Make music anywhere with Sphero Specdrums

Are you a music lover? If you or your child would enjoy making your own high-quality music without the need of expensive musical instruments or equipment, you’re going to love Sphero Specdrums. These app-enabled musical rings turn the entire world into your own personal musical instrument by triggering sounds and loops through colour.

Simply connect to the Specdrums MIX App and start playing music by tapping anything and everything around you. These app-enabled rings will detect any colour on any surface and turn it into music.  There’s even an included play pad with colours you can tap on to create and mix your own sounds, beats, and loops that will then play back through your mobile device.

With Specdrums, you can jam on your own or with friends, and you can make your own music any time and anywhere and even export your jams. They’re portable, accessible to all, and represent a fun and tactile pathway to expressing your creativity through sound and making your own music in a new and open-ended way.

Tap colours to create sounds

Sphero Specdrums make creating music easy. Simply tap any colour to produce a corresponding sound. These colours can be found literally anywhere, and they make for a truly versatile music making experience.

Or, if you prefer, you can use the included play pad to achieve the same brilliant effect. The play pad, which resembles a colourful keyboard, allows you to create a variety of sounds, loops, and beats that together make for endless musical possibilities.

Part of what makes Sphero Specdrums so impressive and fun to use is their incredible mix of technology. Specdrums incorporate an accelerometer, a colour sensor, LEDs, and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to create a uniquely colour-coded musical experience.

Whether you’re tapping colours in the real world around you or banging out beats on the included play pad, the music you make is entirely yours. Play what you want, compose what you want, and enjoy the sound of music in your own unique way.

Make music with no need for expensive instruments

Musical instruments—particularly those of high quality, can be extremely expensive to purchase. But you don’t need to shell out a large cash investment to discover musical creation. With Sphero Specdrums, a world of music lies right at your fingertips.

For instance, you can use the Specdrums MIX App to fully produce your own original compositions. This is possible because the MIX App provides artist-curated sound packs that allow you to mix and produce entire songs—all with a tap of your finger.

You can even connect your Sphero Specdrums to other musical software programs, like GarageBand or Ableton Live. As long as you can connect via Bluetooth Low Energy as a Bluetooth MIDI device, you’ll be able to take your musical exploration to a whole new level. The only limitation on the music you’ll create is your own imagination!

Specdrums are fun for users of all ages and skill levels!

Specdrums are suitable for users of all age, interest, and skill levels. Whether you’re a curious beginner looking to gauge your musical talents, a part-time DJ with a knack for mixing beats, or a veteran musician with a deep love of writing and performing your own original tracks, creating unique music with Sphero Specdrums is easy. 

In fact, Specdrums allow you to create music involving hundreds of different instruments, loops, and sounds. These music rings are full of possibilities for everyone, whether you’re looking for fun, music education, or something more serious. From basic beat making to complex sound remixing, Specdrums offer something for all music lovers.

With a long battery life of 2+ hours for every single charge, Sphero Specdrums are your anywhere, anytime musical companions—ready to go with you into a world of music, creativity, and joy!

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  1. It is really unusual and fun and allows to be creative even for those who were not ready for this before. In this case, you can play, in fact, anywhere and on anything: any thing is a musical instrument. I liked it very much and quite in the spirit of Sphero – unusual and fun.

  2. This looks so cool! I love spending time on the bass and the piano. That pad would be amazing to add to my setup!

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