980s version of Teddy was more machine than bear. The new slimmed down, 14 inch Teddy Ruxpin has a small hard drive, and an overall softer feel. Weighing only 1.5 pounds, your toddler can tote Teddy and take him everywhere. Teddy is no heavier than most teddy bears and is just as soft and cuddly.

Teddy’s eyes are bright LCD screens, allowing him to show a range of emotion and expression during story time. In all, he’s capable of showing over 40 different expressions from regular blinking to love hearts, fear, and even curiosity.

A small library onboard and more to buy and share

Teddy Ruxpin comes out of the box pre-loaded with 3 stories and 7 songs, all based directly on the popular 1980s cartoon series. Once your child has finished listening to “All About Bears,” “The Airship” and “Captured by Mudblups,” you can add more stories to the library through the iOS or Google Play App Store. Starting at just $6.99, you can add around a half dozen more stories to your child’s library and rotate it into the on-demand nature of the app. Squeeze Teddy’s paw to begin storytime or songs and press the logo on his chest to skip pages.

There’s no need to download anything to get started but all of the new stories are digitally delivered to you and stored onboard Teddy Ruxpin’s 4 GB hard drive.

Matching voices with movements with TalkSync Technology

While 80s kids remember all of the cool things Teddy Ruxpin was capable of doing, one thing that’s also remembered is how his mouth and his storytelling didn’t quite line up. Using TalkSync technology, the new Teddy Ruxpin’s animatronic speech, emotions and expressions line up with his stories perfectly. Whether your child follows along on the app or just follows Teddy’s voice and eyes, they’ll never miss the right emotion or expression thanks to TalkSync.

Children can use their experiences with Teddy to start learning and sharpening their reading skills.

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