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Sobro Coffee Table Overview

Sobro Coffee Table Overview


The best smart home products combine the features and benefits of multiple different products all in one place. If you enjoy intelligent products that are designed for a digital, modern lifestyle, you’re sure to appreciate the style, versatility, and dynamic character of the Sobro Coffee Table—the furniture of the future.

The Sobro Coffee Table elevates the traditional coffee table from a mere piece of wood that props up unopened large-format books to an all-in-one centre that connects your powered up life.

The Sobro table is Bluetooth compatible and can pair successfully with Alexa or any Bluetooth technology. All audio can be streamed through the Sobro from your Alexa or home device.

Available in three brilliant finishes (white, black, and wood), the Sobro Coffee Table features a large refrigerator drawer, built-in Bluetooth speakers, several charging and power ports, and beautiful LED lighting.

With the Sobro Coffee Table, you’ll enjoy a practical selection of useful features that are sure to enhance your living room and make your life a whole lot easier. Sobro might just be the greatest living room innovation since the remote control!


The Sobro Coffee Table features a built-in refrigerator drawer to keep your favourite snacks and beverages close at hand when you’re relaxing in your living room. With enough drawer space for up to 32 cans of beer (or a healthy selection of fruits and vegetables), the Sobro’s fridge compartment is truly a welcomed convenience. You may never again have to make the long trek to the kitchen for a refreshing beverage or a tasty snack.

You also needn’t worry about setting cold drinks down on your Sobro’s durable tabletop. Thanks to Sobro’s inclusion of a tempered glass top that’s as sleek as it is strong, your table will always look great, and you’ll never need to use a coaster to protect it from your drink. Simply set your beverage of choice down wherever you please and don’t give it a second thought. Sobro, it’s where durability meets convenience.


Another advantage of the Sobro Coffee Table is that it can charge all of your electronic devices for you. Included for this purpose are two USB charging ports and four standard power outlets. This allows you to charge your smart phone, tablet, mini drone, or any other device that uses a USB port for charging. Moreover, you can plug in your lamp, TV, coffee machine, or any other device or appliance that plugs into a standard wall outlet.

And if you want to create a particular mood or atmosphere in your living room through lighting, you’ll be happy to learn that the underside of the Sobro Coffee Table has special LED lights that allow you to create the perfect ambience for any occasion. Whether you’re throwing a raucous bash for several of your closest friends, or simply staying in for an evening of binge watching Netflix, Sobro allows you to create the perfect mood for every possible occasion.


If you enjoy music, just wait till you try the Sobro Coffee Table’s built-in Bluetooth speakers. Located on each side of the table you’ll find high quality speakers that deliver enhanced sound and bass for pumping out all of your favourite tunes.

Great both for special occasions and everyday use, these Bluetooth speakers mean you won’t have to clutter your home with a vast quantity of detached speakers to get the sound you want whenever you feel like music.

There’s even a special touch control panel built seamlessly into the Sobro’s glass top that gives you the ability to power all of your table’s functions with the simple press of a few buttons.

There’s no separate remote control to lose track of, and no smart phone app is required to operate your table’s features. Full control of everything is right there at your fingertips.

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  1. I am trying to buy this for a Xmas gift
    Terrible seems like these are sold out and no one at bestbuy wants to take my order
    On sale and can not find any available in store or on line
    Won’t deliver to a bestbuy store poor service!

    • Hi Sharon,

      I have sent your comment to the Customer Service department at Best Buy Canada’s head office. You should be contacted very soon.

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