When you want a smartwatch that’s the perfect blend of sophistication and leading-edge technology, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is the watch for you. You can personalize your watch face so it has a professional aesthetic, and the timeless style is made complete with a genuine leather strap.

Strap on the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 and hit the treadmill, bike, or road. No matter where you work out, the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has powerful technology designed to take care of you. You’ll get valuable real-time exercise feedback, post-exercise evaluations, and integrated heart rate tracking. There is also gesture control on board, giving you the option to use gestures or voice control to access your watch features.

Timeless style meets leading-edge technology

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is a smartwatch you’ll look forward to putting on every morning, and it won’t be just for the assistance it offers your workout. It has the craftmanship of a timeless classic, but it’s packed with modern features to help you manage your workout, schedule, and more.

You’ll love how you can switch up the large display and customize your watch face to suit your everyday style. Whether you’re in the mood for a sporty look or professional aesthetic, your Samsung Galaxy Watch3 will adapt to every moment. Thanks to the genuine leather watch strap, you can wear your Samsung Galaxy Watch3 everywhere.

Manage your health from your wrist

Imagine having a fitness expert in your corner to help you make decisions about your health and wellness. With the Samsung Galaxy Watch3, you can have that helping hand right on your wrist.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has an integrated heart rate sensor so you can keep an eye on your heart rate. It’s also a powerful exercise companion that will give you real-time feedback and post-exercise evaluations, and you can use your data to track your improvement or see what you need to change to elevate your fitness level.

Skip the daily charge with the Samsung Galaxy Watch3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 has multi-day battery life, and you can run, walk, and workout for days on a single charge. When you do want to charge it, you can set your Samsung Galaxy Watch3 on top of your Qi-enabled smartphone and tap into Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare.

With gesture control on board, you can use simple movements like clenching or unclenching your first to answer an incoming call or capture a photo. If you raise your wrist to your face you can activate voice control on your Samsung Galaxy Watch3. When your watch is paired with the Samsung Galaxy smartphone and your Samsung buds, you can even use voice control to perform tasks like streaming your favourite playlists.

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    • Hi Louise,
      I sent your comment to the team at Best Buy Canada in charge of wearable technology. I’ll let you know when they send me the best answer to your question.

      take care,

    • Hi Louise, I was just told that Samsung is awaiting Health Canada certification for these features to work in the Watch3 discussed in the article shown above. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Kal

      the specs on the product page show that it has a heart rate monitor but does not have ECG capabilities.

      best regards,

  1. If I purchase this will any android phone pair with it? Do I need a phone with data to use this watch. Thanks! Don

    • If the Android phone you’re thinking of using is running Android version 5.0 or higher, you should be good to go

      As for data, all you’ll really need is a Wi-Fi connection to download the companion app but the watch connects via Bluetooth to your phone.

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