Want to make your music sound like it was recorded in a pro studio? If you’re a musician, now you can enjoy professional-quality recording, anytime, anywhere thanks to Spire Studio.

As the world’s first truly wireless recording solution, Spire Studio allows you to ditch the cables and record in seconds. Edit, mix, and share your recordings with ease thanks to Spire Studio’s built-in Wi-Fi connection that pairs with the free app (iOS and Android).

With its studio-quality mic, professional recording effects like reverbs, delays, and amp models, and easy editing features, you’ll feel like a professional recording artist whether you’ve spent years making music or just picked up your first instrument.


No matter your musical proficiency, having a high-quality microphone is a must. Spire Studio offers a built-in, studio-quality microphone along with two mic or instrument inputs that let you record a total of eight tracks per song. This not only gives you the flexibility to create any type of recording you wish, but it also means that you can plug instruments and microphones directly into Spire Studio.

You can record your entire band in a single take, or record each part individually to be able to edit and mix your music into a perfectly blended song that’s ready to share with friends, fans, and the world.


If you’ve ever recorded your music in a less than ideal setting, you know that sometimes a fair amount of cleanup or polish is necessary to make those tracks sound their very best.

This is exactly the reason that Spire Studio provides artists and producers alike with iZotope’s award-winning intelligent sound processing technology—to give your recordings the professional quality sound they deserve.

Spire’s intuitive mixing and editing features will help you to create a fully polished song that’s ready to be shared. The intelligent “Soundcheck” sets your levels automatically so you can eliminate clipping and distortion with the push of a button.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars renting out professional studio time as long as Spire is at hand.


With Spire Studio you can send projects from your phone or tablet to bandmates so they can add parts and mix. Export high-quality .wav files, share songs directly on social media, via email/text, or upload straight to SoundCloud.

Spire Studio also allows you to easily export all of your best music clips to an external computer for editing. This means that you can use your favourite audio editing software program (such as Pro Tools, iMovie, or Logic) to ensure that the entire editing process remains familiar and simple.

Alternatively, you can upload your tracks to remote storage platforms such as the iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive, allowing you to retrieve and work with them later on if you wish. In fact, you can access them whenever you like and from wherever you are, giving you the ultimate control and flexibility over your music and your mixing/editing schedule.

With Spire, you’ll sound like a professional musician, making incredible sounding music everywhere you go. It’s the perfect recording tool for musicians around the world.

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