Sphero has been at the forefront of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning for many years, making robotics interesting, approachable, and fun for all ages. The new BOLT takes their fun interactive spherical design to the next level. BOLT’s animated 8 x 8 LED Matrix is programmable, allowing you to use the Sphero Edu app to develop ways for the robot to function and interact. By using the coding tools, you can program BOLT to utilize all the components inside for educational and fun-filled experiments.

It doesn’t all have to feel like trial-and-error when BOLT is just as much about fun. Switch to the Sphero Play app and roll it around with various games and activities available on it. Keep BOLT rolling for up to 2 hours of heavy play time before going for a recharge. No matter how you want to play with BOLT, it’s ready for action.


Learning to code won’t feel like a bridge too far when the tools are this easy to use. The Sphero Edu app lets you improve your knowledge as you go along, giving the ability to program the robot in three different ways.

You can draw paths for BOLT to follow to keep it simple. Move on to an intermediate level and use Scratch blocks, a programming interface for a more visual way to code. Once you feel like a pro, use JavaScript and write text programs like a boss.

A growing community is out there to inspire, where you and others can share your creations. No matter your comfort zone, there will be support at every level.


BOLT is built to shine with the programmable 8 x 8 LED Matrix that animates and displays real-time data. It can display an arrow in the direction it’s rolling or wink at you when it has completed a task.

And it can do so much more, opening up an endless array of coding and gaming capabilities. Whether it’s through community-created features or experimenting with simple or advanced functions on your own, BOLT is a striking way to learn and play.

Use Sphero Edu to manage the robot’s creative side, or use Sphero Play to let it all go and have some fun.


BOLT is loaded with sensors, including a built-in compass for auto-aiming, infrared communication, ambient light sensors, and more. All that sensory technology lets you track speed, acceleration and direction. Plus, you can drive BOLT without having to aim your robot, thanks to the compass.

The infrared communication goes beyond BOLT’s own shell, allowing yours to “talk” with other BOLTs in close proximity. Up to 5 BOLTs can communicate with each other within a radius of 5 metres.

Enjoy BOLT’s robust battery life, letting you experiment or play around for up to 2 hours per charge. Equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a strong scratch-resistant shell, this robot’s brawn matches its brilliance.

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  1. The best surprising toy this Christmas for sure! innovative educative immersive with awesome community based. The matrix is a great addition potential for programming the it sensors are what makes this even more interesting for interaction between friends. I wish it was BLE 5.0 and that the schools education was More involved.

  2. Parenting a teenager is tough!! They want to spend every moment connected to the internet. My son is funny, creative, and loves challenges. This toy would help me create an opportunity for him to play using his natural skills, while at the same time satisfying his need for tech. He would be learning a new skill, but at the same time playing… something kids don’t seem to have enough opportunity to do these days!! I think it would also provide an opportunity for him to engage with his younger siblings through play.

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