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Sony BRAVIA XR TV Overview


Place a Sony BRAVIA XR™ television on your wall and witness a TV with picture quality that’s just as natural, detailed, and vivid as looking out your window. Sony BRAVIA XR TVs are the world’s first TVs with cognitive intelligence processing, and they represent the best of both TV panel technology worlds with a striking design and your choice of OLED or Full Array LED.

Sony BRAVIA XR TVs stand alone in their ability to produce real-world picture quality. To achieve a view that mirrors how humans see and hear, Sony BRAVIA XR TVs have technology that cross analyzes every element of your TVs picture, all at once. The result is outstanding images you have to see to believe, all packaged in a design that features an ultra-slim bezel and sizes ranging up to 83” in OLED and 85” in Full Array LED models.

The world’s first TV with cognitive intelligence

The entire Sony BRAVIA XR TV lineup is powered by the all-new Cognitive Processor XR™. Whether you choose the BRAVIA XR OLED, BRAVIA XR 8K, or the BRAVIA XR Full Array LED, your TV will deliver astounding realism to everything you watch.

The Cognitive Processor XR built into Sony BRAVIA XR TVs analyzes the most important elements and divides the screen into hundreds of thousands of zones. It’s able to recognize objects in the zones better than ever before, and the data in each zone is cross analyzed simultaneously for a natural, harmonious boost to colour, contrast, clarity, and motion.

We created an article with more details about the Cognitive Processor XR.

A picture as natural as real life

Not only does the Cognitive Processor XR provide you with the most lifelike picture quality possible, but it also enables Sony BRAVIA XR TVs to present billions of accurate colours, subtle shading, and real-life contrast. BRAVIA XR TVs also have XR Triluminos Pro on board to enhance hue, saturation, highlights, and textures, providing precise details that looks as natural as real life.

Sony BRAVIA XR OLED TVs have 8 million self-illuminating pixels to give you pure black and colours that dazzle on screen. They also have XR OLED Contrast to ensure details are crisp and clear while maximizing brightness. On the other hand, Sony BRAVIA XR Full Array LED TVs use local dimming to independently control sections of the backlight, and coupled with XR Contrast Booster, light levels are optimized for deep, detailed dark areas and crisp peak bright areas.

All Sony BRAVIA XR TVs also feature XR Upscaling and XR Motion Clarity. XR Upscaling provides a level of clarity that’s the same as what your eyes see, showing vivid detail in faces, textures on buildings, and the most natural colours found in nature. XR Motion Clarity ensures your sports and movies are smooth and blur-free, so you can always keep your eye on the puck and clearly see the facial expressions in your favourite action movies.

A display with sound and picture in perfect sync

Sony BRAVIA XR TVs offer you an immersive experience that keeps you focused on the picture from the moment you turn it on. The minimalist One Slate design features a seamless edge bezel that fades away when you’re watching, and both picture and sound exist in perfect harmony thanks to the advanced sound processing used on all Sony BRAVIA XR TVs. No matter what you’re watching your audio will accurately match your screen and everything is upconverted to 5.1.2ch surround sound.

BRAVIA XR Full Array LED TVs feature Acoustic Multi-Audio that use two tweeters on the sides of the TV to immerse you in everything from dialog to intense action on screen. On BRAVIA XR OLED TVs, the screen is the speaker. They have Acoustic Surface Audio+, an advanced screen-speaker technology that microscopically vibrates the TV panel, and built-in subwoofers to create the perfect room-filling acoustics for every movie, soundtrack, or music playlist.

Hey Google controls your TV and smart home

Sony BRAVIA XR TVs have Google TV on board to bring you content from your favourite apps and streaming services. You’ll be able to access over 400,000 movies and TV shows, watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Crave, and many more.

Sony BRAVIA XR TVs also offer Apple Airplay 2, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant Built-in. You can use your voice to search for content or ask Google questions to find out sports scores, what the weather is like, and even use your Sony BRAVIA XR TV to control other smart home devices or see your security cameras. Just say “Hey Google” and ask your TV to turn up the volume, dim the lights, or stream your latest vacation photos.

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